PTE Score For UK: Universities & Visa 2024 Details

PTE score for UK

Dreaming of pursuing higher education abroad? Buckle up, because this guide is your one-stop shop for navigating the exciting (and sometimes daunting) world of international studies.

One crucial hurdle you’ll face is demonstrating your English language proficiency through standardized tests. Almost every university and student visa application requires these scores, and while options like IELTS, TOEFL, and CAE exist, many students opt for the PTE Academic due to its wider acceptance and swift turnaround time for results.

But what score do you actually need? This guide has you covered! We’ll delve into the minimum PTE score requirements for UK universities, equip you with proven tips to ace the exam, and even provide a curated list of popular UK universities accepting PTE scores. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let’s unlock your study abroad aspirations together!

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways that you can derive from this guide:

  • The average PTE score for UG ranges from 51 to 60, whereas that for PG ranges from 57 to 67. However, you need a score of a minimum of 65 – 70 to have a clear pass into any university you want.
  • Each university has different PTE requirements. It is wise to conduct your research beforehand.
  • The minimum PTE score required for a student visa below degree level is 43.
  • The minimum PTE score required for a student visa above degree level is 59.
  • Go through the prep material and understand the exam pattern thoroughly before starting your preparation.
  • You can retake the exam or explore other options in case you don’t get the desired scores!

PTE Score For UK Universities: Basic Requirements

Before diving headfirst into university applications, understanding the PTE (Pearson Test of English) score requirements is crucial.

While average PTE scores for undergraduate programs typically range between 51 and 60, and master’s programs fall within 57-67, it’s important to remember: the specific score you need depends heavily on your chosen university.

Top-ranked universities and competitive programs often require higher scores, reflecting the increased expected level of English proficiency. Conversely, universities with lower global rankings and similar courses may be more accepting of average scores.

To give you a clearer picture, refer to the table below, which outlines the typical PTE score ranges for various university tiers in the UK. Remember, this is just a general guide, and always double-check the specific requirements of your target universities.

PTE ScoreUniversities Available Based On Ranking
40 – 49Limited universities: ranking above 400
50 – 59Selective universities: ranking between 300 and 800
60 – 69Selective universities: ranking between 80 and 200
70 – 79All universities: ranking in the top 100

Universities in the UK utilize your PTE score as a window into your English language abilities. It serves as a tangible indicator of your capabilities in various aspects of the language. Here’s a breakdown of what your score typically signifies:

  • 60-69: At this range, you demonstrate a strong ability to comprehend complex information and utilise it to analyse and draw well-founded conclusions.
  • 70-79: This score band reflects an impressive command of English, allowing you to express yourself fluently and confidently in diverse situations.
  • 80+: Scoring above 80 signifies exceptional English language proficiency. You can expect to communicate effortlessly and navigate academic environments with ease, even at the most prestigious universities (assuming your academic credentials are equally strong).

Remember, these are general interpretations, and specific score requirements may vary depending on the university and program you choose. However, understanding this association between your PTE score and your perceived English language abilities can be valuable as you navigate the application process.

PTE Score Accepted By Universities in UK

Here are some of the top universities and their UK PTE score requirement.

UniversityMinimum PTE Score Required
University of Manchester59
King’s College London62
Cardiff University59
University College London75
University of South Wales46
University of Glasgow59
Coventry University59
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine59
London School of Economics 61
University of Leeds62
University of Nottingham59
University of Sheffield51
University of Southampton62
University of Sussex51
Durham University62
University of Aberdeen59
Queen Mary University of London58

PTE Score For UK: Engineering Courses

Here are UK university PTE score requirements for engineering courses.

UniversityMinimum PTE Score Required
Teesside University51
University of Oxford66
University of Warwick60
Kingston University London50
University of Manchester51
King’s College London62
Anglia Ruskin University57

PTE Score For UK: MBA Courses

Here is the PTE score for UK universities that offer popular MBA courses.

UniversityMinimum PTE Score Required
Teesside University58
University of Warwick70
Kingston University London58
University of Leeds64
University of Hertfordshire58

PTE Score For UK: MS Courses

Lastly, let’s look at the minimum PTE score requirements at the popular universities offering a master’s in science.

UniversityMinimum PTE Score Required
University of Manchester66
King’s College London62
Anglia Ruskin University61
Teesside University52
University of West London69

Minimum PTE Scores Required For UK Student Visa

A girl holding a sheet indicating

While securing admission to your dream university is crucial, it’s vital to remember another important hurdle: the UK student visa. Here’s where the PTE score comes into play again, but with slightly different requirements.

The minimum overall PTE score needed for a student visa at or above degree level (e.g., Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) is 59. However, for visa applications related to courses below degree level (e.g., foundation programs, diploma courses), a score of 43 is sufficient.

Formerly known as the Tier 4 General Student Visa exam, the PTE Academic Visa exam is conducted at 35 centres across India and currently costs INR 15,900. Remember, your PTE score not only impacts your university choices but also plays a significant role in your visa approval process. Therefore, aiming for a decent score is highly recommended to ensure a smooth transition to your UK study abroad journey

General Tips For PTE Exam Preparation

Now that we’ve looked at the minimum required scores for PTE at the top universities, it’s essential to figure out how to achieve that PTE score for UK. Here are a few tips that could help you get a better score:

  • Make sure that PTE is more suitable for you than other exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Get familiar with the pattern of the exam. Understand how questions are posed.
  • Set your target score and visualise how you can achieve that.
  • Understand how the marking scheme works and which kind of answers get better marks.
  • Research thoroughly about preparation resources before choosing the ones most suitable for you.
  • Practise each section thoroughly.
  • Recognise your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them better.
  • Practise spoken English by watching English TV series or movies or listening to podcasts.
  • Focus on developing your English more than just getting better at the skills required in PTE.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Get Your Desired Score?

Despite preparing well and taking all the necessary precautions, sometimes your luck may not be with you. In such cases, if you don’t get your desired score, remember that there are plenty of other options which you can get started on. Most importantly, you must start exploring your options as soon as possible. Here’s what you can do if you don’t get the desired score.

  1. Retake the exam: Now that you know where you lack, you can prepare better and retake the exam. In fact, the authorities let you retake it as many times as you want. You just need to wait to get your previous results to book the next one.
  2. Explore other universities: Your dream university may not accept your PTE scores, but plenty of other incredible universities might. Explore these institutes and figure out if you can continue your higher education there.
  3. Explore other exams: If PTE is too challenging for you, you can explore IELTS, TOEFL, CAE and other similar exams to find the suitable one.


1. Is the PTE 53 score good?

A PTE score of 53 falls into the average range. While it can get you admitted into several different universities, a PTE score of 65 – 75 is generally considered good.

2. What is the duration of the PTE Academic exam?

The PTE Academic exam typically takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to be completed. It is a computer-based exam which assesses the candidate’s reading, writing, listening and speaking.

3. What is the difference between PTE Academic and other English language tests?

Typically, the PTE exam consists of numerous short tasks, one after the other, whereas other exams usually have longer tasks in each section. Although the basic structure of each English proficiency exam remains similar, they may have differences in applicability and difficulty.

4. What are the different sections of the PTE exam?

The PTE exam is divided into four major sections: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

5. How long is a PTE score valid for studying in the UK?

PTE scores are generally valid in the UK for two years after the test date.

Thank you for reading our guide to the PTE score for the UK! Let us know your queries or thoughts in the comments sections below!

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PTE score for UK

PTE Score For UK: Universities & Visa 2024 Details

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