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    Student Accommodation Berlin

    Berlin is one of Europe's most well-known cities with its vibrant cultural scene, distinctive architecture, and rich history. The city is a top location for higher education thanks to its top-notch universities and the sizable international community. Germany's capital city, Berlin, has played a significant role in the growth of the nation. Berlin is a fantastic study location for both domestic and international students since it is a significant centre for design, fashion, music, and the arts and offers a fascinating culture and welcoming environment.


    You can live in some of the hippest areas in the German city by renting student accommodation in Berlin through UniAcco. Many of the student housing options in Berlin that we provide are close to the city's major colleges as well as a number of the city's popular student hangouts and cultural attractions. This international city, which is ranked as the seventh-best student city in the world, is home to an increasing number of students. Due to its excellent educational system and reasonable living expenses, student residence in Berlin are a great place to stay and the city itself is a fantastic option to study from!

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    Student Accommodation Berlin

    Discover and explore the most suitable and luxurious student accommodation in Berlin that comes with all the necessary student facilities. Students may encounter too many options while looking for their ideal student accommodation; therefore through UniAcco one can pick multiple options and use the compare tool that lets students compare multiple Berlin properties based on various parameters. 

    Students can choose to live on campus as there are many universities providing you with top-notch housing within the campus! However; most students opt for off-campus housing as these are economical & one gets the freedom to choose based on their own preferences. Modern amenities and the convenience of a great location are available whether you select private student apartments or shared student housing. Don't be afraid to contact us if you need assistance selecting from among the many affordable apartments or if you simply need more details to help you decide on your student accommodation in Berlin.


    About Berlin

    The largest & capital city of Germany is Berlin. This vibrant city is one of the greatest destinations to study abroad thanks to its various universities, dynamic city life, rich cultural offerings, and strong startup environment. The three main public universities in Berlin, Humboldt University (HU), Free University (FU), and Technical University (TU), are all among the top 100 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education, making them some of the most coveted educational institutions in Europe. One can find student houses in Berlin close to these universities.

    The city of Germany is renowned for its clubs and nightlife, while the country is known for its breweries. A great study break can be taken with that fantastic combo. Berlin has approximately 200 museums and galleries where you can examine the city's illustrious past and notable collections, ensuring that history and culture are present everywhere you turn. Numerous performances, theatres, and movie cinema halls are among the city's top cultural attractions. A broad variety of events, including film festivals, International Green Week, and Berlin Fashion Week, are also held there. 

    Perhaps you are considering staying in student accommodation in Berlin when you graduate from college in addition to studying there. With an increasing number of ex-pats moving there each year, Berlin has developed into a hotspot for multinational firms and startups, particularly IT startups. It is a great option if you're seeking a fresh, interesting city to live in and study. Given its openness and friendly nature toward international students, this might just be the beginning.


    Student Housing Berlin

    Accommodation in Berlin for international students is filled with top amenities that make your student stay a delight. Students will come across fully furnished houses that have modern facilities like a lounge space, a study area, gaming rooms, a kitchenette, free wifi, and 24-hour staff support. There are many more facilities that will make your stay super smooth. UniAcco will help you pick the property that fits your need perfectly. 

    Before deciding on your student accommodation in Berlin, make sure you browse through different properties as well as room types. On average, you can find affordable student accommodation in the range of €700 to €800. 


    Best Places to Stay in Berlin

    Berlin stands as Germany’s most popular city with accommodation present in all the best places. Students can live in culturally rich surroundings that will contribute to their daily life and make their journey a fulfilling experience while staying in their student dorms in Berlin. To make this easier for students, we have listed some of the best places to stay in Berlin below.


    The majority of the students live in Friedrichshain because it's a fantastic area of the city to call home and has a direct tram connection to Catalyst and exceptional student housing. It has been called "an art gallery turned inside out" and is situated in the former East Berlin. Not only is it the location of the longest portion of the Berlin Wall still standing, which is now the East Side Gallery, but also because creativity is in abundance everywhere you look. While staying at your student accommodation in Berlin, make sure you explore this area & live an extraordinary life.


    It's not exaggerated to say that everyone wants to live in Kreuzberg. Particularly on the east side, it's edgy, hipster, punk rock, and artistic. Really, it's a nonstop celebration while staying at student accommodation in Berlin. As The Guardian put it, the area nevertheless manages to retain its "revolutionary streak" despite the increasing gentrification and skyrocketing rates that come along with such soaring demand.

    Kreuzberg's distinctive character can be ascribed to the multicultural community of immigrants, hippies, artists, and squatters who resided there while West Berlin was still surrounded on three sides by the Berlin Wall.


    Compared to some other Berlin neighbourhoods, this one in the southwest is a touch more affluent and isn't quite as hip or gritty. However, because it is close to some of the hipper parts of the city, you may live in a pleasant, affluent neighbourhood that is more or less suburban and still enjoy the city’s alternative areas along with cheap accommodation in Berlin.

    Schöneberg is an excellent option for young ex-pats who are searching for more than just a good time because it has premium shops and restaurants.


    If you wish to live a little lavish, living in Mitte, the neighbourhood in the centre of Berlin, is fantastic. It's not a wonderful area to live in if you're trying to save money through shared apartments in Berlin, but if you're a young professional making a solid salary, Mitte is a nice spot to call home.

    Mitte is a sprawling, large, and active neighbourhood that is home to many of the city's key attractions and tourist hotspots, such as the Brandenburg Gate and a large number of art galleries. It was in a microcosm, with the ideal blend of exciting nightlife, fashionable boulevards, and magnificent architecture. Living in Mitte is great if you want to travel to many different cities & stay at cheap student apartments in berlin.


    Cost of Living in Berlin

    The cost of living in Berlin is quite affordable compared to other German cities. For students to manage their expenses; they must create a plan prior. Due to good connectivity, students can choose to live in inexpensive neighbourhoods and then travel to their college. However, through UniAcco one gets a chance to explore various neighbourhoods and then decide where to stay and how to manage their costs in those cities. We have mentioned them all in the table below!



    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    €295 per month

    On-Campus Accommodation

    €322 per month


    €86 per month

    Food Cost

    €200 per month

    Utility Cost

    €295 per month


    €44 per month


    €23 per month


    €99 per month

    Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 

    €1,042 per month

    Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation 

    €1,069 per month


    Berlin Transportation

    Berlin has a vast public transportation network that covers the entire area of this enormous metropolis. By passing over, beneath, and through Berlin, it connects commuters to a greater Germany and beyond. The U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, and trams are all part of the extensive system.

    There are many cheap accommodations in Berlin for students that are in proximity to public transport and save your time and money on commute. Berlin's well-functioning public transportation system is affordable, straightforward, frequently on time, and rather extensive. Berlin offers free public transportation as part of its celebration of World Car Free Day. All buses, S-Bahns, and trams are free to use inside the Berlin AB tariff zone (however, a Berlin BC or ABC ticket is required for trips to Brandenburg). The U-Bahn underground trains and S-Bahn regional, elevated trains, both of which are a part of Berlin's extensive BVG public transit system, are the finest ways to get around the city from your student accommodation in Berlin.


    Berlin Attraction

    Berlin is a 775-year-old city which has a lot to offer to travellers as well as students coming here to further their education. Visit the iconic architecture of Berlin along with places that contribute to the light and life of the city. Below we have listed some of the popular places one can visit during their time in university. 

    Berlin Cathedral

    The Protestant Berlin Cathedral is one of the top attractions in Berlin and is situated on Museum Island which can be quite near to your student rooms in Berlin. On the banks of the Spree River, it was initially constructed in 1465 as a parish church, making it one of the oldest architectural constructions. Its construction lasted until 1903 when it was finally reopened past the GDR year in 1993. It has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous dynasties. The cathedral is constructed of more than 90 sarcophagi and graves, each of which has a different great political and religious event etched on its mosaic.

    Jewish Museum

    The Jewish Museum is not only one of Berlin's noteworthy tourist attractions, but also a symbol of German-Jewish history. The museum, which is made up of three buildings, captured the time when Jews first settled in Germany and the lasting impact the Holocaust had on Berlin. The lightning bolt structure (top view) and design of the Jewish Museum, created by one of the Nazi-killed family's descendants named Daniel Libeskind, is not only significant politically but also represents a rare and exceptional work of architecture.

    Museum Island

    A city as old as Berlin is bound to have a lot of museums. How else will the city keep the historical memories that have aided in its development throughout the years? On a small island in the Spree River, the city is home to a collection of five museums. A visit to this architectural landmark, built between 1824 and 1930, is a must as part of your sightseeing in Berlin. Its collection of art and historical artefacts spans thousands of years of human civilisation.

    Brandenburg Gate

    The former representation of the divided city now stands as a representation of peace and unity. The Iron Curtain, which arbitrarily divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War, is another symbol of the severe political mandates that were imposed on the inhabitants of Berlin. After Berlin fell in November 1989, the monument rose again as a sign of peace that united the two halves of the city.


    Mauerpark, a former section of the Berlin Wall, is one of the best tourist destinations in Berlin. It is located in the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood. It is well-liked by people of all ages, making it a great destination for a family adventure. It also transforms into a flea market and karaoke venue on the weekends. The section of the former Berlin Wall has been transformed into a blank canvas for graffiti artists. It is a whole package: an open space beneath the sky, a spot to unwind and have fun.