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    Student Accommodation Melbourne

    With 9 public universities and approximately 300,000 students studying in this vibrant city; Melbourne is a prime location for students who wish to study in Australia. This capital city of Victoria has a diverse population with over 5 million people coming from various backgrounds and cultures. Many people travel to Melbourne to study and take advantage of the world-class education that the city has to offer. 

    Explore the city and find the ideal student accommodation in Melbourne that is near some of the top universities in Melbourne. Students can commute using public transportation which is quite convenient in the city. From trains, buses, and even trams; students can go around the city at any hour of the day. While V/Line manages rural public transportation in Victoria, Metro manages Melbourne's urban train network.

    Student living in Melbourne provides everything that a student needs; from high-spirited social areas to quaint gatherings; students get a chance to experience all things in this city. Docklands, South Bank, East Melbourne, South Melbourne, Parkville, and South Yarra are some of the popular areas to live, in Melbourne. 


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    Student Accommodation Melbourne

    Student accommodation in Melbourne comes in a variety of options. You can choose affordable student accommodations at UniAcco and find a mixture of luxurious, comfortable, and reasonable student homes. If students choose to live off-campus; there is a broad range of ensuites, shared rooms, studios, and private student accommodation in Melbourne. There are also on-campus accommodation options available but they are mostly available for only first-year students. These accommodations are great options but they usually come at quite an expensive price compared to off-campus housing. 

    Students choose off-campus accommodation because these housing options allow them to select as per their preferences. If one is looking for short-term student accommodation in Melbourne or housing with particular amenities, then this is a great alternative. You can book your international student accommodation in Melbourne with UniAcco and get a chance to live in some of the most comfortable & student-friendly homes!


    About Melbourne

    Melbourne is both, the best student city in Australia and the world according to the QS Greatest Student Cities Ranking for 2023. Based on a wide range of variables divided into five main categories—such as student appeal, affordability, diversity, safety, and post-graduation employment prospects—the QS Best Student Cities ranking presents the top metropolitan locations for foreign students. Melbourne is a safe, thriving city that offers a wide selection of student support services as well as things to do and is home to world-class research and education.

    Melbourne, which is frequently referred to as Australia's cultural capital, is the site of important international events like the Australian Open tennis tournament, the Spring Racing Carnival, and renowned music, art, and literary festivals. Students living in their student accommodation in Melbourne will have a chance to experience some of the greatest events in this city. A few housing options that are near to the university are Student Village Melbourne, Unilodge - Victoria University, Scape Swanston, Student Living - Villiers, and Scape Queensberry


    Student Housing Melbourne

    As mentioned above, Melbourne is indeed a cultural hotspot as students from all around the world come here to study & live in the urban city. Student housing in Melbourne can be found with the help of UniAcco; here you get a variety of options to choose from. The budget one must have to stay in student accommodation in Melbourne is AU$170 to AU$569. These accommodations usually come with utility bills included in the rent. One can find a variety of amenities like 24-hour staff support, fully furnished homes made as per a student’s needs, a kitchenette, a study area, a gaming area, free wi-fi, lounge spaces, and so much more. Students will not be disappointed with the number of facilities that they will come across. Use UniAcco’s compare feature to include multiple properties and choose the one that fits right with your requirements. 


    Best Places to Stay in Melbourne

    There are an array of places to explore and stay in Melbourne. We have picked some of the best places to stay in Melbourne for students that will give you a glance at the locations and various things that you find in and around them. 

    Southbank: Choose student apartments in Melbourne, Southbank if you wish to reside close to Melbourne's financial area. The Yarra River lies nearby this area, where you may go on scenic cruises and have lunch or dinner by the water. Some of the nearby colleges in Southbank are the University of Melbourne and the Holmesglen Institute.

    Abbotsford: Abbotsford is a well-known area when it comes to student accommodation in Melbourne. Vietnamese-owned restaurants and stores will be just a few minutes away from your door because the neighbourhood has a sizable immigrant population. While enjoying a bowl of Pho, you may also take a look at the antique Victorian-style houses and structures. The University of Melbourne is in proximity to Abbotsford. Students can travel via train such as Hurtsbridge & Mernda.

    Clayton: The lower average rent in Clayton is ideal for budget-conscious students who wish to stay in student housing in Australia, Melbourne. The Clayton Campus of Monash University is the closest university to student rentals in Melbourne. There are various multicultural communities in Clayton, and you can easily find affordable, top-notch meals there. In addition to international cuisine, there are a number of neighbourhood shops where you may purchase goods and ingredients that you might not find at an ordinary Australian grocery store. Nearby attractions include Namatjira Park & Two Rupees Brewery

    Northcote: The majority of students will adore Melbourne's stylish and trendy neighbourhood of Northcote. If you plan to attend La Trobe University, this place is a great choice because it is nearby. Along the commercial sector, you may find lively taverns, lovely boutiques, and cafes. If you enjoy live music, you may find local independent performers at the Northcote Social Club, Open Studio, and 303. On a Friday or Saturday night, you can go around your student accommodation in Melbourne & enjoy these areas. Find attractions like Northcote Social Club, Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, and the famous Laneway Theatre.


    Cost of Living in Melbourne

    For students aspiring to stay at student accommodation in Melbourne, it is recommended that they budget anywhere between AU$2,290 to AU$3,000. To understand the cost of living in Melbourne a little better; we have listed the cost of some of the most essential items below. Note that the cost of living majorly depends on a student's lifestyle; yet if you budget your expenses properly; managing expenses can be a comfortable task. 




    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 596 per month

    On-Campus Accommodation

    AU$ 1,460 per month


    AU$ 159 per month

    Food Cost

    AU$ 1,200 per month

    Utility Cost

    AU$ 160 per month


    AU$ 66 per month


    AU$ 160 per month


    AU$ 110 per month

    Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 2,292 per month

    Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 3,159 per month


    Melbourne Transportation

    Melbourne is a urban city where you will find a lot of hustle-bustle. There is a wide range of transportation options present near the best student accommodation in Melbourne that is convenient for students coming here for the first time. The city is well connected to the nearby places by systems like buses, trains, and taxis. Students have the advantage of taking a student travel pass that makes their commute easier & budget-friendly. 

    Bus: The accessibility of this service makes it convenient for students to travel. The concessionary cost is AU$2.25, and the standard bus fare is AU$5.

    Train: With 218 suburban stations on 16 lines, Melbourne has the most subway stops. The busiest train hub in all of Australia, Flinders Street Station is a well-known landmark and gathering spot in Melbourne. A concession, elderly, or kid myki costs $3, while a full-fare myki card costs $6.


    Melbourne Attraction

    Melbourne is a great place to stay and study. However, even with so much to see and do nearby your student accommodation in Melbourne city, it may still be enjoyable to travel for a change of scenery. A little bit of fresh air, a break from your computer screen, and some rest before returning to your regular routine.

    1. Yarra Valley

    The Yarra Valley is a must-do day trip from Melbourne, and you might want a designated driver for this one as it's less than an hour's drive from the CBD. Imagine healthful meals, cattle paddocks, rolling hills covered in vineyards, and a charming, rural atmosphere. The allure for a wine enthusiast is clear—there are hundreds of excellent, well-known vineyards to visit, and admission is considerably less expensive than you might imagine! Additionally, the area is so stunning that it's worth a visit even if you don't drink much.


    2. Mornington Peninsula

    Go to the Mornington Peninsula for a great day by the sea. It's a really picturesque region with breezy beaches, coastal villages, and small-batch vineyards that is less than an hour's drive from Melbourne. The best way to experience the laid-back lifestyle of the Peninsula is to take the time to walk among the neighbourhood galleries, spas, cafes, and restaurants.


    3. Phillip Island

    PENGUINS. That's it. No, but honestly, if you like animals and want to go on an enjoyable day trip, Phillip Island is a terrific choice. Drive to San Remo, a charming little fishing village about two hours south of Melbourne, to reach the location. We advise arriving before 12 o'clock to catch the daily pelican and stingray feeding!


    4. Great Ocean Road

    Although it's ideal to travel the Great Ocean Road over a few days, it's possible to see the majority of the must-see attractions in a single day. A wonderful item to cross off your Australian travel bucket list! Torquay, the origin of Rip Curl and Quiksilver, the location of Bells Beach, and probably Australia's surfing Mecca, is the first stop on the tour, located around 90 minutes from Melbourne. If you enjoy surfing, bring your board along without a doubt. If you want to try surfing, make plans in advance and sign up for a class first thing in the morning.

    FAQs on Student Accommodation Melbourne

    Yes, You can find fully-furnished rooms equipped with facilities such as a furnished kitchen, wardrobe, study desk & chair, sofa, bathroom, and more in Melbourne

    To find student accommodation in Melbourne, compare properties using multiple filters. Once you have shortlisted your student accommodations, consult our property expert and make a final choice.

    The type of student accommodation you choose will impact how much you pay. If you plan on living in some of the popular student areas in Melbourne, the average weekly rent you might pay as a student is from 99£.

    Yes, you can rent an apartment with your friends; but, depending on the property, you may be charged a small fee to do so. You can either share a room or rent a dual occupancy unit.

    Yes, all utilities bills are included with student accommodation of your choice.

    Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

    As per local authority licencing schemes, dual occupancy properties are generally one or two-bedroom properties, as larger properties do not typically allow two people to stay in the same room.