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    Student Accommodation Perth

    Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is the country’s fastest expanding city. It is a popular study abroad destination, with over 35,000 overseas students who attend five universities. The city is home to about 2 million people and has a large, open layout. Perth's five major institutions include - the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, the University of Notre Dame, and Curtin University. Students from all over the world travel to this city to study at these universities. Due to the proximity of the campuses to the city centre, student life in Perth has a suburban flavour. Student accommodation in Perth is plentiful and is available at the convenience of students’ requirements.

    Located near the city’s major universities, there are a plethora of student apartments in Perth, all of which are stacked with an abundance of amenities and services. The city provides numerous hotspots for shopping, dining, and sightseeing all of which considerably add to the reasons for living in Perth. Commuting in Perth is easy with regular bus services, and walking or cycling options for students. Hay Street, West Perth, North Perth, Subiaco, South Perth, Crawley, St James, Waterford, Deverell Way, Bentley, and Murdoch are some of Perth's most student-friendly areas.

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    Student Accommodation Perth 

    Perth is a great place for overseas students to study and live, and is often referred to as the ‘Education City’. As a cosmopolitan city with one of the lowest living expenses in Australia, it is convenient and easy to find student accommodation in Perth. At UniAcco, students get to choose from a range of housing options in Perth including flats, studios, ensuites, shared apartments and more. While students may also have the option of on-campus accommodation considering the proximity to the university, it may be expensive when compared to off-campus accommodation.

    Private student accommodation in Perth comes with its own set of benefits and students can find some of the best and most affordable flats and studios within walking distance of their university. UniAcco provides top-notch student housing in Perth at affordable rates, all of which are loaded with facilities that cater to students’ needs.


    About Perth

    Perth is Australia's fourth-largest city and is routinely ranked as one of the world's most livable cities. Students gain not just from the excellent level of education, but also from the warm weather and relaxing lifestyle. East Perth was rated the best lifestyle-friendly suburb in all of Western Australia. This is owing to its closeness to the city, waterfront food scene, and spectacular setting on the Swan River.

    The Economist placed Perth as the fourth "most liveable city" in the world, while Lonely Planet declared it one of the "top ten future cities" in the world. It is not only easy to discover international student accommodation in Perth, but it is also easy to meet like-minded students. In fact, many nationalities have created cultural groups in order for local and international members to socialise and interact with others who share their interests and experiences. 


    Student Housing Perth

    Given that the city of Perth is bustling with students of many nationalities, discovering Perth accommodation for students will be easy. Furthermore, UniAcco offers a diverse choice of high-quality housing options for overseas students, all of which are conveniently placed near Perth's reputable universities. Student accommodation in Perth, Australia, can be found in varied types starting from luxurious housing to budget-friendly student rooms. The student housing prices vary from AU$ 116 to AU$ 565 a week.

    On-site amenities are ample and available under one roof, and the residences have been carefully chosen with students in mind. The modern amenities offered by these completely furnished residences include a communal living space, gaming area, study room, laundry, fully furnished gym, barbeque area, and more. Depending on their budget and other preferences, students can select from a broad range of room options, including student apartments, student flats, shared and en-suite rooms, as well as student studios at UniAcco.


    Best Places To Stay In Perth

    Perth has a reputation for intellectual excellence and annually attracts over 40,000 overseas students to its world-class institutions. It's an excellent city because of the inexpensive student housing, as well as the discounted or free public transportation, while yet providing much to do and see. Hay Street, West Perth, Murdoch, Bentley, and other desirable Perth areas are amongst the best areas to live in Perth.

    UniAcco features excellent student accommodation in Perth, all of which are conveniently located near the top institutions or are connected to excellent public transportation. Here is a list of some of the housing options available to students:

    • Murdoch University Village: This Perth housing offers completely furnished flats ranging from one to six bedrooms. The closest college to the property is Murdoch Institute of Technology. Murdoch University Village also provides its occupants with outdoor courtyards, a swimming pool, coin-operated laundry, parking, a group study lounge, and a TV and movie room.


    • Unilodge - Erica Underwood House: Erica Underwood, Unilodge at Curtin University, offers 6-bedroom flats as well as short-term accommodation. All rooms are completely equipped with beds, desks, and closets, a kitchen, a lounge with a TV, and communal bathrooms. Students can go to nearby cafés such as Dux and The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen.


    • Unilodge - Vickery House: Vickery House offers 6-bedroom apartments, 8-bedroom apartments, and short-term housing, with all rooms equipped with a bed, study desk, and cabinets. Curtin University is located within a short distance of the property. Free wifi, water, electricity, and gas are included in the rent. BBQ, communal rooms and lounges, bicycle parking, automobile parking, and other amenities are also available.


    • Unilodge - Guild House: Located within easy reach of Curtin University, Guild House is convenient student accommodation in Perth. It offers 4-bedroom apartments, 6-bedroom flats, and short-term apartments. A typical room has a bathroom, double or single beds, tables and chairs, and fans, depending on the apartment type. Canning Bridge station and Carlisle station are the closest train stations.


    Cost Of Living In Perth

    Perth is substantially less expensive to live in compared to cities like Sydney or Melbourne. It features an effective public transit system, Transperth, as well as affordable student accommodation in Perth and cuisine.  Overseas students receive a 40% discount on buses and all other public transportation inside the city. While the cost of living in Perth is strongly influenced by a student's lifestyle and preferences, the typical living expenditures for students are listed below. 



    Cost (monthly)

    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 354

    On-Campus Accommodation

    AU$ 640


    AU$ 168

    Food Cost

    AU$ 660

    Utility Cost

    AU$ 147


    AU$ 66


    AU$ 147


    AU$ 77

    Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 1449

    Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation 

    AU$ 1737


    Perth Transportation

    Perth's universities are located within the vicinity of its major transportation networks, which are accessible by foot. Perth students may travel utilising the Transperth website and have access to a variety of transportation options. Perth has several transit alternatives which are convenient for students. Although there are a handful of discounts and offers available to students, these costs are subject to change during busy and unexpected seasons. Here are some of Perth's most efficient transit choices for students -

    • Bus: To commute within Perth, the regular bus ticket is AU$2.20. There are many bus stops located close to the student accommodation in Perth.


    • Rail: Students can easily commute to Adelaide and Sydney via the Indian Pacific passenger rail service. Through many Wheatbelt towns, the Prospector passenger train service connects Perth with Kalgoorlie, while the Australind and AvonLink connect to Bunbury and Northam, respectively. Students can expect to pay between AU$3.20-AU$6.90 per day for the rail fare.


    • Cycling: Alternatively, students can use bicycles to tour nearby areas of the city.


    Perth Attractions

    Perth, the world's most remote city, is found on Australia's west coast. It’s about 2,100 kilometres away from Adelaide, the closest city of any considerable size. It is one of the cities with the greatest population growth in the nation and is recognised for its easygoing way of life, stunning beaches, and blue skies. ‘Perthites’ – as they are fondly referred to – are very outdoorsy folks, so there are loads of great places to go biking, swimming, and strolling in the city. Here's a list of some of the best Perth attractions for students -

    King’s park & Botanic Garden

    Kings Park, which spans a sizable area in the heart of the city, is a true natural wonderland with stunning, wild bushland and lush grasses adjacent to its outstanding botanical garden. It is a terrific spot to go to enjoy the great outdoors because there are so many trails and bike pathways that wind their way through the park. Playgrounds and picnic spaces are widely dispersed as well.

    Fremantle Prison

    Because the fortunes of the British convicts who were sent to Australia's shores are intricately linked, it is well worth visiting Fremantle Prison to experience what life was like in the highest-security prison. The prison was only closed in 1991 after being in service for over 140 years; it was first opened in 1855.

    Perth Mint

    The Perth Mint, one of the city's oldest structures, was founded in 1899 and was one of the country's last colonial subsidiaries of the UK's Royal Mint. The Perth Mint offers an area where students may mint their own coins and watch gold melt, in addition to several intriguing displays on the history of the Mint and Western Australia's gold mining heritage.

    Penguin Island

    Penguin Island, which is located just off the coast of Rockingham, south of Perth, was given its name in honour of the lovely little creatures who consider its cliffs, headlands, and beaches home. At low tide, the island may be reached on foot, however, most people choose to use a ferry instead. It is connected to the mainland by a tidal sandbar. Some daring explorers choose to kayak or even swim on its rocky beaches.

    Bell Tower

    This futuristic-looking structure, which overlooks the Swan River, is undoubtedly distinct from past Bell Towers. It has one of Perth's most striking and recognisable designs. Surprisingly, the bell tower with the design of a spaceship contains several old bells. The earliest of them goes back to 1550 and comes from St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in London. Even centuries later, everyone can still hear these.

    FAQs on Student Accommodation Perth

    To find student accommodation in Perth, compare properties using multiple filters. Once you have shortlisted your student accommodations, consult our property expert and make a final choice.

    The type of student accommodation you choose will impact how much you pay. If you plan on living in some of the popular student areas in Perth, the average weekly rent you might pay as a student is from 99£.

    Yes, you can rent an apartment with your friends; but, depending on the property, you may be charged a small fee to do so. You can either share a room or rent a dual occupancy unit.

    Yes, all utilities bills are included with student accommodation of your choice.

    Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

    As per local authority licencing schemes, dual occupancy properties are generally one or two-bedroom properties, as larger properties do not typically allow two people to stay in the same room.

    Yes, you can! There is a wide range of private student accommodation in Perth that you choose to live in. Pick the one that's perfect for you.