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    University of Hertfordshire Accommodation

    Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, this vibrant University of Hertfordshire is one of the leading UK universities that attracts international students from all over the world. It offers a plethora of on-campus as well as off-campus accommodation options that cater to your unique preferences and budget. Join a dynamic community of over 4,000 international students who are all part of the global Hertfordshire family.

    Whether you prefer a modern apartment, a shared house with friends, or a cosy studio, University of Hertfordshire accommodation options at UniAcco are sure to meet your needs. With a range of properties to choose from, you can find a place that perfectly suits your lifestyle and allows you to create a personalized living environment. Discover popular areas such as Hatfield, St Albans, and Welwyn Garden City, each offering its unique charm and amenities. At Hertfordshire, you can find numerous accommodation options that suit your preferences and budget. Enjoy the convenience of having easy access to campus facilities while being able to explore the lively city centres, beautiful parks, and historical attractions that surround the university.

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    Students Accommodation Near University of Hertfordshire 2024/25

    Enrolling at the University of Hertfordshire as an international student will leave you with a plethora of opportunities to learn, grow, & network. Many students opt to reside at the university’s halls of residence on campus due to its proximity to the university. However, considering that these on-campus residences are expensive and fill up faster, off-campus University of Hertfordshire accommodation options are given the upper edge. 

    At UniAcco, there are several student residences near the university, starting from £98 per week. There are an array of room types available, from studios and ensuites to one-bedroom & two-bedroom apartments, shared flats, & more. Each room is stacked with top-notch facilities tailored to students’ requirements & preferences. The properties are within walking distance of the University of Hertfordshire & have easy access to public transport options. With all-inclusive bills & excellent communal amenities, choosing your student accommodation in Hertfordshire with UniAcco is an ideal choice.


    About The University of Hertfordshire

    The University of Hertfordshire is a diverse and globally acclaimed university that attracts students from over 100 countries. With a strong commitment to diversity, the institution has around 4,000 international students, contributing to a multicultural atmosphere that improves the academic experience. Hertfordshire has a remarkable student-faculty ratio of 17:1, guaranteeing that students receive personalised attention and assistance from their faculty. The University of Hertfordshire has been placed among the top 500 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Business, computer science, engineering, health sciences, and humanities are among the programmes and disciplines available at Hertfordshire. The university focuses a significant emphasis on employability, with 96.5% of graduates finding work or continuing their education within six months after graduation.


    Best Places to Stay Near The University of Hertfordshire

    At Hertfordshire, you can discover student-friendly neighbourhoods near the university, like Hatfield, St Albans, and Welwyn Garden City, offering convenience, amenities, and easy access to campus. All these areas have several popular University of Hertfordshire accommodation options that are designed keeping students’ convenience in mind.

    Some of the popular areas are as listed below -

    Hatfield Town Centre: Located right next to the university campus, Hatfield Town Centre offers the ultimate convenience for students. With a variety of shops, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, everything you need is within walking distance. Living in Hatfield Town Centre provides easy access to university facilities and a lively student community.

    St Albans: Just a short distance from the University of Hertfordshire, the historic city of St Albans offers a charming and picturesque setting. Known for its stunning architecture, vibrant markets, and cultural attractions, St Albans provides a peaceful and welcoming environment for students seeking a blend of tranquillity and accessibility.

    Welwyn Garden City: With its well-planned layout, green spaces, and thriving town centre, Welwyn Garden City is a popular choice for students. It offers a range of amenities, including shops, leisure facilities, and entertainment options. The town is well-connected to the university by public transport, making it a convenient place to call home.

    Hemel Hempstead: Situated close to the university, Hemel Hempstead offers a mix of modern developments and traditional charm. The town boasts excellent transport links, shopping centres, restaurants, and recreational facilities, providing a comfortable and convenient living environment for students.


    Best Properties to Stay Near The University of Hertfordshire

    Cost of Living In Hertfordshire

    The cost of living in Hertfordshire for international students is generally considered moderate. According to Numbeo and Expatistan, expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and groceries are reasonably affordable compared to major cities in the UK. On average, the monthly cost of living in Hertfordshire can range from £1,096 to £1,204, depending on whether you opt to stay on-campus or off-campus. Transportation costs, including public transport and occasional taxi rides, are not as expensive and good planning can lead to careful spending. Moreover, students can take advantage of student discounts and affordable dining options within the university and surrounding areas, helping to keep overall living costs in check.

    Here’s a breakdown of the monthly living expenses for international students in Hertfordshire -


    Expenses (Per Month)

    Off-Campus Accommodation


    On-Campus Accommodation














    Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation


    Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation



    Why Study at The University of Hertfordshire?


    High Employability Rates

    The University of Hertfordshire has a high employability rate, with 96.5% of graduates finding work or continuing their education within six months after graduation.


    Diverse & Multicultural Environment 

    The University of Hertfordshire has a large international student community representing over 100 countries, making it a genuinely multicultural experience. This diversified setting promotes cross-cultural knowledge, global perspectives, and networking opportunities, all of which improve the entire academic journey.


    Industry-Centred Curriculum

    The institution maintains strong relationships with industry partners to ensure that its curriculum is current and connected with the demands of businesses. Students acquire practical experience through collaborations and placements with prominent firms, increasing their employability and preparing them for the professional world.


    Innovative facilities

    The University of Hertfordshire invests in cutting-edge facilities and resources to help students succeed academically. Students have access to the most up-to-date tools and technology, from modern labs and studios to specialised equipment and libraries, to improve their learning experience.


    Research Excellence

    The institution is well-known for its research output and proficiency in a variety of disciplines. In terms of research intensity, it is placed in the top 25% of UK institutions.


    Popular Courses at The University of Hertfordshire



    Annual Average Tuition Fees (2021-2022)


    £13,500 - £15,000

    Computer Science

    £13,000 - £15,000

    Business and Management

    £13,500 - £14,500


    £13,000 - £15,000


    £13,500 - £15,000

    Film and Television Production

    £12,500 - £14,500

    Graphic Design

    £12,500 - £14,500


    Attractions Near The University of Hertfordshire

    St Albans Cathedral: The St Albans Cathedral is a beautiful mediaeval masterpiece located in the ancient city of St Albans. International students frequently visit to marvel at its amazing architecture, tour the lovely grounds, and attend concerts and events carried out within its magnificent walls.

    Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: Located near the university, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides a fantastic experience for Harry Potter lovers. Students may immerse themselves in the world of Hogwarts, see renowned sets, and experience the film's behind-the-scenes magic.

    Verulamium Park: Verulamium Park, near St Albans, is a magnificent green landscape featuring relics of the old Roman city of Verulamium. Students may take leisurely walks and picnics by the lake and study Roman history and artefacts at the fascinating Verulamium Museum.

    Hertford Castle: Hertford Castle, located in the picturesque town of Hertford, is a historic monument with stunning grounds and rich background. International students can visit the castle grounds, attend events held there, and learn about its cultural prominence.

    Lee Valley Regional Park: Stretching over Hertfordshire, Essex, and Greater London, Lee Valley Regional Park provides a large expanse of greenery, walking routes, and recreational activities. Cycling, boating, or simply taking a leisurely stroll in this calm natural setting provides a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life for students.


    Transportation Options Near The University of Hertfordshire

    Hatfield Train Station: Hatfield Train Station is the nearest railway station to the university, located approximately 1.5 miles away. It offers frequent train services connecting to various destinations, including London Kings Cross, Cambridge, and Peterborough.

    Hatfield Bus Station: The Hatfield Bus Station is a major transportation hub located near the university campus. It provides convenient access to multiple bus routes operated by different companies, allowing students to travel within Hatfield and to nearby towns and cities.

    The Galleria Bus Stop: The Galleria is a popular shopping and entertainment complex near the university. The nearby bus stop, served by several bus routes, offers connections to Hatfield town centre, St Albans, and other destinations.

    Welwyn Garden City Train Station: Located approximately 4 miles away, Welwyn Garden City Train Station provides an alternative rail connection for students. It offers train services to London Kings Cross, Stevenage, and other destinations.

    FAQs - Accommodation near University of Hertfordshire

    Student housing near University of Hertfordshire provides students with a comfortable experience at a reasonable price. You can choose from a wide range of properties, including flats, student halls, studio apartments, private apartments, and many others.

    Yes, all utilities bills are included with student accommodation of your choice.

    Yes, you certainly can! Please contact one of our property professionals and we will arrange a virtual property viewing for you!

    Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

    No, staying at University of Hertfordshire hostels is not compulsory. Most students opt for a private student accommodation near University of Hertfordshire as they are affordable and has many more amenities.

    Yes, students who book ahead of time typically receive good discounted rates and pay lower rent near University of Hertfordshire. Making a group reservation can help you save money. We have multiple offers and other cashback offers, so keep an eye on our website to stay updated.

    Yes, you can get student accommodation near University of Hertfordshire. All you have to do is, search for the university and you'll be presented with a range of properties.

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