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Student Accommodation In London

Discover the best and most affordable student accommodation in London with the most advanced amenities. With UniAcco, you will not have to worry about compromising on quality because we have all the features such as fully-furnished homes that come with a kitchenette, study area, lounge spaces, gaming area, free wi-fi, 24-hour staff support, and so much more. All the student properties are close to the best and most popular universities.

Of the hundreds of properties that are listed on our website, all the housing comes filled with top-class amenities that come at a very reasonable price. It is further divided into shared apartments, student halls, private apartments with single & dual occupancy, and studio apartments.

Student housing in London usually ranges between GBP 164 - 850/per week. The reason why students choose to stay at these apartments is because of the freedom, proximity, affordability, and location it comes with. You can even look for short-term tenancy based on your preference in these student flats in London. 


Best Student Properties in London 

London's student accommodations offer diverse and contemporary options for students worldwide. Finding the perfect place to stay in this bustling city can be challenging, but UniAcco simplifies the process. We provide tailored choices to meet your needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and flexible stay. These properties come with a range of amenities for a great living experience. UniAcco makes it easy with a streamlined three-step process: pick, pay, and book.

Explore some of the top living option for students in London:


About London:

London stands tall and strong on the River Thames & it is located in the South-Eastern part of England. Being a metropolitan city with a strong economic sector, the city is a hot spot for students and workers from all around the world. The city is not just well with its financials and infrastructure, it is also a place that connects all the major cities that are nearby such as Birmingham, Coventry, & Leicester

There are ample opportunities in London, you will find some of the most well-known world-renowned institutes here. This is why students choose to stay and study in London because of the research-backed universities with striking architecture. Apart from that, there are some of the finest world heritage sites here such as the Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and more.


London History, Culture, Facts:

London is the largest city and capital of England, it has an ancient core and is now the financial centre of the country. Founded by Romans, the city boasts settlement for two millennia now. The city has a diverse culture where people from almost everywhere in the world are settled here and you will come across 300 languages that are spoken in London. Every year the city hosts more than 110,000 international students, making it a prime place to study abroad. 

  1. The most popular facts about London that we bet you didn't know are listed here -
  2. Big Ben is intended to be referred to as "The Clock Tower," with the bell being called "Big Ben." 
  3. London is the smallest city in England and what you think of as London is just a tiny metropolis that is a part of the Greater London Area.
  4. London consists of more than 170 museums.
  5. The City of London has so many trees that it meets the UN's definition of a forest. 
  6. The House of Parliament located in London is the biggest palace in the nation.


Why London Is The Best Place To Study?

Studying in London offers a diverse, enriching experience in a city renowned for its academic excellence, professional opportunities, cultural richness, and natural beauty. Here are five reasons to study in London:

1. Diverse International Community: London boasts a massive international student presence, with over 380,000 students, including 100,000 from overseas. It's the world's most diverse city, where you can interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds, speaking over 300 languages.

2. Academic Excellence: London's educational legacy shines through its 18 universities ranked in the top 500 globally. You'll have access to top-notch facilities, research opportunities, and a wealth of libraries, museums, and cultural institutions.

3. Global Hub of Top Companies: London offers a dynamic network of industry connections and career prospects. It's a financial epicentre, a hotbed for startups, and a hub for industries like media, fashion, tech, and healthcare. International events and conferences provide ample networking opportunities.

4. Rich Culture and History: With over 100 theatres and famous attractions, there's no shortage of cultural experiences. Students can enjoy and explore many places while living and studying in London.

5. Safety: One of the reasons to study in London is that it is a safe city for students. London has a low crime rate and a reliable police force that protects the public. You can feel secure on campus, as many universities have their security services that patrol the area.  London is a place where you can study peacefully and confidently, without worrying about your safety.

London's blend of world-class universities, cultural richness, and career opportunities make it an exceptional choice for higher education, offering students an unparalleled academic and personal growth experience.


Where Are Students Coming From?

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency's 2020-2021, there are currently 605,130 international students seeking degrees in the UK. The figure has increased from the previous year's, which included 556,625 international students. This represents an 8.7% increase compared to the previous academic year 2019-2020.

Studying in London provides students with numerous advantages and opportunities. For students interested in studying business or finance courses, London is the beating heart of the British economy. In an increasingly competitive international job market and rapidly changing environment, having qualifications from the top universities in London will help you stand out from the crowd.

Universities in London will help you develop independent thinking, analytical skills, and self-discipline. The excellence of research and teaching in London is recognized worldwide, which will provide you with excellent opportunities after completion of the course. 


Here’s A Breakdown Of Statistics For International Students In London





  United Kingdom 









  United States









  Hong Kong












The aforementioned are the top 10 countries from which students travel to London for higher education. Owing to the fact that London receives a large share of international students each year, there are many more source countries that contribute to the city’s international student market. Additionally, London also received students from Romania (3,305), Malaysia (2,990), Poland (2,990), Singapore (2,735), and Greece (2,465) in 2020-21.

As we can see from the data above, several overseas students come to London in pursuit of their higher studies. There are several housing options for international students, most of which are located near the top universities in London. Students from China, India, Germany, the USA, Pakistan, and more can choose from 50000+ student rooms in London, which include student halls, ensuites, studios, and student flats.


Cost of Living in London:

If you want to reside in student accommodation in London, it is recommended that you budget £1,200 - £1,300 per month for all living expenses, including lodging, travel, food, laundry, study fees, and other personal expenses. To be prepared, you must learn about the cost of living in London as it largely differs based on your lifestyle.


 Monthly Cost (GBP) 

  Off-Campus Accommodation 


  On-Campus Accommodation 


  Food (60 meals)   










"The accommodation costs are dynamic in nature and are based on property availability"


London Transportation:

In general, England's transportation system has the potential to be one of the most efficient in the world. London, on the other hand, is intelligently connected to every major transportation system and is easily accessible from any institution. Students can discover a variety of public transportation options in London, including the world-famous London Underground Tube, DLR (machine-driven light railway), trams, and buses.

To assist you, we've included the major London transportation systems along with their average fares. Students should be aware that these fares may fluctuate depending on the time of day.

Train: London has its own sole metro rail system that is well connected to almost every nearby hotspot. From Zone 1 to Zone 6, it covers all the prime areas including London City Centres. 

Bus: London has a bus network that runs 24 hours a day and if you are a student that is running tight on your budget then this is a great transportation option for you. Each ride on the bus costs around GBP 1.55/per day. 

Cycling: The local parts of the city are all great options to be seen by cycling around and London even has some great exclusive cycling areas like Jubilee Park & Garden. 


London Attraction:

This mesmerizing city has a lot to offer. There are some of the best Architectural marbles to be seen and great historic monuments with award-winning theatres and of course, high-end streets and shops. Below are some of the best and most renowned attractions mentioned which you can explore and have a good time while your stay in this city. 

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour:

Didn’t we all spend our childhood watching the great Harry Potter movies? Well, now it's time to watch it in person by visiting the Warner Bros. Studio in London. Explore the sets, costumes, and props featured in all seven Harry Potter films, as well as the Great Hall, Dumbledore's office, and Hagrid's hut. It's the complete Harry Potter adventure!

2. London Eye:

Climb aboard one of the London Eye's 32 glass capsules for stunning views of the city's most famous attractions. As the capsule slowly revolves over the Thames, take in the magnificent 360-degree panoramas.

3. London Transport Museum:

The London Transport Museum presents exhibits that link transportation to London's social and cultural history. More than 80 vehicles from London's heritage, along with a red Routemaster bus and the world's largest first Underground steam train, are on display inside. There are also some fantastic posters and artwork!

4. Emirates Air Line Cable Car:

The Emirates Air Line cable car, which affords breathtaking views of the city and departs every 30 seconds from the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, takes you high above the Thames. On a five to ten-minute flight, depending on the time of day, see the wonders of day or admire the city as it twinkles at night.


Best Universities In London:

London, England's fascinating capital city, is a tourist and student major hub. When it comes to educational institutions, students who want to study in London have a wide range of options. The educational system in London has improved over time. The renowned universities in London stand upright, providing the best quality education to their students. Leading the way on all fronts, here are the best universities in London:

1. Imperial College London:

Imperial College London ranked 7th in the world according to the QS world ranking 2022, is regarded as the best university for pursuing any STEM specialisation. The university's emphasis on scientific disciplines has tremendously aided the advancement of industries like medicine, engineering, finance, etc. You should attend this college if you want to become a ground-breaking scientist! ICL confers more than 6,000 degrees annually to students from more than 130 nations. The university has 29 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 18%

  • 2023 Tuition fees: £10,000 – £38,000

  • 2023 Student/Faculty Ratio: 19:1

  • 2023 International Students: 11,143

  • Popular Courses: Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Neurosciences, Material Sciences, Immunology, and Ophthalmology.

2. University College London:

The University College London is well known for its comprehensive development approach. According to the QS world ranking 2022, the university ranks 8th in the world. UCL has it all: first-rate facilities, the best programmes, entertainment venues, quiet study spaces, and knowledgeable faculty. The institution encourages students to find their own pathways rather than just following the one that is provided, using an intuitive approach to education. Around 29 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from UCL too. Additionally, it collaborates with 300 foreign institutions.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 48%

  • 2023 Average tuition fees: £9,250

  • 2023 Student/Faculty ratio: 5:1

  • International students: 24.145

  • Popular courses: Education, Archaeology, Architecture and the Built Environment, Anthropology, Geography, Anatomy and Physiology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and Psychology.

3. Kings College London:

King's College is among the oldest colleges in the world, being established in 1829. Regards to its history, the university made a significant contribution to the advancement of research that resulted in the discovery of the DNA structure, telephone, etc. Studying at King's College, one of the top universities in the world will guarantee that you have tonnes of opportunities for learning and development. Twelve Nobel Prize winners are among the institution's faculty and alumni.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 13-15%

  • Average tuition fees: £18,000

  • Student/Faculty ratio: 11

  • International students: 15,075

  • Popular courses: Psychiatry, Nursing, Dentistry, Humanities, Law, Medicine, and International affairs.

4. The London School Of Economics And Political Science:

The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the world's best universities for teaching young minds about economics and politics. This university is the best choice for students interested in an MBA, business studies, finance, etc. because of its emphasis on teaching and research. It frequently hosts lectures by some of the most powerful politicians, including German chancellor Angela Merkel and former Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. LSE's 25 departments grant degrees in 36 undergraduate, more than 140 graduate, and more than 140 doctoral programmes. Additionally, it has more than 200 research institutions, including the Center for Economic Performance and the Centre for Women, Peace, and Security.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 6.6%

  • 2023 Average tuition fees: £25,272

  • 2023 Student/Faculty ratio: 37.8

  • 2023 International students: 11,000

  • Popular courses: Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, Marketing, Strategic Communications, Business and Economics, Economics and Management, and Financial Mathematics.

5. The Queen Mary University Of London:

At Queen Mary, teaching and research occur simultaneously. The university actively contributes to innovation in robotics and AI. This university also hosted the ground-breaking gene therapy trial for a haemophilia cure. One of the world's largest colleges within the University of London, the Queen Mary University of London is a top-tier institution with a focus on research. There are approximately 27,000 undergraduate and graduate students there taking science and engineering, humanities and social sciences, and medical and dental courses. There are five campuses of the college in London, and they are all easily accessible by tube. East London's Mile End is home to its main campus. Charterhouse Square, West Smithfield, Whitechapel, and Lincoln's Inn Fields are among the locations of additional campuses in central and eastern London.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 43.6%

  • 2023 Average tuition fees: £20,000 - £30,000

  • Student/Faculty ratio: 9

  • International students: 8,625

  • Popular courses: Medicine, Drama, Dance & cinematics, Dentistry, Healthcare, Linguistics, and Russian & East European languages.

The top universities in London are summarised in the above list for higher education options. These institutions ensure that students receive top-notch education as well as the best possible exposure to the working world.


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