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Leeds is a thriving university town located in the county of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Opening its doors to hundreds of students from countries across the globe, UniAcco provides top-notch University of Leeds accommodation located just a stone’s throw from the campus and right in the heart of Leeds. The University of Leeds is among the top universities in the city as well as the country and sees a rising influx of students every year. Students can have a wonderful time at the university coupled with delightful student accommodations located just a stone’s throw away. 

Students can choose from apartments, student halls, shared apartments, studios and many more options tailored to fit their needs. These accommodations come with top-notch facilities and everything that a student might require for a comfortable university experience. These properties even have helpful round-the-clock in-house maintenance and service teams to help students easily solve their grievances. 

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University of Leeds Accommodation

Established in 1874, the University of Leeds is among United Kingdom’s largest higher educational institutions. A public research university, it is regarded as one of the top universities in the country. There is a wide array of Leeds university student accommodation properties near the university campus which provides a range of comfortable stays coupled with top-notch facilities for students looking for a home in the city. With strategic locales and quality living, these University of Leeds accommodation facilities strive to make students feel at home in the city.

Students always face a dilemma when it comes to choosing between university-run on-campus student housing and private Leeds university accommodation facilities. While the former may seem a sensible choice considering the university can be found just a stone’s throw away, the latter is not only more affordable but also wins hands-down in terms of quality and variety. The private Leeds university accommodation properties have developed purpose-built living spaces with a selection of room types tailored to meet the needs of a diverse student population.


About the University of Leeds

Formerly established as the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874, the institute’s journey over the years led itself to become the University of Leeds by a royal charter in 1904. The university situated in West Yorkshire is the UK’s fifth-largest university. The university provides a large number of courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels with faculties spanning arts, humanities and cultures, biological sciences, business, social sciences, engineering and physical sciences, environment, and medicine and health. The university is ranked among the top 20 in the UK and the top 100 globally by several reputed independent ranking bodies. It has been awarded Gold by the British Government in terms of teaching excellence framework. 

The Leeds university accommodation properties aim to reduce the burden of students by providing them with secure, comfortable and pleasant quarters to make their home. These properties can be touted as among the best student accommodations across the city. 


Location and Transport

The university campus is spread out over a whopping 98 acres in the city of Leeds. The main campus can be found just walking distance from the city centre and the rest of the campus buildings can be found spread out throughout the city. 

Leeds has a dependable and affordable transportation system which extends to rail, bus and road. The Leeds train station is bustling and one can get to any part of the city as well as neighbouring places very conveniently. Bus stops can be found close to all Leeds university accommodation facilities making the commute to and from university hassle-free. The city’s extensive transport network makes it very convenient for its public to get to any corner of Leeds. 


Best Student Accommodation at the University of Leeds

The Leeds university accommodation properties deliver on their promise of providing, the best, most comfortable and highly safe university stays for the city’s student population. The struggle between choosing university-run facilities as opposed to their private counterparts is real. But the latter trumps the former with regard to a variety of factors including location, quality, and affordability. At UniAcco, we strive to provide the best facilities for students to feel most at home in the city. The best Leeds university accommodation properties are listed below:

The Refinery: Located at Bingley Street, The Refinery is a comfortable 15-minute walk from the university campus. It is also a great spot for students as it is situated close to several popular attractions in the city. Room types at this property include a wide range of en-suites. 

iQ Leeds: This uni of Leeds accommodation can also be found just a 15-minute walk from campus. Flanked by a bus stop, it makes for a quick commute to university as well as nearby entertainment and leisure hubs. iQ Leeds provides en-suites which come with a private bedroom and bathroom along with a shared kitchen and living areas. 

iQ Marsden House: Located at Burley Street, this Leeds university accommodation is not only a short walk to the university but a supermarket and other shops can be found within easy reach. Surrounded by a bus stop and train station, students can expect a hassle-free conveyance anywhere in and around the city. Living spaces at iQ Marsden House include en-suites with private and shared spaces. 


Life At the University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is arguably among the country’s most outstanding universities. With a nurturing student atmosphere and an environment that fosters a global approach towards education, Leeds well deserves its position on the list of the country’s most renowned universities. The university also boasts an impressive alumni network with its graduates having surpassed themselves in various fields. 

A strong student community is the lifeblood of any educational institution and the University of Leeds follows suit. There are several areas where a student can give wings to their passion, mingle with their counterparts and take an active part in exciting extracurriculars. Student clubs, societies, the student union, student newspaper, radio services and student television are just some areas where can exercise their voice, talent and passion at the university. 

Sport at Leeds goes beyond relaxing extracurriculars and students are given a chance to participate on a much larger scale in high-performance sports games. Their facilities are world-class and students can immerse themselves in a competitive sporting arena. 

Nearby Places

A day spent in Leeds is a day well spent owing to the exciting things the city has to offer. Leeds university accommodation properties are surrounded by dependable transport services which give students the opportunity to explore different parts of the gorgeous city. Some of the must-visit attractions in Leeds are:

Kirkstall Abbey: This award-winning park and religious site has a history dating back to the medieval ages. The ruins are impeccably maintained and give a glimpse into a whole different world further made imposing by its magnificent architecture. 

Harewood House: If you are a lover of aesthetically pleasing castles and manors, this beautiful piece of architecture is a must-visit when in Leeds. This Georgian-style building is among England’s Treasure Houses. 

Thackray Museum of Medicine: If you are amazed by medicine and everything to do with the human body, the Thackray Museum of Medicine is worth a visit. A deep look into the history of medicine beginning from Victorian times to the marvel it has evolved into today. 

Temple Newsam: The sprawling yet cosy gardens and park areas at Temple Newsam are perfect for a day's picnic. Set against a stunning green landscape, it is perfect for an afternoon stroll. 

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