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    Student Accommodation Toronto

    Toronto falls among the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students as evidenced by its rankings. According to a survey by CanadianVisa.org; the city came in 5th place among the best cities to study in the world. The city houses some of the world’s most prestigious universities in the world while also holding the stature of a high graduate employability rate. Some of the top universities in Toronto include - the University of Toronto, York University, Humber College, Toronto Metropolitan University, and Ryerson University. International students find it convenient to locate student accommodation in Toronto. With a wealth of off-campus housing options in store, students can pick from several student residences in Toronto, most of which are conveniently located near the top universities.


    Student housing in Toronto is stacked with features and facilities that are geared towards the student's convenience. Due to a large international student body count, most students get to experience new cultures, cuisines, and more. The city is a cultural melting pot, with over 50 ethnic groups accounting for more than half of its population. Some of the most popular areas with great student apartments in Toronto for international students include Downton, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, and others.

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    Student Accommodation Toronto


    Toronto is home to four large public institutions, which are the main draw for overseas students. With a rising number of international students flocking to the city each year, student accommodation in Toronto is easily accessible and plentiful. UniAcco provides affordable accommodation in Toronto for international students, coupled with a multitude of amenities and services. Most universities provide students with residence halls, also known as on-campus housing. They are, however, more expensive and frequently fill up fast, leaving students with the more accessible and affordable alternative of off-campus Toronto accommodation.

    Private accommodation in Toronto has its own set of advantages, with some of the best and most inexpensive apartments and studios located within walking distance of their institution. Moreover, with off-campus student housing, students get the upper hand when it comes to selecting the room type that best suits their tastes, preferences, and most importantly their budget which makes it a hassle-free process altogether. 

    About Toronto

    Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario and is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Home to different cultures and immigrants from all over the world, it is placed 13th in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2018 for International Students. Many of its universities have been compared to well-known universities in the US and Europe. Owing to the fact that Toronto has numerous outstanding universities, corporations are continuously on the hunt for potential employees from these institutions. It provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with its assortment of natural beauties, incredible colourful buildings, delectable food, lovely greenery, and outstanding entertainment opportunities.

    With easily accessible public transport, students who opt to live in an off-campus student accommodation in Toronto find it easy to commute to university and save on their budget. Students can choose from a variety of commuting options such as bike paths, railways, roads, and more. The nightlife and thriving culinary scene in the city add to its allure with plenty of things to do and places to visit.

    Student Housing In Toronto

    Thanks to its top-ranking universities, there are a variety of apartments for rent in Toronto, Canada for students. Moreover, UniAcco provides a broad range of high-quality housing alternatives for international students, all conveniently located near Toronto's prominent institutions. Student accommodation in Toronto is available in a variety of styles, ranging from elegant homes to low-cost student flats and ensuites. The cost of Toronto’s student housing starts from approximately CAD 587 per month with all utility bills included. 

    UniAcco provides excellent housing in Toronto, Canada conveniently placed near major institutions, while also making it handy for students by offering amenities such as fully-furnished rooms, wardrobes, study desks, on-site laundry, social areas, common lounges, and more. With UniAcco’s ‘Compare’ feature, students can check the features and prices of 4 properties at once and pick the one that best suits their interests. A few popular student housing options in Toronto include Progress Ave Scarborough, Peach Willow Way, Selby Street, Yonge Street, Ruttan Street, and more.


    Best Places to Stay in Toronto

    Toronto provides students with memorable experiences, owing to its vibrant art scene, dynamic nightlife, diversified athletic events, and restaurants, bistros, and cafes serving cuisines from nearly every country. There are several neighbourhoods that provide excellent student accommodation in Toronto. Each student neighbourhood in the city has its own set of benefits. Some are nearer to entertainment, attractions and the city centre, while others provide a peaceful setting surrounded by nature. Here, we look at the top areas to live in Toronto for students -

    • The Annex (Downtown) -  The vibrant community is located near the University of Toronto - St. George Campus and is filled with bookshops, shops, clubs, cafés, and much more. In this neighbourhood, students may visit Lee's Palace, a rock performance venue, the Ontario Museum of Art and Natural History, and several other attractions. Its green lanes and residential setting make it one of Toronto's finest student areas.
    • Dufferin Grove -  Dufferin Grove, one of Toronto's most popular neighbourhoods, provides students with affordable rent. This neighbourhood's unique communal park, which features a live theatre, a music circle, and community events such as summer music festivals, and arts and craft workshops, is a key draw.
    • York University Heights - This is, as the name suggests, a terrific student neighbourhood conveniently located near York University. There are a few convenient public transportation options in the neighbourhood. However, because of the proximity of student accommodation in this area to the university, most students opt to walk to uni.
    • Morningside - This neighbourhood is quite outdoorsy and it has some great student accommodation in Toronto. It's also an excellent choice because of its proximity to Scarborough's university and college campuses. After college, students in Morningside prefer to participate in a variety of outdoor activities available in this area.


    Cost of Living in Toronto

    Toronto, Canada's cultural capital, is a major metropolis that attracts more than 17% of the country's international student population. However, numerous criteria, such as the overall cost of attendance and student accommodation in Toronto, play a role in impacting a student's choice of city. Other aspects such as university tuition, program selection, length of stay, transportation, and other costs also contribute to living expenses. The table below provides the typical monthly expenses of students during their university life in Toronto.


    Cost (monthly)

    Off-Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 1,283

    On-Campus Accommodation

    CAD 1,000


    CAD 148

    Food Cost

    CAD 780

    Utility Cost

    CAD 125


    CAD 67


    CAD 179


    CAD 71

    Health Insurance

    CAD 75

    Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 2,728

    Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation 

    CAD 2,445

    Annual Cost of Living

    CAD 29,340


    Toronto Transportation

    Students must also consider transportation costs because they will have to go to and from university and their student accommodation in Toronto on a daily basis. Because there are several modes of transportation, the overall cost of travel varies depending on the commuter's preference.

    • A one-way local rail ticket can cost up to 3.25 CAD, while a monthly pass costs 156 CAD
    • In addition, an adult ferry ticket costs roughly 8 CAD, while the same ticket costs 4 CAD for children aged 14 and under
    • Students can also purchase monthly or weekly bus passes because most streetcars in Toronto operate 24/7
    • Aside from public transportation, students may purchase their own vehicle as per their convenience


    Toronto Attractions

    The first year of college is the ideal time to experience everything Toronto has to offer because there is always something happening there. In Toronto, there are so many places to visit and many things to do, whether you want to grab a few drinks, tour the city, or meet new people. While weekends may call for a relaxing time at your student accommodation in Toronto, there are plenty of attractions to visit that are recognised worldwide. If you don't know where to start, check out this list of the best tourist sites in Toronto for overseas students:

    Toronto Zoo

    The huge Toronto Zoo, located 40 kilometres northeast of the city centre on the Red River, is home to hundreds of species. The panda exhibit is the most popular, but you may also appreciate the zoo's several sections depicting key global regions, including the Great Barrier Reef, the African Savanna, and the North American section.

    Scarborough Bluffs Park

    Scarborough Bluffs Park is one of the numerous parks located along the rocky cliffs, one of Toronto's key geographical features, and is only 45 minutes by rail from the city. As you explore the paths along the buffs, you may take in the spectacular views of Lake Ontario and the greenery in the meadows.

    Bruce Trail

    This is one of Ontario's finest hiking paths. The Niagara Escarpment's hills and valleys stretch over 900 kilometres to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. There are 9 main sections, so no matter how much time you have in the area, there will be plenty of treks to enjoy.

    Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

    This is one of Canada's top museums, with an international reputation for quality. It has an excellent collection that spans many different eras and places throughout the world.

    CN Tower

    The CN Tower, which stands 553 metres above the downtown centre, is Toronto's most renowned landmark and one of the city's most popular attractions. It was the highest freestanding tower in the world between 1972 and 1976, although it has since been surpassed. The CN Tower can be seen from practically anywhere in Toronto.