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Explore your best University of Manchester accommodation in less time with UniAcco! Students from around the globe come to the University of Manchester due to its top-rated programs. The University of Manchester has an amazing campus and different campus clubs, so you’ll have something to do. University of Manchester accommodation is plentiful and once you know where you want to live, you’ll have no worries finding a shared or private apartment, en-suite room, or student studios flats Manchester and dual occupancy available. If you’re getting ready to have the best University of Manchester residences, UniAcco is here for help!

All our University of Manchester student accommodation options are situated nearer to public transportation, have awesome facilities and a wide variety of student halls. Each area has unique qualities, but all offer great student accommodation options nearer to the University of Manchester. With UniAcco you can find, compare, and book the ideal spot for your University of Manchester International student apartments.

Why choose UniAcco For University of Manchester Student Accommodation

1. At UniAcco, we have a great choice of student rooms in Manchester putting you at the centre of all this top student city has to offer. With excellent transport links available, University of Manchester is within easy reach of our accommodation.

2. Our well-equipped private student accommodations Manchester are ideal for studying as well as relaxing, offering a comfy bed, plenty of study and storage space and private student studios, en-suite rooms, twin studios and more. By choosing to book with us, you’re guaranteed to find a welcoming, friendly team, great facilities..Take a look below at our affordable student flats close to the University of Manchester.

3. UniAcco is 100% free. We don’t charge students when they’re searching for accommodation. That’s why you don't need to pay fees or any other charges on your student house booking with us.

4. UniAcco offers a personalized experience for every student. Our student accommodation Manchester advisors are there for assistance throughout the year. From the time when you book your Manchester student room, until the time you move out, we will be there to support you with whatever you need. 

5. As an international student, you must be busy with many activities. So UniAcco made your student housing search easy. With UniAcco's online booking platform, you get quick easy service which saves your time. You can easily compare your Manchester student flat, book, and confirm. If you need any help deciding where to stay or have any doubts along the way? Our advisors are there to you with any questions related to University of Manchester student apartments.


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Found 53 places to stay

Found 53 places to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ⭐ Can I get accommodation close to the University of Manchester?

    Yes. On UniAcco, there are plenty of student accommodation available near the University of Manchester.

  • ⭐ How do I find accommodation near the University of Manchester?

    You will find plenty of student accommodations near the University of Manchester on UniAcco. Options include studios, ensuites, flats and more. Compare options on our platform based on 80+ parameters and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • ⭐ Is it compulsory to stay in University of Manchester hostels?

    No. It is not compulsory to stay in a hostel. You can choose off-campus accommodation of your choice and convenience. UniAcco covered all student housing places close to the University of Oxford

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University of Manchester Accommodation

Manchester is a lively city with lots of sights and marvels with a distinct Victorian historical elegance that you will enjoy visiting. With various events, fairs, and eateries promoting multi-culture, Manchester urges its citizens to appreciate diversity and a variety of cultures. Furthermore, Manchester is home to the famed University of Manchester, which is a member of the distinguished Russell group of institutions, whose high-quality teaching and research facilities are renowned worldwide. Here are some reasons why you should study at the University of Manchester if you want to experience true personally and professionally progress during your stay in the UK

About Manchester University

The University of Manchester is one of the best universities in the world, with a strong research reputation. It has constantly been ranked as one of the best institutions in the UK. The University of Manchester is the UK's largest single-site university, with a diverse range of eateries, study areas, and technological resources to help you succeed while you study. The typical computer labs and libraries are conveniently positioned throughout campus to aid your studies. 

The University provides a diverse selection of programs, which reflects the faculty's size. The institution offers courses in everything from computer science to biochemistry, as well as law and linguistics. According to the 2016 Qs World university Rankings, the University of Manchester is one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom and among the top 100 universities across the world.

Location and Transport

If convenience matters to you, then University of Manchester Accommodation within walking distance from the university, with easy access to transport links, and located near the city center, is what you’re ideally looking for. The good news is that there are plenty of them. UniAcco lists some of the most popular Student Accommodation in Manchester Uni that are affordable and located close to the university.

Walking: Walking is an effective and environmentally friendly way to get around the campus of the University of Manchester and your student accommodation!

Cycling: There are spanking new bicycle pathways all across Manchester, including one that runs from Didsbury to Main Campus, passing via Withington, Fallowfield, and Rusholme. There are many areas on campus where you may park your bicycle, including stands and shelters. The lack of hills also contributes to a pleasant cycling experience, therefore it's reasonable to conclude that Manchester is a bike-friendly city!

Buses: The 'Wilmslow Road bus corridor' is a fantastic connection linking halls and campus. It's commonly referred to as Europe's busiest road, and you'll never have to wait too long for a bus. Between Didsbury and the City Centre, this corridor passes via Withington, Fallowfield, Rusholme, and the Main University Campus.

Best Student Accommodation at University of Manchester

When it comes to off-campus housing, Manchester metropolitan University accommodation boasts a plethora of student-friendly alternatives that you'll inevitably end up in, as is the case for the population of international students. There are dozens of locations to live in and around the city, and the percentage of students choosing private housing is on the rise. Private accommodations are suggested if you have caring obligations, work commitments, or are seeking for methods to save money. If accessibility is important to you, search for accommodations that are within walking distance of the university, have easy access to public transportation, and are close to the city centre. The good thing is that there are a lot of them available. UniAcco has compiled a list of some of the most common University of Manchester Accommodation options that are both affordable and convenient to the university.

When seeking for University of Manchester accommodation, you have two options: on-campus housing supplied by the University of Manchester or off-campus housing. As a first-year foreign student in Manchester, you'll have the opportunity to live and study alongside British students in a safe and accepting atmosphere. The majority of on-campus housing is within walking distance of the main University buildings, and all of it is within two miles of the campus.

On the UniAcco website, you may also discover several of the most economical University of Manchester accommodation in the aforementioned places. Students can choose from a variety of room styles and facilities at these establishments. UniAcco's student residences offer fully equipped en-suite dormitories and studio accommodations to students. There are also other services available to guests, including social gatherings, house insurance, bike parking, a lounge, vending machines, a garden, and more. On-site staff is available to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students also have access to all-inclusive utility bills as well as 24-hour surveillance.

Some of the University of Manchester accommodation include: 

Provides classic en-suite rooms, private en-suite rooms, one bedroom flats, and two bedroom flats. All rooms are fully furnished with a desk chair, curtains, a wardrobe, under the bed storage, a fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar, a fridge/freezer, a microwave, and a sofa.

Rusholme is home to Kerria Apartments. There are one and two-bedroom apartments available at this University of Manchester accommodation. This hotel has completely furnished rooms as well as all-inclusive bills and Wi-Fi. It is close to both Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Manchester.

The nearest railroad station is Ardwick. The closest bus station of this University of Manchester accommodation is on Daisy Bank Road. A variety of eateries, cafes, clubs, and taverns are all within easy reach. To guarantee that your accommodation is safe and protected, there is indeed a 24-hour staff attendance and 24-hour surveillance with CCTV cameras.

This student housing complex has flats with 2, 3, 4, and 5 beds. Regardless of which option you select, you can anticipate a Wi-Fi access, a study desk, and the double bed. On-site personnel is open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Life At University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester's welcoming campus has everything you need to get the most out of your academics and your free time. Around 40,000 students from 160 countries attend, forming a mini-metropolis where a diverse community gathers to learn and unwind. The University's campus is well-equipped and located in the middle of one of the top student cities in the UK.

The campus's classic Victorian structures are complemented with modern lecture halls, labs, workshops, computer laboratories, and a variety of learning resources. The University's major concentration is along the busy Oxford Road, and they're investing millions of pounds to make it a better place for the entire Manchester community. Furthermore, travelling around campus is simple; everything is within walkable distance or is accessible through a regular bus network nearby University of Manchester student accommodation.

There are various cultural venues on campus that are open to both students and the general public. Among them are the following:

  • Manchester Museum: Bringing ancient worlds to life and hosting an ever-changing exhibition schedule.
  • The John Rylands Research Institute and Library has one of the best collections of rare books and manuscripts in the world.
  • The Whitworth: Located near Whitworth Park, the Whitworth is one of the city's main art spaces.
  • Music, theatre, and other arts are performed in the Martin Harris Center For Music and Drama.
  • The Jodrell Bank Discovery Center is a fun and engaging astronomy and space physics exhibition and activity centre.
  • The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre is an open-access library that focuses on race, ethnicity, and migration studies.

Nearby Places

There have been plenty of activities to do in Manchester, whether you're looking for entertainment, partying, heritage, or just plain fun. Beautiful renaissance can be found at the Manchester Cathedral, great arts can be found at the Manchester Art Museum and The Whitworth, and history can be discovered in the Manchester Museum. Here are some of the greatest things to do around Manchester University and your own Manchester Uni student accommodation:

Manchester United: This is among the most famous football leagues in the competition, which makes the Old Trafford stadium even more significant. The 'Theatre of Dreams' is another name for the stadium.

Manchester Art Gallery: Amongst the most magnificent art museums in the world, Manchester Art Gallery is a publicly owned art gallery on Mosley Street with over 25,000 objects on display. Even if you have no prior understanding of art, this gallery provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Manchester Town Hall: Manchester Town Hall is a Victorian Gothic edifice that serves as Manchester's municipal building. It was built in 1877. The structure is made up of offices and rooms that beautifully portray the city's history.