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    Student Accommodation in Cork 2024/25:

    Finding suitable student houses in Cork might be time-consuming, but it is not insurmountable. Many world-renowned universities, including Cork Institute of Technology, University College Cork, Cork College of Commerce, and student houses with student properties. You can discover top-notch accommodation in Cork near these universities. A student gets to choose between off-campus and on-campus accommodation. Most students choose off-campus student accommodation because it seems more convenient when it comes to flexibility. Acommodation with properties that suit you as per your preferences and the same goes for the room types. UniAcco provides some of the finest private houses in Cork.

    About Cork:

    Cork is Ireland's capital and second-largest city, and it is one of the world's oldest cities, with a nearly two-millennia-long history. Cork is a magnificent metropolitan area positioned between two channels of the River Lee. It was founded after the country's early medieval history. The city has a large economic sector and a lot of importance in Ireland because it is the epicenter of the country's commercial, transportation, and cultural trade. Moreover, the city is home to a considerable number of international students. This is why finding accommodation in Cork is quite simple. 

    The city has a well-deserved reputation among international students when it comes to student life in Cork city. The town is great for all ages to explore and visit, with several dynamic and colorful venues for the population. Those who enjoy spending time near tranquil water bodies should pay a visit to the popular Holland Park (Marina Park), which boasts a breathtaking natural beauty that will appeal to all Instagram netizens.

    Cork attracts over 80,000 international students each year, making it one of Ireland's most popular international education locations. Cork is home to a vast number of advanced institutions, including Cork Institute of Technology, Cork College of Commerce, University College Cork, and Cork School of Music, which specialize in everything from science to engineering to the arts, fashion to psychology.


    Best Student Properties in Cork:

    Have a look at some of the budget-friendly accommodations we offer: South Main Street, Annmount, Tower Street, Friars Walk Mews, Friars Walk, Langford Row, Anglesea Street, Roxboro Road, Mount Prospect, and Sandymount.

    • South Main Street - Price starting from €1026 per week.
    • Annmount - Price starting from €126 per week
    • Tower Street - Price starting from €154 per week
    • Friars Walk Mews - Price starting from €120 per week
    • Friars Walk - Price starting from €148 per week
    • Langford Row - Price starting from €120 per week
    • Anglesea Street - Price starting from €133 per week
    • Roxboro Road - Price starting from €120 per week
    • Mount Prospect - Price starting from €120 per week
    • Sandymount - Price starting from €120 per week


    Cost Of Living In Cork:

    The below-given cost of living in Cork is as per the University College Cork, Ireland. Let us understand the various expenses that one might come across while studying in Cork, Ireland. 

    Expense Monthly Cost (GBP)
    Off-Campus Accommodation 1,275
    On-Campus Accommodation 650
    Food 540
    Transportation 90
    Groceries 200
    Clothes 90
    Entertainment 48


    Cork Transportation:

    We've compiled a list of Cork's major public transportation systems, along with their average fares, to assist you. Students should be aware that these fares may fluctuate depending on the time of day. Student accommodation with these properties

    Bus: Cork's bus network operates 24 hours a day, with over 100 buses throughout the city. Students can catch buses to all of Ireland's national highways from the main bus terminal at Parnell Place near the city center. Hundreds of local bus stops may be found around the city, catering to both local and national travelers. In Cork, the average bus fare is EUR 1-1.20 per day. You can also purchase a 'Leap Visitor Card' bus pass, which significantly decreases local transportation costs.

    Irish Ferries: Cork Port ferries, which allow locals to get into and out of the city through the Cross River Ferry, are also available in the city.

    Cycling: You can also use cycling to explore the city's local areas. Cork's special cycling spots, such as the famous Tramore Valley Park, can be visited.

    Cork Attractions:

    One of the most important things Cork is famous for is its food, Cork's eateries, which provide a vast variety of cuisines and drinks from practically every part of the world, might also leave you in amazement while browsing local shops and city malls. If you're looking for a satisfying dining experience at a reasonable price, Goldie Dine-In and Takeout and Orso Kitchen & Bar Restaurant are two of Cork's most popular restaurants and takeout spots. Let’s see some of the most popular attractions in Cork.

    The English Market:

    This unusual roofed food market, which has been running since 1788 and features an eye-catching fountain in the centre, is located in the heart of Cork City. It is one of the world's oldest municipal markets, and it is owned by Cork City Council. Freshly caught seafood, artisan bread, and fruit are just a few of the specialties on offer.

    St. Patrick’s Street:

    St. Patrick's Street, which was envisioned in the early 18th century by wealthy merchants who were likely eager to part their fellow citizens from their money, has been Cork's primary retail area ever since. This long, curving boulevard, called locally "Pana," is a short walk from The English Market and is recognised as one of Ireland's top shopping areas. Brown Thomas, a high-end department store, is one of the most popular.

    St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral:

    The Anglican St. Fin Barre's Cathedral is a comfortable 11-minute stroll from St. Patrick's Street (Ardeaglais Naomh Fionnbarra). Architect William Burges' design ideas for a cathedral with a budget of £15,000 were chosen among dozens of bids in 1862. The overall cost of construction exceeded £100,000 by the time it was completed, but the results were clearly worth it.

    Fitzgerald Park and Cork Public Museum:

    Fitzgerald Park is a quiet oasis on the outskirts of Cork city, named after Edward Fitzgerald, the city's Lord Mayor who staged Cork's International Exhibition in 1902. The original pavilion and beautiful fountain from the era are still present.

    Visitors will find a café, sculptures, a skate park, and a water-lily pond in the grounds. The picturesque Daly's Bridge, often known as the "Shaky Bridge," joins Sundays Well Road and was erected in 1926.

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