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University of Aberdeen Accommodation

Student Accommodation University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland's safest college town, is a pleasant city with a range of quality student housing in Aberdeen. So, if you are a university student seeking Aberdeen University accommodation or private student flats in Aberdeen, don't worry. Aberdeen student accommodation caters to students' living needs, ranging from budget-friendly University of Aberdeen halls to dormitories to low-cost private housing choices.

Aberdeen University accommodation, often known as on-campus student housing, are buildings with apartments and rooms located on the university campus where students can rent and remain for the duration of their term. Because of its proximity to the university campus, Aberdeen University student accommodation residences are typically fully occupied within a short period of time.

About University of Aberdeen

The Institution of Aberdeen, founded in 1495, is a public research university in the port town of Aberdeen, Scotland. The University was formed when Scottish bishop and political leader Elphinstone, Chancellor of Scotland, persuaded Pope Alexander VI to establish King's College on behalf of James IV, King of Scots, the world's third oldest university in Scotland and the fifth oldest in the United Kingdom. Later, in 1860, the University of Aberdeen was established as a consequence of the amalgamation of Marischal College and King's College. The University of Aberdeen serves over 15,000 students from over 120 countries and provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of topics, the most well-known of which being Engineering and Science. Students who plan on studying at the university have many options to choose from at the Aberdeen University accommodation options off-campus, as well as, off-campus.

Location and Transport

The University of Aberdeen comprises two campuses: the Old Aberdeen Campus and the Foresterhill Campus. The University of Aberdeen- Old Aberdeen campus, popularly known as the King's College campus, is located about 12 minutes drive from the city centre at 69 University Road. Below are some means of transport to get around the city from your Aberdeen uni accommodation.

  • Train - 

Aberdeen is well-served by trains from all over England, Wales, and Scotland. Local rail services, routes, and ticket purchases may be found on ScotRail and London North Eastern Railway.

  • Bus - 

If you prefer to travel by bus and are in the UK, there are regular coach links to Aberdeen from a variety of places. Travelling by bus often takes longer, but it may save you cash when compared to train costs or rental vehicle pricing. Coach connections and pricing are available via National Express.

Best Student Accommodation at University of Aberdeen

You can find many stay options at the Aberdeen University accommodation. The campuses and city centre are all within walking distance of these university residences. However, because these student halls are limited in number, most students choose private Aberdeen University accommodation or homestays nearby. You have the option of staying in one of the numerous student residences located within walking distance of the campus. All of the lodgings provide a high level of security, comfort, and value for money. They are self-catering University of Aberdeen accommodation with a properly equipped kitchen at your disposal. UniAcco will assist you in finding the best ones that will fulfil all your needs. 

Let’s see some of the Aberdeen University accommodation listed below!

  • Pittodrie Street - Pittodrie Street student accommodation Aberdeen proffers en-suite and studio rooms. The en-suite has up to 8 beds and the studios offer dual occupancy at no extra cost. A bed, a Wi-Fi connection, a laundry room and 24/7 staff is provided to reduce the everyday hassles of students.


  • Mealmarket Exchange - Mealmarket Exchange Aberdeen University accommodation proffers up to 6-bed en-suite and studio rooms, the studios can host dual occupancy at no extra cost. A laundry room, a Wi-Fi connection, a bed and 24/7 on-site staff.


  • Caledon Court - Caledon Court, Aberdeen offers you fabulous student accommodation in this notable location. This is the nearest you could get to Robert Gordon University. It provides you with facilities and amenities like a Small Double Bed, En-suite Shower room, Full-length mirrors, 


  • Powis Place - Powis Place Aberdeen University accommodation proffers en-suite rooms, studios and 2-bedroom apartments. This property offers fully furnished rooms, as well as Wi-Fi, is provided.

Life At University of Aberdeen

Aside from culture, academics, history, and tradition, the student experience at the University of Aberdeen offers a variety of recreational alternatives, including student-friendly bars, a diverse selection of museums and galleries, sports, and theatres. The University of Aberdeen delivers government facilities and learning tools to its students. The Sir Duncan Rice Library, which has over a million volumes and online resources, is one of the greatest and biggest on-campus library services in the United Kingdom. The campus also has individual and group study areas, as well as assistive technology booths. Students can also visit the Aberdeen Aquatics Centre and Sports Village.

Nearby Places

1. St. Machar's Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of St. Machar, also known as St. Machar's Cathedral, is said to be built on the site of a minor Celtic church built by St. Machar in AD 581. The subsequent cathedral was founded in 1136, but the current structure comes from the 14th century and was finished in 1552.

2. The University and King's College of Aberdeen

King James IV granted the University and King's College of Aberdeen their charter in 1494 in what is today known as Old Aberdeen. The college's massive tower (1633) and a beautiful stone dome, the only intact building of its sort in Scotland and renowned for the stone model of Charlemagne's imperial crown that rests above it, are distinguishing characteristics. The chapel's original 16th-century oak choir seats and wooden ceilings have been maintained, as have images of the Stuart rulers carved in wood.

3. Cross Brig O’Balgownie, Scotland's Oldest Bridge

Aberdeen is also known as the home to the Brig O'Balgownie, one of Scotland's most famous romantic landmarks. This magnificent stone bridge, sometimes known as the Bridge of Don, is accessible through a short stroll through Seaton Park. Built under Robert Bruce's instructions around 1320 and renovated in 1607, it functioned as the principal crossing point for the River Don. Lord Byron, who briefly attended school in Aberdeen, alluded to the single-span bridge favourably in his satirical poem, Don Juan.

4. Tolbooth Museum, Aberdeen's Most Haunted Building

Evidence of Aberdeen's original mediaeval town may still be found around Castlegate, which is still the city's centre point centuries later. While there is no longer a castle here, the tower of the 17th-century Tolbooth, which was previously the town hall and jail, is Aberdeen's oldest building and now houses a museum with intriguing exhibits on the evolution of crime and punishment.

5. See the Mercat Cross

The Mercat Cross is located in Castlegate, opposite corners of the Tolbooth Museum, and is ornamented with a white unicorn. The city's merchant guild created this magnificent and richly adorned mediaeval sign of Aberdeen's privilege to host a market in 1686. A stairway in the structure's centre was used to broadcast news of freshly crowned monarchs to assembled people from its roof. Portrait medallions depict the heads of the ten Stuart rulers, from James I to James VII, as well as Charles I, Charles II, and Mary Stuart.

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