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    Student Accommodation Munich

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    Student Accommodation Munich

    Student accommodation in Munich is not easy to find when you have such a high number of students going abroad every year. Students are now booking housing months prior to their arrival hence it has become very important to find and book your ideal accommodation as soon as possible. UniAcco offers different types of student residences in Munich that come at affordable prices and high-quality living spaces. There are excellent neighbourhoods in the city where you can choose from and get the full experience of life in Munich. In total there are over 50,000 students living in this German city. 

    Near or in the city of Munich, there are about 20 universities. Two of them, the Technische Universität München (TUM) and Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), are considered to be among the "elite" German universities. UniAcco helps you find inexpensive and fully furnished student accommodation in Munich near these universities.  Additionally, Munich is home to a number of notable research institutions (e.g. several Max Planck and Fraunhofer institutions). It is a rapidly growing area, and as a major worldwide city, it has a strong power in the economy, technology, and education. 


    About Munich

    Munich is the largest city in Germany and the federal state of Bavaria's capital on a 119.86 square mile area (310.43 km2). Its population places it as Germany's third-largest city. The Munich metropolitan area is home to approximately 6 million people. Suppose the idea of residing and attending university in a cutting-edge hub of high-tech technology appeals to you. In that case, Munich might be the ideal location for your next academic endeavour. There are significant worldwide corporations with headquarters in the city and they work with Munich's universities.

    Apart from the extensive opportunities that the city provides, there are different things that one can do while staying in their student accommodation in Munich. It's possible that when most people think of Munich, Oktoberfest is what comes first to their mind. The largest folk festival in the world is just one of Munich's many attractions. Additionally, it is home to the Deutsches Museum, the world's largest science and technology museum. It features more than 28,000 scientific and technological artefacts. The football team FC Bayern München, which you can support in the Allianz Arena, is another popular attraction in Munich. All these things and attractions make Munich a stand-out option when compared to other international study destinations. 


    Student Housing Munich

    Student accommodations in Munich are filled with top facilities that are built keeping in mind the needs of students. The spaces are fully furnished with the best quality amenities such as a double bed, kitchenette, lounge space, common area, and even free high-speed wifi. Every UniAcco-hosted property comes with 24-hour staff support that caters for students at all times. 

    UniAcco helps you find student accommodation in Munich based on multiple parameters where you can compare and choose properties based on factors like room types, facilities, and your budget. On average, Munich accommodation comes in a range of €700 to €800.


    Best Places to Stay in Munich

    Munich has some of the best student housing present in popular neighbourhoods that are also close to top universities. Students get a chance to live in vibrant and diversified surroundings that contribute to their international journey & enhance their experience immensely. To help you further with some of the top neighbourhoods and more details about cheap accommodation in Munich for students, we have listed the same below.


    The westernmost part of central Munich is home to Westend; also referred to as Schwanthalerhöhe. It is one of the city's most densely populated neighbourhoods, with about 30,000 people living in a region slightly smaller than one square mile. One can find good student accommodation in Munich, Westend. The neighbourhood, which was formerly an industrial area, has developed over the past ten years into one of Munich's most prestigious residential areas, feeling more like a small town in and of itself. 

    Westend is not far from Theresienwiese Open Space. The annual Oktoberfest is held here every year in late September and early October, making it famous.


    Munich's creative district, Schwabing, has long been regarded as the city's bohemian heart. It is regarded as a social and creative hub thanks to this cultural mindset, luring liberals and artists who move into the neighbourhood. Some of the top student accommodations in Munich, Schwabing is incredibly well-liked by both residents and tourists. Schwabing is home to several of the city's more well-known attractions in addition to having an artistic and bohemian vibe. Among these are the picturesque Englischer Garten and the Schwabinger Bucht observation tower.


    The district of Glockenbachviertel, which is southeast of the old city, has grown to be one of the most well-known to visitors from outside Munich. Glockenbachviertel, with its many coloured buildings, is one of Munich's most visually appealing neighbourhoods and was formerly the home of the city's Jewish community and millworkers. Today there are many student hostels in Munich located in this area. 

    Because it was the LGBT community's hub for much of the 1980s, Glockenbachviertel has a reputation for being a liberal area. Although this is still there, the trendy area has undergone gentrification and has evolved into one of the wealthier areas of the Bavarian capital.


    Bogenhausen occupies a sizable portion of the northwest of the city, extending from the centre of the city to the lush, almost suburban countryside. It is one of Munich's most prestigious and largest neighbourhoods holding various student accommodations in Munich. Particularly in the Arabellapark area, Bogenhausen is regarded as one of the best places to live.

    Bogenhausen has a real sense of contemporary beauty, with its winding streets, suburban atmosphere, and stunning modern structures. Famous landmarks in Munich like the Villa Stuck Museum and the Angel of Peace Monument coexist with local eateries, shops, and independent companies.


    Cost of Living in Munich

    The cost of living in Munich is as expensive as it can get but with proper financial budgeting, students can move here and live an affordable yet lavish life. Accommodation is the largest sum of capital a student spends while studying abroad; through UniAcco choosing fully furnished flats with utility bills included in the rent; students can save much! We have also done extensive research and listed all the essential costs that come along with studying in Munich. 



    Off-Campus Accommodation 

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    Munich Transportation

    The U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram, and bus are Munich's four public transportation pillars. The Munich Transportation Corporation (MVG), in close collaboration with the Munich Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, manages the highly developed and very effective urban transportation system in Munich (MVV). All the private student dorms in Munich are connected through transportation links. 

    In and around the Bavarian capital, the following modes of transportation will help you find your way!

    S-Bahn: 8 lines traverse the city. When commuting in the city centre with several trains, the core route ("Stammstrecke") provides excellent flexibility. S-Bahn lines S1 and S8 provide a connection from Munich Airport to the city centre. Stations are identified by a large "S" on a green background.

    U-Bahn: You may travel to roughly 100 stations within and outside of Munich using the city's subway system. The eight U-Bahn lines in Munich are connected to the S-Bahn by a rail network. Stations are identified by a large "U" against a blue background.

    Bus: The metropolitan region surrounding Munich has scheduled bus services. At night, specialised night lines run (marked with an "N" in front of the line number) 

    Tram: Thirteen tram lines extend over an 80-kilometre network of routes. The bus system of the MVG, the Munich U-Bahn, and the Munich S-Bahn are all connected to the Munich tram network. At night, specialised night lines run (marked with an "N" in front of the line number).


    Munich Attraction

    Munich is a city filled with diverse cultures and things to do and explore. Students will have the time of their lives while studying & living in their student dorms in Munich. We have made the search easier for you by listing some of the best & exciting attractions in Munich. Check them out!


    The Viktualienmarkt, a bustling daily market in Old Town that sells fresh vegetables and flowers as well as cheese, meat, spices, and an abundance of souvenirs, is one of Munich's most gorgeous and well-known sites. Students who enjoy cooking and would love some fresh material for their daily cooking can shop from this market. The majority of Segway and walking excursions will stop at this unique market; however, you can also pamper your taste buds with a special food tour!

    You'll have the opportunity to sample weisswurst (white sausage), brezenknödel (pretzel dumpling), the delectable schmalznudel pastry, and, of course, a traditional Bavarian beer with many stops in and around the market.

    Bike Tours

    While walking tours are popular, it's safe to say that riding a bike is the best way to see Munich because it allows you to travel farther, see more, and burn some calories in the process. Riders are shown all of the city's major sights, including the Marienplatz, the Viktualienmarkt, and Karlsplatz, as they pedal alongside the Isar River under the guidance of amiable locals. There are numerous opportunities to pause for a cold beverage or pretzel at some of Munich's fantastic beer gardens.

    Nymphenburg Palace

    The largest (and possibly most stunning) of the Bavarian Royal Palaces and Gardens, Nymphenburg Palace is a well-liked destination on many travellers' itineraries through Munich.

    The Baroque-style palace, which was completed in 1675, is now home to some of Bavaria's finest works of art and is renowned for its exceptional Rococo frescoes and opulent furnishings. Outside, you can explore some of Europe's most beautiful gardens, which are almost on par with France's Palace of Versailles.


    A must-see site in Munich is this stunning sports complex, which was constructed for the 1972 Olympic Games. The park included numerous green areas, an Olympic swimming pool, ice rink, and minigolf course in addition to well-known tourist destinations like BMW World (a museum devoted to Bavarian Motor Works), the Olympiaalm beer garden, the 291-meter-tall Olympic Tower with an observation deck, and a zipline course.