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Cambridge is a town, but it seems as warm and welcoming as any of the country's tiniest towns. Getting around is simple (particularly if you have a bike), and if you're new in town and want to know the best spots to visit, locals are generally eager to help. Cambridge is one of the most popular destinations in the world to work and study. Every year, hundreds of students from all over the globe go to this wonderful university town to start a new chapter in their lives. You should expect to meet a wide range of unique and fascinating people from a variety of cultures. Studying in this city will provide you with amazing student accommodation in Cambridge along with a fantastic social life. 

The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford and Trinity College are 3 of the top universities in Cambridge. Finding student rooms in Cambridge, located within the vicinity of these universities is a simple and hassle-free process. Cambridge is also a host to some of the strangest and most wonderful museums in the world. There is a variety of student housing in Cambridge for students to choose from, which are located close to the well-known attractions.

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Best Student Accommodation In Cambridge

Cambridge Student Accommodation

It may appear that finding acceptable student accommodation in Cambridge is a difficult task, but it is not. The majority of Cambridge student housing is located near prestigious universities such as Cambridge University, Westminister College, and others. Cambridge has it all, whether you're looking for upmarket premium housing or studio apartments. You have the option of staying in university halls of residence or in private student accommodations in Cambridge

While on-campus housing may seem to be more convenient due to its closeness to the institution, off-campus housing is less expensive and more student-friendly, since you have the freedom to choose your room type and the facilities and services supplied. UniAcco has some of the best student flats in Cambridge, with the bulk of them being within walking distance of the institutions and offering excellent facilities.

About Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the United Kingdom, dripping culture and legacy at every bend. Its 31 colleges dominate the landscape, and their sprawling verdant gardens, known as 'Backs,' have spread throughout the city. With numerous interesting museums and many fairs and cultural events, the scholarly vibe of this centuries-old hub of research is heightened by masses of students making their way to class or lazing on the beaches of the River Cam, books in hand. Several international students flock their studies in order to pursue their higher education and as a result, look for suitable student accommodation in Cambridge. Cambridge University, for instance, has over 19,000 students, with more than 35% of them studying at the graduate level.

Student Housing In Cambridge

Most of the student accommodation in Cambridge comes with a fully equipped kitchen, smart TV, bed, and en suite bathroom, so you never have to share or conceal your food. There are several experiences you can create when roaming around the universities, punting on the watercourse, or having a wonderful Cambridge night out. Cambridge is more famous for its beauty and grandeur than for its job chances. It does, however, have a fantastic selection of places to shop, ranging from search centres to freelancing stores and colourful high streets.

With so many options available, picking where to stay in Cambridge might be difficult. Students' most tough decision is whether to live on or off-campus. The disadvantage of on-campus living is that it may be costly, and room availability might be an issue. Nonetheless, they are close to campus. Off-campus housing, on the other hand, is less expensive and offers more services and amenities to students than on-campus living. Furthermore, students in Cambridge may find off-campus living alternatives that are within walking distance of the institutions. UniAcco provides some of the most popular and affordable student accommodation in Cambridge. Furthermore, these student residences are close to the city centre as well as well-known landmarks and attractions.

Best Properties for Students to Stay In Cambridge

Student Houses to rent in Cambridge

Cambridge is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind city to live in; there are few places in the UK that can compete. Living in Cambridge, like many other locations, is extremely different from merely visiting, and becoming a resident allows you to properly discover what it's like as a city. When looking for student accommodation in Cambridge, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of residential locations to examine, not knowing which would best fit your lifestyle. The greatest areas to reside in Cambridge, however, include De Freville Avenue, Chesterton, Trumpington Road, and others.

  • Castle Street: This student accommodation in Cambridge is a fresh new home in Castle Park, Cambridge. It provides the best student living experience in town. Collegiate in Cambridge offers a broad choice of studios with great features, including en-suite bathrooms and fantastic communal areas.
  • The Cam Foundry: The Cam Foundry Cambridge student housing offers en-suite and studio rooms. Whatever you choose, you can count on a Wi-Fi connection and a spacious bed. Some of the nearby universities are the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University. All-inclusive utility costs, friendly house cats, social activities, bike storage, a patio, a movie room, and on-site laundry are all supplied.
  • Student Castle Cambridge: At this private student accommodation in Cambridge, you can expect a wide range of ultra-modern studios which offer facilities and amenities, some of which include a fridge, a TV, a microwave, free wifi, and more. It is located within the vicinity of Jesus College, and Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts.


Cost of Living In Cambridge for Students

Cambridge is a major city in the United Kingdom. It is also recognised for its culture, customs, and career prospects, and it invites ex-pats and students for jobs and education. However, according to Costoffling, the approximate cost of living in the city would be around $1305 for students and $1563 for bachelor’s.

  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   728
  On-Campus Accommodation   620
  Food (60 meals)     406
  Utilities  137
  Clothes  70
  Groceries  68
  Entertainment  55
  Transportation  54


Cambridge Transportation

Stagecoach provides a network of regular and dependable buses that provide excellent access to all or any parts of Cambridge. A Cambridge PlusBus ticket entitles you to unlimited bus travel on any Stagecoach and Whippet bus routes (including busway services) throughout Cambridge city.

Bus: A single bus ticket between Cambridge City Centre, Cambridge Train Station, and the Biomedical Campus is offered.

Train: A single-day train ticket from London to Cambridge costs roughly £24.00.

Traveling in and around Cambridge is a breeze if you figure your way around. Regardless of whether you opt to commute by walking, cycling or via public transport, moving to and from the town square is very convenient. You will also notice that majority of the student accommodation in Cambridge is located in the prime areas of the city with easy access to both public transport, as well as the top attractions. 

Cambridge Attractions

Not only is the city of Cambridge famous for its prestigious universities, but it also hosts a wide variety of attractions that are student-friendly and worth a visit during your leisure hours. You can discover the architectural splendor of the city through its magnificent historic buildings spread throughout. Making a visit to the 31 colleges owned by Cambridge university in itself will take up quite a bit of your time but it’s all worth a visit.

King’s College Chapel

The King’s College Chapel is one of the top attractions most students visit for a serene escape from the bustling city. Known for its 12-bay perpendicular styled interiors, and beautifully decorated walls and windows, do not miss out on your chance for tranquil escapades to this chapel.

Queen’s College And The Mathematical Bridge

Amongst all of Cambridge's colleges, Queen’s College has the most medieval buildings that have a gateway leading to the red brick First Court, that dates back to the period of foundation. The wooden Mathematical Bridge is one of Queens College's attractions. This 1902 restoration crosses over the Cam to the picturesque college gardens and was so named because the bridge was built without nails, relying on rigorous calculation for strength.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

A visit to Cambridge University Botanic Garden, which spans 40 acres, is should top your list of things to do if you’ve got a green thumb. The garden, which was founded in 1831, houses an extraordinary collection of over 8,000 plant varieties from throughout the world.

Great St. Mary’s Church

Known to be both, a parish as well as an important aspect of the university church, Great St. Mary’s is a must-visit. Established in the 15th century, this place has attracted massive congregations for hosting university sermons that were conducted by renowned scholars. The main tower provides a beautiful view of the city. 

The Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is regarded as the most famous museum in Cambridge. This architectural marvel houses an impressive collection of English ceramics and china, as well as Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities and illuminated manuscripts. The gallery features works by popular artists, impressionists, and Dutch Masters.

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