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Unite Students is one of the top student housing providers in the UK, with locations in 25+ cities. With over 60 university partners and 30 years of experience. Every year, Unite Students Accommodation has successfully provided a home for thousands of students. Students living at Unite Students will find feature-rich housing that will enhance their stay in the city. This blog will give you everything you need to know about Unite Students accommodation and their locations in various cities.

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There are numerous reasons to enjoy being a student in Birmingham, with thousands of young minds forming a friendly, sociable community. The University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham Metropolitan, University College Birmingham, and South & City College Birmingham are among the reputable higher education institutions in the city. Unite Student housing provides excellent accommodation throughout the city to ensure comfort and the best university experience possible. They have 11 properties available in Birmingham, here are some of the popular properties listed:

1. Staniforth House

Staniforth House

2. Harriet Martineau

Harriet Martineau

3. Mary Sturge

Mary Sturge

4. Lakeside


Aston University and Birmingham Metropolitan students can live in stylish student halls, north of the city centre. In this area, they have seven student halls, including Staniforth House, Harriet Martineau, Mary Sturge, and Lakeside. Each is an excellent choice for experiencing Birmingham’s vibrant nightlife and buzzing shopping spots. You’ll be within walking distance of popular bars like The Botanist and The Alchemist, as well as the Bullring and Grand Central, two shopping malls brimming with independent stores.


Coventry is a historic city with a thriving student population. It has a lot more to offer its student population, including restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, a shopping centre called West Orchards, and a triumphant music scene. Coventry University, City College Coventry, and Henley College Coventry are among the city’s prestigious higher education institutions. Unite Student accommodation in Coventry is centrally located, allowing students to enjoy the city’s amenities and nightlife while only a short walk from morning lectures. They have 2 properties available in Coventry:

1. Queens Park House

Queens Park House

Queen’s Park House is near Coventry University and Coventry Station, the city’s main train station. This makes it simple to visit friends and family during the holidays.

2. Raglan House

Raglan House

Coventry University is only a few minutes away from Raglan House. Students living here have access to a modern city centre as well as the university’s excellent facilities.


Edinburgh is a beautiful, historic city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to world-class galleries and museums, as well as the Edinburgh International Festival and The Fringe. The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, and Edinburgh Napier University are all located in the nation’s capital. Unite Students has a diverse selection of outstanding student housing in Edinburgh, located throughout the city. They have 7 properties available in Edinburgh, here are some of the best properties listed:

1. The Bridge House

The Bridge House

The Bridge House academic halls are located in the burgeoning Fountainbridge neighbourhood, at the beginning of the picturesque Union Canal. It is conveniently placed between the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University

2. Chalmers Street

Chalmers Street

Unite Students’ Chalmers Street student accommodation overlooks the beautiful public park called ‘The Meadows’ and is only a 10-minute walk from Edinburgh’s Old Town.

3. Shrubhill House

This modern student accommodation is ideal for University of Edinburgh students, with en-suite rooms reserved exclusively for them. It also includes a large communal area with ping pong, pool tables, and quiet study areas.

4. Murano House

Murano House student accommodation houses 272 students, all of whom are University of Edinburgh students.


London is a city unlike any other, with a plethora of opportunities, a thriving nightlife, and all of the facilities a student could desire. Unite Student student accommodation in London puts students in an ideal position to balance their studies and explore everything that the capital has to offer. Students from many of the city’s prestigious universities and colleges, including Kings College London, University College London, Queen Mary University, and the London School of Economics, stay in their modern, sociable student halls in London. They have 31 properties available in London, here are some of the popular properties listed:

1. Rahere Court

Rahere Court

2. Sherren House

3. Pacific Court

Pacific Court

4. Walmsley Studios

Walmsley Studios

They have four student housing options in East London, including Rahere Court, Sherren House, and Pacific Court, all of which are close to Queen Mary University of London’s main campus. The neighbourhood has everything a student needs, including an Asda, Mile End Park, which includes a leisure centre and stadium, and a variety of cocktail bars and pubs. You will also be close to Stepney Green and Mile End underground stations, which provide excellent connections to the rest of London.

Unite Student Reviews

All student housing options are recommended by students since the staff are extremely helpful and friendly in all the locations. With spacious rooms that are kept clean, tidy, well-organized and hassle-free maintenance. Unite Student Accommodation has an incredible student experience with a comfortable and safe stay. Unite Students accommodation has a 4.0-star rating and 779 reviews on Trustpilot.

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