The Complete Student Housing Guide Houston 2024

Student Housing Guide Houston

Moving to a big city can be exhilarating yet challenging. Students often need to step out of their comfort zones, uproot their lives, and settle in a completely new environment. Finding housing becomes a priority in such situations. If you’ve enrolled at the University of Houston or any other universities in the area, you might be searching for accommodation. This Student Housing Guide for Houston will help you find the best options within your budget, ensuring a comfortable stay.

When To Start Looking For Housing?

Universities offer Spring, Summer, and Winter intakes for courses. Once enrolled, it’s advisable to promptly start searching for housing. Explore options in the Student Housing Guide Houston for suitable properties. Securing accommodation, whether on-campus or off-campus, early is recommended to avoid the housing rush closer to the course start date, which may limit options that match your preferences.

Historical trends indicate that the highest demand for housing properties occurs during the Summer months, from June to August. Additionally, from November to January, bookings for physical tours and viewings peak due to the holidays. Conversely, October to April presents opportunities for students to secure excellent properties at affordable rates, including reduced prices, waived security deposits, and better utility packages.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Accommodation

When exploring properties in a Student Housing Guide in Houston, consider several factors to ensure a great stay. Here are some significant aspects to keep in mind. Once you find the ideal property that aligns with these factors, take a physical tour to ensure comfort and security. Meeting the landlord or owner is advisable to avoid rental scams or illicit practices.

  • Budget and finances
  • Location and proximity to the university
  • Safety
  • Included amenities
  • Roommates and living preferences
  • Terms and conditions in the contract
  • Reviews from past tense
  • Flexibility

Types Of Student Accommodation – Student Housing Guide Houston

As elaborated in the Student Housing Guide Houston, there are several types of accommodation options that students can choose from. The first step would be to chalk out your budget and determine what percentage of your monthly expenses you can spend on rent. Once you’ve done this, you can explore the following properties. 

  • On-campus accommodation: Universities often provide housing facilities on campus, so students can save time and money spent commuting and experience a convenient stay.
  • Off-Campus housing: Sometimes, if the expense of on-campus accommodation does not fit in the budget, students choose to stay off-campus. It also gives you the liberty to choose from numerous options and select one according to your needs.
  • Private accommodation: Private accommodation includes apartments, flats and other types of living spaces that students can find online, through an agent or with the help of a broker.
  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation: As the name suggests, PBSAs are living spaces explicitly designed for students to fulfil their requirements. PBSAs offer an extremely comfortable stay since they are tailored to the needs of their tenants. Utilities and other amenities are usually included in the rent.
  • Studios: If you are looking at different types of room options available, studios are an incredible choice. A studio is a multipurpose living space that can be single or multiple occupancy. Although the space is typically small, it includes different facilities and is usually comfortable for students.
  • En-suites: En-suites are private bedrooms with attached private bathrooms, but the kitchen and other living spaces must be shared with other tenants.
  • Non-en-suites: Students living in the non-en-suite type of properties have bedrooms, which may be shared, whereas the bathroom, kitchen and other living spaces are shared.

Best Areas To Stay In Houston

Finding the right student accommodation includes more than just looking at properties. You must also look at the surrounding area and neighbourhood, not only to prioritise your safety but also to ensure that you live in a vibrant area where all facilities are accessible. Here are the top 3 neighbourhoods in Houston for student accommodation.

1. Downtown

Downtown Houston is a region of diverse residents. Not only students but also several working professionals reside in this area. Downtown is full of vibrant life and is perfect for people looking for housing options near the University of Houston. It also has several cafes, restaurants, and other active attractions where students can socialise.

2. Montrose

This suburban area is popular for offering very budget-friendly housing options, making it excellent for students. The area has a general art environment, which is accentuated by several popular restaurants, cafes and a plethora of street art.

3. Midtown

Midtown is located further south of Downtown Houston. It is a very comfortable, charming area that has an active nightlife and is ideal for students looking for incredible apartments on a budget. It is also near the University of Houston, so students can save up their resources on commuting and enjoy the routine entertainment of Midtown as well.

Top Accommodation Options In Student Housing Guide Houston

Here are Houston’s top off-campus student accommodation options.

Housing propertyAvailable roomsMonthly rent starts from Amenities included in the bill
Icon4 bed 4 bath, 2 bed 2 bath$810 WiFi, Water, Electricity
Centre At Columbia Court2 bed 2 bath – coastal, district, memorial$1,325WiFi
University Forest2 bed, 2 bath – furnished and unfurnished$567WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating
Gateway On Cullen4×4, 5×5$879NA
Cambridge Oaks3 bed 2 bath. 2 bed 2 bath – furnished and unfurnished$645WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating
3800 Main Apartment Residences1 bed 1 bath, studios, 2 bed 2 bath$1,119WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Cleaning
Greenbriar Park1 bed 1 bath, 2 bed 2 bath$1,306WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Cleaning

1. Icon

Address: 3509 Elgin Street, Houston, 77004

Time taken to walk to the University of Houston: 18 minutes

Time taken to walk to the Texas Southern University: 19 minutes

Icon is an incredible place with spacious and comfortable rooms. It is one of the top choices in Student Housing Guide Houston. There are several comfortable options available at affordable prices. The average tenure of stay is one year. However, students can conveniently increase the duration of their stay or reduce it if the need arises. 

The housing property follows strict safety rules. They have a patrol security officer and a maintenance team on call 24/7. The entry and exit gates are controlled and under supervision the entire time. Moreover, the property has CCTV or surveillance cameras in all major regions of high traffic. The rooms are typically fully furnished with additional facilities like a gym, bike storage, entertainment areas, a theatre, a dedicated study area and laundry available on the property.

2. Centre at Columbia Court

Address: 5500 Sampson St, Houston, 77004

Time taken to travel to the University of Houston: 6 minutes

Time taken to travel to the Texas Southern University: 9 minutes

Centre at Columbia Court is a popular housing property in Houston designed for students or working individuals looking for a comfortable stay.  Each housing option here offers a private bathroom attached to the bedroom, ensuring students experience a certain sense of comfort and privacy. All the rooms are fully furnished.

The property has facilities like a gym, shared spaces for socialising, an entertainment area, a library, a dedicated study area and laundry facilities. The authorities have installed security alarms and have a 24-hour maintenance team to ensure the security and safety of their tenants. 

3. University Forest

Address: 2600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, 77058

Time taken to travel to the University of Houston: 5 minutes

Time taken to travel to the Texas Southern University: 31 minutes

The University Forest is perfect for all those students looking for a place to personalise and make their own. The rooms are incredibly comfortable and clean and can be furnished for a meagre additional fee. Currently, two-bedroom plus two-bathroom living spaces are available. Students can choose between a 9 or 12-month-long tenure, depending on their budget.

The most prominent facility at University Forest is that they offer a shuttle bus to the university. They also have an entertainment area, communal kitchen, library, study area and communal laundry facilities. The property has a maintenance team available for any necessary services. One of the most popular choices in Student Housing Guide Houston, the University Forest usually books up quickly.

Cost Of Living

The average annual cost of living in Houston is $20,976. This figure is inclusive of the expenses of accommodation, commute, groceries, and utilities, to name a few. Consider the following table for a detailed breakdown of how we arrive at this value.

ParticularsMonthly Cost of Living
Off-Campus Accommodation $912
On-Campus Accommodation$1,009
Food Cost$287
Utility Cost$159
Health Insurance$80
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation $1,748
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation $1,845
Annual Cost of Living$20,976

Questions To Ask Before Finalising Your Accommodation

Assuming that you have found the best accommodation for yourself, under budget, there are still a few points on the checklist that you must verify before you finalise the housing property. You can ask a few questions to your landlord before you sign the lease to ensure you’re on the same page.

  • Are the costs of utilities included in the rent?
  • How flexible is the lease in case of moving to a different property? 
  • Are there any hidden charges for maintenance or other facilities?
  • Is the property furnished?
  • What are the rules and restrictions followed at the housing property?
  • Are laundry facilities available on-site?
  • What are the security measures taken at the property?
  • Is there an appropriate system in place for resolving maintenance issues?


Q1. What is the average cost of accommodation, as mentioned in the Student Housing Guide Houston?

Ans: The average monthly cost of on-campus accommodation is around $1,009, whereas off-campus accommodation is $912.

Q2. How much does it cost to live in Houston for international students?

Ans: The average annual cost of living in Houston for international students is around $20,976. It includes the expenses of accommodation, transportation, groceries, utilities, clothes and recreation.

Q3. Is Houston a good place to live for students?

Ans: Houston is an excellent place to live in. It offers affordable, budget-friendly housing options, a diverse culture, a vibrant lifestyle, incredible cuisine and a memorable experience for students. Famous for the NASA Headquarters, Houston also has many popular universities that offer a high standard of education and excellent career prospects.

Thank you for reading our blog: Student Housing Guide Houston! Let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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Student Housing Guide Houston

The Complete Student Housing Guide Houston 2024

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