The Rise of Coliving Spaces in UK 2024

co-living spaces in UK

Forget cramped dorms and sky-high rents! Coliving is shaking up the UK housing scene, offering a win-win for everyone involved. Are you a landlord with spare space? Unlock its earning potential by joining the coliving revolution. On the other hand, are you a student or tenant seeking affordable digs? Coliving spaces in UK offers budget-friendly options in properties that might otherwise be out of reach. Intrigued? Dive into our guide to everything coliving! We’ll explore the different types, from shared apartments to private studios, highlighting their key features, perks, and potential challenges. Plus, we’ll equip you with the info you need to find the perfect coliving space that matches your needs and budget. Ready to unlock a new, exciting way to live? Keep reading!

What Are Coliving Spaces?

Simply put, coliving spaces are shared houses where people live together to save rent or find better housing options more easily. In such homes, residents share common areas like kitchens, living rooms, or bathrooms. Opting for shared housing options primarily saves a considerable amount of money on rent and deposits, and they also offer a wide range of facilities and services for convenience.

The popularity of coliving spaces in the UK is increasing, particularly among international students. Moving to a new country can often exceed the initial budget, and shared living options help students save extra money on their monthly budgets. Additionally, relocating to a new place involves adapting to the local culture, making new friends, and integrating into the community. Co-living spaces provide students with more opportunities to socialize with their peers and build connections.

What Are The Types Of Coliving Spaces Available in UK?

As the trend of co-living housing has become increasingly popular among international students in the United Kingdom, the types of co-living spaces available have also increased. Today, students in the UK can find shared housing options in the form of flats, apartments, traditional houses, luxury suites, en suites and many other properties. By finding the best co-living spaces in UK, students can form better social connections, interact with people quickly and prioritise their convenience while gaining more financial footing.

What Are The Key Features Of CoLiving Spaces In UK?

The significant features of coliving housing options for international students can be discussed as follows.

  • Shared accommodation: Coliving spaces are usually well-furnished or at least have semi-furnished common areas. Individuals living in shared housing properties are expected to share common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes even bathrooms. The extent of sharing is often inversely proportional to the rent. For example, if you’re willing to pay more rent, you will be asked to share fewer spaces.
  • Increased facilities: Because the owners or landlords tend to generate higher revenue, they usually offer additional amenities, more facilities, and enhanced services, like housekeeping, fitness facilities, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
  • Low rent: The most significant and beneficial feature of coliving housing options is that they are incredibly cost-effective. Individuals opting for these in the United Kingdom can save a considerable amount of their monthly budget.
  • Social interaction: Another prominent feature of coliving options is their focus on enhancing social interaction. Since you reside with someone you may not know, you tend to form bonds, build relationships and create a reliable support system for yourself in a foreign place.

Benefits Of Coliving Spaces For International Students

After discussing the features of co-space living, let us look at the numerous benefits offered to international students. This section also helps us understand why most students migrating to the United Kingdom are opting for shared housing options rather than independent properties.

  • Cost efficiency: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of shared living spaces is that they are cheaper. Since several people are incurring the cost of rent, utilities and deposits, the individual amount often comes out to be quite affordable.
  • Blending with different cultures: If you aren’t staying with someone you already know, there’s a chance that they may come from a diverse background. This will help you interact with people of different upbringings and cultures and help you gain exposure to other living practices.
  • Enhanced socialising: Unfortunately, one of the most significant issues international students face in the UK is isolation and loneliness. Co-living spaces in UK offer the opportunity to interact with people and make new friends, which, in turn, helps them reduce the depression caused by isolation. 
  • Flexible contract: Because the landlord isn’t dependent on one person or family for the lease agreement, the contract is usually quite flexible. Students can choose the terms depending on the tenure of association that they want.

Challenges Of Coliving Spaces in UK

Although shared living spaces have numerous benefits, they also have a few disadvantages and challenges. First and foremost, as the demand for housing properties continues to increase in the United Kingdom, the supply significantly falls short. It is estimated that in the coming years, authorities in the UK are liable to face a high shortage of housing properties as more international students choose to migrate here every year.

To match the supply to the demand, landlords are now increasing the number of tenants who can live in the same space. This may make the living experience quite uncomfortable for some students accustomed to personal space. Another quite obvious disadvantage is that several people prefer not to share their living space with people they barely know. In such cases, coliving spaces help them save money but raise the prospect of residing with a stranger.

What Should You Consider Before Moving Into A Coliving Setting?

The most crucial question before finalising a co-living space is whether you’re comfortable sharing common areas of a house with multiple people. Depending on your budget, you may or may not be required to share a bedroom with a friend or acquaintance. Ensure that you are comfortable and feel secure with the living settings offered at the shared housing property.

Once you decide to live in a shared space, consider your budget. Co-living spaces in UK vary largely in price depending on the number of tenants, common areas, included facilities, etc. Finalising your budget can help you chalk out the characteristics of the property you are looking for. Explore the different options available in the area you wish to reside in. Next, verify the facilities and utilities that they offer. For instance, are cleaning services and housekeeping included in the rent?  If not, you and your flatmates may have to share cleaning duties and other such responsibilities.

Take a look at this checklist before signing a contract.

  • Comfort and safety
  • Roommates
  • Included amenities 
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities
  • Security measures
  • Proximity to your university

It is crucial to look at every aspect before signing the contract for a co-living space. Despite its numerous advantages, living with other people in the same house also includes a lot of constraints. Ensure you feel safe and comfortable in every aspect of the process before moving in.

Top Student Accommodations Offered By UniAcco

To get you started, we have compiled here some of the top student housing options in popular cities. Read on to get an idea!

Housing Recommendations In London

Here’s a list of the most highly recommended accommodation options for international students in London.

AccommodationIntakeWeekly Rent Starting FromRoom options
Dean HouseJanuary£245Ensuite
Mannequin HouseFlexible£244Ensuite, Studio
Flora BuildingFlexible£258Apartments, Studio
The ValentineJanuary£385Studio
Spring MewsFlexible£350Ensuite, Studio

Housing Recommendations In Sheffield

The following table contains some of the most popular accommodations among international students in Sheffield.

AccommodationIntakeWeekly Rent Starting FromRoom options
Crown House – SheffieldJanuary£170Studio, apartments
Rockingham HouseFlexible£118Ensuite
Beton HouseJanuary£99Apartments, Studio, Ensuite
Straits ManorJanuary£135Ensuite, Studio
The ForgeJanuary£79Ensuite, Studio

Housing Recommendations In Manchester

The best student accommodation options in Manchester are listed in the following table.

AccommodationIntakeWeekly Rent Starting FromRoom options
Vita Student Circle SquareJanuary£335Apartments/rooms
iQ Kerria AppartmentsFlexible£308Ensuite, bedrooms
iQ Lambert & Fairfield HouseJanuary£216Apartments, Studio, Ensuite
iQ Hollingworth HouseFlexible£270Studio, Duplex, Apartments, Penthouse
iQ Manchester GardensJanuary£188Ensuite, Studio, Apartments


Q1. How much does coliving cost in UK?

The prices for coliving housing properties in UK vary across a large range. However, we can derive a standard monthly budget of around £1,200 to £2,000, including utilities and other amenities.

Q2. Will I be required to bring my own furniture?

Coliving spaces in UK are typically fully furnished or have the basic furniture pre-installed. Thus, tenants aren’t required to bring their own furniture. However, they will have to bring personal items, kitchen supplies and any other home decor objects that aren’t included in the standard list mentioned in the contract.

Q3. Will I have to share a bedroom in a coliving housing property?

In coliving spaces, tenants usually have private bedrooms and aren’t required to share them. However, some landlords offer shared bedrooms with twin single beds for a lower rent. Alternatively, you can share bedrooms with a friend or acquaintance if you wish to look for more affordable arrangements.

Thank you for reading our guide to coliving spaces and their rise in the United Kingdom! Let us know your opinions on shared housing options in the comments section below!

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co-living spaces in UK

The Rise of Coliving Spaces in UK 2024

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