A Complete Student Housing Guide Liverpool 2024

student housing in Liverpool

In 2019, Liverpool was the fifth most visited city in the United Kingdom. It is well-known for its architecture, culture, and transportation. The Beatles’ fame, as the most influential band of all time, made the city famous for the arts, particularly music; as a result, it is now a popular tourist destination. “You’ll never walk alone,” a motto that encapsulates everything that Liverpool is all about in just a few words. This article on Student Housing in Liverpool aims to be a one-stop shop for students to learn about and understand the city. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Liverpool city guide and learn all about student accommodation in the city.

Liverpool is an excellent place to study. It provides everything a student requires, with a couple of leading institutions and a buzzing city full of things to do and places to visit. But where should you live while studying? Which are the best studios to rent in Liverpool? Which are the best places to stay in Liverpool for students?

Halls Of Residence

The university halls of residence are the default option for most first-year students and some postgraduates for student housing in Liverpool. They are usually owned and operated by the university and provide dormitory-style accommodation, similar to a hotel. You’ll most likely have your own room and possibly an ensuite bathroom. There will frequently be communal areas for laundry and cooking, storage, and possibly social spaces as well. Halls of residence are usually the best option for your first year because they introduce you to university life and make you feel like you’re a part of it. Some of the benefits of Halls of Residence are as follows:

  • Bills are fully included
  • Many ensuite bathrooms and private spaces
  • Excellent for making new friends and socialising
  • Typically located on campus and a short walk to class

student housing in Liverpool

University-Owned Properties

Some universities also own their own homes, which is similar to social housing. They can be regular houses on regular streets that are only rented to students. These are similar to house shares (HMOs), which divide a house into private bedrooms with a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. For student housing in Liverpool, university-owned properties are frequently reserved for international students, researchers, and other types of students. Other universities make them available to all students after accommodating any special interest groups. Some of the pros of university-owned properties include-

  • The university owns and maintains it
  • Smaller-scale social interaction
  • More privacy and lower noise levels than halls
  • Share the kitchen and other facilities with fewer students

Private Halls Of Residence

Private halls of residence offer all of the advantages of university halls, but they are operated or managed by private companies. They are usually off-campus but close to campus and city amenities. Because it is the primary goal of the company, private halls of residence tend to attract more investment than university halls. They are frequently more modern, with ensuite rooms and services such as cleaning and security. They will manage the student experience with a more hotel-like experience and are frequently located near the best places to stay in Liverpool. Benefits of private halls of residence include:

  • Typically, more up-to-date buildings with better amenities
  • Generally an ensuite
  • Usually, all bills are included
  • Can incorporate extras like security and cleaning of common areas

Private Student Accommodation In Liverpool

Private student housing in Liverpool for students includes individual private landlords as well as private homes and house shares. Student studios in Liverpool are popular choices in private housing. They won’t be connected to any specific college or be limited to students, which isn’t always a bad thing. Private rentals are available in every town and city across the country.

Most private student housing in Liverpool will require you to negotiate your own contract, split bills, pay for your own insurance, and be more responsible. It’s definitely more useful in the second or third year than in the first. You may also be sharing with a diverse group of other people, and the standard of this accommodation can vary greatly! Some of the pros of private student accommodation:

  • More location options
  • It may be less expensive than university halls
  • More chances to meet new people
  • It is possible to be close to amenities


The aforementioned are the typical options for student housing in Liverpool. There may be niche alternatives such as flat sharing or staying at home, but for the vast majority of students attending university, these are the only options. We recommend that you spend your first year in university halls. This will assist you in adjusting to your new life, making new friends, settling into your course, and making the most of your first year.

Following that, private halls balance the benefits of university life with off-campus living. You still get to spend time with your peers, you don’t have to worry about bills or maintenance, and your accommodations are often larger and more modern. It is entirely up to you. As a student, you have an abundance of options!


Q1. Is Liverpool city safe for students?

Ans: Liverpool is undoubtedly a safe environment for students, with crime rates significantly lower than in other major cities.

Q2. Where do most of the students live in Liverpool?

Ans: Wavertree is by far one of Liverpool’s most popular student neighbourhoods. Because of the city’s thriving student population, there are numerous shops, restaurants, and bars that provide excellent student discounts.

Q3. What is the safest area in Liverpool?

Ans: The city centre of Liverpool, as well as the areas near the waterfront, are regarded as the safest. Walton, Anfield, Sefton Park, Merseyside, River Mersey, and Breckfield are the areas having low crime rates.

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student housing in Liverpool

A Complete Student Housing Guide Liverpool 2024

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