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May 30, 2022

Omnia is a leading provider of student accommodation services in cities around the United Kingdom. Boasting an impressive property market portfolio that includes experience in commercial and residential property, offices and block management, the Omnia Property Group widened its holdings to include student accommodation given its extensive understanding of the functioning of the property market. Promising great amenities, and proximity to major universities and locations in the heart of the city, Omnia strives to deliver the ideal student experience for university goers. 

Omnia Student Accommodation Cities

Omnia has a presence in the cities of Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bournemouth. Let’s take a look at the life each city offers and some of the top student accommodation properties there.

Sheffield: Nicknamed the “Steel City”, Sheffield started booming in the 19th century owing to its rapid increase in steel production. Housing the University of Sheffield, the Sheffield Hallam University and The Sheffield College, the city is home to over 50,000 students and welcomes more each year. Voted as the UK’s friendliest and safest city, people and students from all over vie to put down roots in the beautiful city. Striking a perfect balance between peaceful and bustling, it is a great place to call home. It is also multi-cultural in nature with a diverse population. That makes it another great choice for higher education boasting a diverse student community. Omnia has eight strategically located and highly affordable student accommodation centres in Sheffield close to major universities and in the heart of student living. They provide a variety of living spaces and amenities to cater to the needs of different students. Some of the top Omnia student accommodation properties in Sheffield include:

  • Regent Heights – This property offers studios, and one and two-bedroom apartments designed by the award-winning architect Coda Studios. It is among the top student accommodation properties in Sheffield with a wide array of facilities and a central location. 
  • Pearl Works – Studying at Sheffield Hallam? Then Pearl Works is for you. Located a stone’s throw from the university, the Sheffield Train Station is also minutes from the property. Pearl Works offers modern studio-style apartments made to meet the needs of the modern student. 
  • Watson Chambers – You can find Watson Chambers in the heart of Sheffield city centre. The University of Sheffield as well as Sheffield Hallam University are just a 10-minute walk from the property. They offer an excellent range of studio apartments. 
  • 90 Queen Street – The main takeaway from this property is that it’s super affordable! If you’re looking for a place that has all the facilities of a great student accommodation property and is easy on the pocket, you should make sure to have 90 Queen Street at the top of your list. 

Birmingham: UK’s second-largest city located in the West Midlands in England is famous the world over for its culture, food, music, architecture, education, nightlife and enviable pulse of the place. Birmingham is a city that never sleeps and promises a buzzing experience for its students. Home to 80,000 students and counting, the university houses among the globe’s most renowned and prestigious universities including the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University, Newman University and South and City College Birmingham. It delivers on its reputation of world-class education and career opportunities with many students looking to make Birmingham their permanent home. 

Omnia has Canterbury House in the city which offers studio apartments, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments for students looking for a modern, stylish and private abode in Birmingham. With top-notch facilities, a city centre location and excellent transport links, just a stone’s throw away from the property, it makes for easy accessibility to university campuses and other attractions in the city. 

Newcastle: A welcoming city with a year-round football fervour, Newcastle has retained the old-world charm of Britain along with heartily accepting the changes of the modern world. Home to Newcastle University, a whopping 42,000 reside in this city in Northern England. Be it food, nightlife, history, culture, and art, Newcastle promises a fabulous and fulfiling student experience. 

Once again, Omnia combines affordability, choice and quality to bring to students the best of housing in the city. In Newcastle, Omnia has Northumbria House which provides one and two-bedroom apartments in the area of Gosforth. It is also working to bring Eldon View, another property that provides one and two-bedroom apartments in Gosforth which is located right in the heart of the city. Omnia student accommodation in Newcastle is well-connected in terms of transport which makes the university, daily amenities and other exciting spots easy to reach. 


Former and current residents on forums all across the web have great things to say about their student accommodation. Home Views has given its facilities a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. From well-furnished and well-maintained rooms to being located at top spots in cities, Omnia student housing is an ideal choice for many students looking for a home while at university. 


1. Which cities does Omnia provide accommodation in?

Omnia provides accommodation in four cities in the United Kingdom. You can find Omnia’s properties in Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bournemouth. 

2. Why choose Omnia?

Omnia has been in the game of real estate for a long time. Its extensive portfolio is a testament to its strive for quality in student housing facilities. Its range of properties in the UK’s top cities makes it a top choice for university students. 

3. What room types does Omnia provide?

Omnia focuses on modern living for students. Owing to that, one can find a range of stylish and contemporary studio and one and two-bedroom apartments at all its accommodations. They are spacious, have top-notch facilities and are perfect for students to get away to after a long day. 

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