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Monash University - Parkville Campus Accommodation

Monash University Parkville Campus is located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The campus is in a vibrant and multicultural area, with easy access to public transport and a range of local amenities. The campus is home to a diverse student community, with students from over 100 countries studying here. The university is strongly committed to student safety and provides a range of support services to ensure students feel safe and secure on campus.


There are several accommodation options available near the university for students. UniAcco is one such provider that offers a range of accommodation options, including shared apartments, private rooms, and studios. They also provide additional services such as airport pickup, cleaning services, and 24/7 support. Other accommodation options near the university include Homestay Melbourne, Urbanest Melbourne Central, and Iglu Melbourne City.

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Student Accommodation Near Monash University 

Students have access to affordable accommodation options near Monash University through UniAcco, offering a diverse range of room types and facilities to suit individual preferences and budgets. Depending on your needs, you can select from shared rooms, private rooms, studios, and apartments. While the amenities and facilities provided by each accommodation may differ, most offer essential services like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and communal spaces. 

Some accommodations go the extra mile with features like swimming pools, gyms, and study rooms. The size of the student community in each accommodation varies according to property size. Moreover, UniAcco fosters student communities, providing opportunities to connect with fellow students and engage in a variety of events and activities.


About Monash University Parkville Campus

Monash University Parkville Campus, one of the university's eight campuses in Melbourne, Australia, has been thriving since its establishment in 2004. It's home to the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, renowned for its groundbreaking research in drug discovery, drug delivery, and clinical pharmacy. With a student population of over 3,000, it offers diverse programs including Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours), Master of Clinical Pharmacy, Master of Pharmaceutical Science, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Some favourites among students are the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours), and Master of Clinical Pharmacy

Beyond academics, the campus comes alive with events like the vibrant Parkville Festival, celebrating diversity through food stalls, live music, and cultural activities. Workshops and seminars on pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences topics keep students engaged and informed.

Graduates from this faculty embark on exciting career journeys in community pharmacy, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, academia, research, and government agencies. Notable alumni include Nobel laureate Peter Doherty, cochlear implant inventor Graeme Clark, and HPV vaccine co-inventor Ian Frazer.


Monash University Parkville Campus: Key Insights 2023-2024

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Total Enrollment


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Average Fees

AU$ 45,000+

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Location And Transportation 

  • Location: Monash University Parkville Campus is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, ensuring convenient access to the city's transportation network.
  • Transport Options: The campus is well-connected with various transportation modes, including buses, trams, and trains. The nearest train station, Royal Park Station, is just a short 10-minute walk from the campus, while Tram Route 19 also stops nearby.
  • Transportation Card: Melbourne's public transport system utilizes the Myki card, allowing you to travel seamlessly on buses, trams, and trains. Fares vary depending on the mode and distance, with students eligible for concession fares when using their student ID cards.
  • Nearby Amenities: You'll find a range of amenities close to Monash University Parkville Campus. From cafes like The Glasshouse Cafe, The Little Mule Cafe, and Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters to budget-friendly eateries such as Noodle Kingdom, Shanghai Street Dumpling, and The Borek Bakehouse, dining options are plentiful. Nearby medical facilities include the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Children's Hospital. For relaxation and outdoor activities, explore the beautiful Royal Park, a popular spot for picnics and leisure.


Best Student Accommodation Near Victoria University

Following are some best student accommodation options from UniAcco near Victoria University, complete with their amenities, facilities, rent, and unique features:

1. Scape Suites Aurora: Located at 29 Victoria St, Melbourne VIC 3000, this student accommodation is priced at AU$ 699/week for a studio apartment and AU$ 609/week for a twin-share studio apartment. The property offers two offers and bills are included in the rent. The following amenities are available:

  • Rooftop terrace
  • Cinema room
  • Study room


2. Scape Victoria Street: This student accommodation is located at 488 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053, which is approximately 10 minutes away by car from Victoria University. The property is priced at AU$ 609/week for a studio apartment and bills are included in the rent. The following amenities are available:

  • Free breakfast
  • Dinner included
  • Meal packages


3. UniLodge Melbourne Central: Located at 293 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia, this student accommodation is priced at AU$ 425/week for a studio apartment and bills are included in the rent. The following amenities are available:

  • Gym
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • BBQ area


The distance from Victoria University to UniLodge Melbourne Central is approximately 22 minutes on foot, 17 minutes by train, and 10 minutes by car. These accommodations offer a range of options to suit your preferences and provide various amenities for a comfortable stay.


Life At  Monash University Parkville Campus

Student life at Monash University Parkville Campus is a colourful blend of interests, thanks to various clubs and societies. Whether you're into sports, music, arts, culture, or academics, clubs like Monash Parkville Student Association (MPSA), Monash Pharmacy Students' Association (MPSA), Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute Student Society (MBDISS), and Monash Science Society (MSS) provide a vibrant community for all.

Monash University Parkville Campus hosts exciting events like the annual Parkville Festival, a celebration of campus diversity and culture. This lively festival treats you to a vibrant mix of food stalls, captivating live music performances, and engaging cultural activities.

When it's time to unwind and enjoy Melbourne's nightlife, you'll find several bars and pubs near the campus. Some popular options include The Royal Melbourne Hotel, The Shaw Davey Slum, and The Clyde Hotel. These establishments offer various beverages and delectable food choices for a memorable evening.


Nearby Places To Visit

Here are some fantastic places to explore near Monash University Parkville Campus:

  • Melbourne Museum: Just 1.5 km away from the campus, this museum is a treasure trove of Australian history, culture, and natural wonders.
  • Royal Exhibition Building: A mere 1.6 km from the campus, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers insights into the rich history of Melbourne and Australia.
  • Carlton Gardens: These scenic gardens, only 1.6 km from the campus, provide a tranquil oasis for relaxation and immersion in nature's beauty.
  • Queen Victoria Market: Located 2.5 km from the campus, this vibrant market is perfect for purchasing fresh produce, unique souvenirs, and a variety of items.

FAQs - Accommodation near Monash University - Parkville Campus

Yes, You can find fully-furnished rooms equipped with facilities such as a furnished kitchen, wardrobe, study desk & chair, sofa, bathroom, and more in Melbourne

To find student accommodation in Melbourne, compare properties using multiple filters. Once you have shortlisted your student accommodations, consult our property expert and make a final choice.

The type of student accommodation you choose will impact how much you pay. If you plan on living in some of the popular student areas in Melbourne, the average weekly rent you might pay as a student is from 99£.

Yes, you can rent an apartment with your friends; but, depending on the property, you may be charged a small fee to do so. You can either share a room or rent a dual occupancy unit.

Yes, all utilities bills are included with student accommodation of your choice.

Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

As per local authority licencing schemes, dual occupancy properties are generally one or two-bedroom properties, as larger properties do not typically allow two people to stay in the same room.