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Student Accommodation St. Andrews

St Andrews is located on the east coast of Fife, which is a council area and the county seat of Scotland. It is home to the ruins of St Andrew's Castle, which is all that remains of a mediaeval fortification. The city is also investigated for West Port, which was established in 1587 and serves as the entrance to South Street, which is known as Scotland's "best-preserved city gate." To name a few, students living in St Andrews student accommodation can visit St Salvator's Chapel, a gothic worship place, St. Andrew's Cathedral, which is an important element of 12th-century history, and the Swilcan Bridge. All of these popular tourist attractions are within walking distance of student properties in St Andrews.

Another reason St. Andrews is so well-known is that it is home to the University of St Andrews, which is the world's third-oldest university with English as its primary language. Scotland's oldest university, founded between 1410 and 1413, is located in the city. It is also recognised as the United Kingdom's second-best institution, only after the University of Cambridge. There are numerous student flats to rent St Andrews around this university that will make daily travelling a breeze.

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Student Accommodation In St Andrews

St Andrews is a town in Scotland, 16 kilometres southeast of Dundee and 50 kilometres northeast of Edinburgh. Finding St Andrews student accommodation is not an inexpensive endeavour. Nonetheless, it may be a difficult undertaking because finding rooms tailored to students' requirements might be challenging. You can either opt to live in the university halls of residence or may prefer private student flats in St Andrews. You can also find several ensuites, studios, apartments, and more located near the universities in St Andrews.

About St Andrews

St Andrews offers a glorious atmosphere for a unique university. With historic and modern buildings, you are reminded of the city's rich and colourful past wherever you go. The contrast between the classroom or laboratory and the gorgeous unspoiled beaches with fresh clean air and a huge expanse of sky is striking.

The population of St Andrews is estimated to be approximately 16,000 people. The local community, University students and employees, and tourists together, make up this group. This provides the city with a small-town atmosphere, with all University services, buildings, and residence halls within walking distance from your St Andrews student accommodation.

Student Housing In St Andrews

In St Andrews, you may choose from a variety of student housing options. These include halls of residence, shared apartments, flats, and studios. UniAcco provides some of the most affordable St Andrews student accommodation near the prominent St Andrews university in the area. Off-campus student rooms are ideal for people who want to keep their privacy while having a good time. Each of these apartments has a fully outfitted kitchen, a smart television, a bed, and an en suite bathroom. With lively nightlife, the city aspires to be one of the greatest student-friendly towns in the world.

Best Places To Stay In St Andrews

Some of the most notable areas in this city would include St Andrews in itself, East Neuk, and Fife. Since St Andrews is a very small town, commuting in general, becomes easier. St Andrews is undoubtedly one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. The majority of St Andrews student accommodation encompasses all costs and provides pleasant, attractive, yet affordable en-suites, studios, and communal apartments. Academics and extracurricular activities are central to life here. St Andrews has drawn students from all around the world throughout the years, resulting in a cultural melting pot. Students get the opportunity to encounter a broad range of people, which helps them develop their whole personalities. 

In St Andrews, UniAcco offers a selection of flats, studios, ensuites, and apartments. One of the most popular options for student accommodation in St Andrews is -

  • East Shore: En-suite rooms are available in this St Andrews student accommodation. You can enjoy Wi-Fi, a workstation and chair, and CCTV surveillance. Students have access to on-site personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The University of St Andrews is the closest university to this location. This property is close to a number of tram stops.

Cost Of Living In St Andrews

Due to its size and relatively smaller population, St Andrews is a closely-knit city making living extremely affordable. International students find it convenient to stay in a city like St Andrews that offers great standards of living within a budget.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the living expenses in St Andrews.




£600 per month

Energy bills

£60 per month

Food shops

£120 per month

Mobile Phone Connection

£10 (sim)

Eating out

£60 per month


£140 per month

Travel / Transport

£50 per month


St Andrews Transportation

Stagecoach is the main bus operator that serves Saint Andrews. The 95 bus serves St Andrews and has several routes around Fife. The coaches are a comfortable, convenient, and reasonably priced method to travel across the area. There are also taxis available from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews for around £80.

Railway: The nearest train station is around 10 kilometres away in Leuchars. Trains from Edinburgh and Dundee/Aberdeen service it. From London Kings Cross, there are some direct trains. Buses to St Andrews link with trains at Leuchars, and combined tickets are available.

The effectiveness of these transportation links is due in part to the development in the St Andrews student accommodation, which is being created to accommodate the constant inflow of students that is expanding year after year. You can also rent bicycles to explore the city.

St Andrews Attractions

St Andrews has a rich history that dates back to the Middle Ages, so there is never a shortage of things to do. There are a plethora of excellent things to select from, ranging from family-friendly sites to historic wonders, as well as a plethora of lovely beaches, parks, and fantastic hikes to explore.

1. St Andrews Cathedral

Exploring the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral, formerly the greatest cathedral in Scotland, is a must-see for any tourist. The museum within the cathedral displays an amazing collection of medieval sculptures and artefacts discovered on the site. Climb St Rule's Tower, which originates from the 12th century, for spectacular views of St Andrews and Fife.

2. St Andrews Aquarium

At St Andrews Aquarium, you will be taken into an underwater realm of adventure and will meet face to face with intriguing species. You may see British sharks, piranhas, seals, and even meerkats! You can also get close up and personal with animals during various interactive displays.

3. Old Course

The Old Course at St Andrews is one of the most famous golf courses in the world, and it is a destination that every golfer wishes to visit. Join an experienced guide on a tour of the first, 17th, and 18th holes, where you'll be able to tread in the footsteps of golfing great and get a bird's-eye view.

4. St Andrews Ghost Tours

St Andrews Ghost Tours are a unique opportunity to learn about the town's incredible history while also introducing you to numerous haunted spots and individuals from the past. The trips, which are based on a significant study, include landmarks such as the Cathedral and St Andrews University. There is no theatrics on these trips; the only 'jumping hooters' are the genuine ghosts!

5. Golf In St Andrews

Playing golf at St Andrews, the Home of Golf and the birthplace of the game, is one of the best golfing experiences you can have, and you should not visit the town without playing at least one round. Choose from ten distinct courses to develop your talents on, including some of the world's best links courses.


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Student Housing in St. Andrews

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FAQs on Student Accommodation St. Andrews

To find student accommodation in St Andrews, compare properties using multiple filters. Once you have shortlisted your St Andrews student lets, consult our property expert and make a final choice.

The type student rentals St Andrew you choose will impact how much you pay. If you plan on living in some of the popular student areas in St Andrews, the average weekly rent you might pay as a student is from 99£.

Yes, you can rent an apartment with your friends; but, depending on the property, you may be charged a small fee to do so. You can either share a room or rent a dual occupancy unit.

Yes, all utilities bills are included with student houses St Andrews of your choice.

Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

As per local authority licencing schemes, dual occupancy properties are generally one or two-bedroom properties, as larger properties do not typically allow two people to stay in the same room.

Yes, you can! There is a wide range of private student accommodation in St Andrews that you choose to live in. Pick the one that's perfect for you.