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Loughborough is a pleasant market town in Leicestershire, near Derby, Nottingham, and the East Midlands Airport. It is well-known for its educational universities and for having a wide collection of antique artefacts and architecture. Loughborough University and Loughborough College are both located there. In all, about 18,000 students are enrolled in these universities' undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, making it easier to find accommodation in Loughborough.

The University of Loughborough is well-known for its sports-focused Students' Union and its convenient location in this tiny but charming town. Loughborough student accommodation, inclusive of an array of student houses, flats and halls, and more, is available near this university. Most of the student flats in Loughborough are well-connected to public transportation making students' lives easier.

Flats and student apartments in Loughborough are also popular, particularly for people who want to share with one friend. The advantage of these homes, which are typically located in central cities, is their accessibility to a variety of appealing facilities, such as bars, theatres, and gyms. Because the city includes five museums, art galleries, and historical places, your weekends will certainly involve a lot of sightseeing and exploration.

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Best Student Accommodation & Student Housing Options In Loughborough

Loughborough has many pleasant, luxurious, yet affordable en-suites, studios and shared flats for students to select from. There are numerous advantages to renting private student housing in Loughborough. They range from upscale student apartments to low-cost student lets in Loughborough based on the preference of the tenant. Unquestionably, the majority of student accommodations in Loughborough are all-inclusive and provide many benefits for students during their stay. UniAcco offers some of the best Loughborough accommodation options -


  • Lemyngton Street - This is one of the student houses in Loughborough which is conveniently located within a 15-minute walk from Loughborough University and just a stroll away from all the stores in the city centre. Students can choose to live on their own at this stylish self-contained studio or with their friends in the modern en-suite shared serviced apartments. 


  • Optima - Optima student accommodation in Loughborough and a fantastic place to live as a student. This beautiful apartment is located near some of the top universities. Its easy accessibility to such universities makes it a popular hub for domestic and international students. Throughout their stay at Optima, students can explore the vibrant city for entertainment and weekend activities.


  • Waterways - Living at Waterways in Loughborough makes it easier for students to travel to all the prime areas. Within a short distance from this Loughborough student room, students can find the cityside lined with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. Transportation is effortlessly available for students who want to travel to the city or their university. Hospitals and health centres are conveniently located nearby. 


  • Forest Rise - This student accommodation in Loughborough offers studio and one-bedroom flats. The rooms are fully furnished with double beds, 32’ flat screen TV, wardrobe, study area, internet and on-demand heating in the rooms and hallways. Free laundry and hi-speed Wi-fi are provided to the students. Loughborough University is a walkable distance away. There are several restaurants, cafes, shops and transport links within walking distance. 


About Loughborough

Loughborough is a small town in the English county of Leicestershire and is also known as a market town with the buzz of a small city. Despite its tiny size, the city is located in the East Midlands and has everything a student might ever need. Loughborough also has many well-connected links of public transportation to the city centre. It is not far from Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the East Midlands Airport. The city also has a rich collection of antique antiquities and architecture. The theatres, Holland & Barrett's, gyms, Sainsbury's and any other necessities are located within walking distance from the student accommodation in Loughborough. 

Students can save up on their expenses as the city has many inexpensive pubs and restaurants for them to explore at an affordable cost. It is well-known for its educational universities and due to this, it is surrounded by many options for student accommodation in Loughborough. Popular universities like Loughborough University and Loughborough College are located in the city. These universities have about 18,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, out of which 2,300 students are international students which makes it the best location for higher education in town. 


Cost Of Living In Loughborough

While living in student accommodation in Loughborough, there are many expenses that a student might incur living in the city like the cost of accommodation, groceries, transport, etc. Here is a breakdown of all the costs of living in Loughborough per month -


  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   388
  On-Campus Accommodation   500
  Food (60 meals)     480
  Utilities  103
  Groceries  71
  Transportation  65
  Clothes  59
  Entertainment  40


Loughborough Transportation

Travelling through Loughborough appears to be a dream because there are wonderful panoramic views and natural treasures that may easily mesmerise anyone. However, going from one location to another might be time-consuming but it can also be a comfortable trip. If you want to save money on transportation, student accommodation in Loughborough is the greatest option because students can jump out of bed and head straight to the nearest transport link. Buses, railways and bicycles are available in the city. Renting a bicycle can tend to be quite cost-effective from a student studio in Loughborough to your university. Transportation routes in the UK are well-connected, so you won't have any problems getting around the city from your Loughborough student accommodation - 



Transportation is regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation and Loughborough has excellent connections to many major cities.


  • Local Links

Regular intercity services run between Loughborough and other mainline towns, with more than 40 trains per day running to and from 90-minute-distance London St. Pancras. Students can visit the National Rail website for further information.


  • East Midlands Trains Discounts

East Midlands Railway offers university staff and students a 10% discount on annual season tickets. To take advantage of this offer students can sign up with SmartGo.



Buses are a convenient method to go around town without getting in your automobile and they can have a significant environmental impact.


  • Local Bus

If a student needs to travel on a budget, there is a strong local bus service and connection to the national bus network. 


  • Kinch Sprint Bus ( for Loughborough University Students)

If students are taking the train, they can get to campus quickly by boarding the Kinchbus Sprint near the Loughborough Railway Station. If they are on their way to class or returning home after a hard day, they can just get on because it runs every ten minutes during term time from various locations around campus. During term time, the bus operates every 5 minutes and is free to use between 07:30 and 17:30 when students are on campus. They can simply board the bus and it will take them wherever they need to go.


Loughborough Attractions

Everyone can find something to do in the fascinating city of Loughborough. It is a great place for international students to have fun outside student accommodation in Loughborough. Loughborough is a gorgeous city, filled with buzzing nightlife, delectable cuisines and outstanding attractions for every student who wants to explore while living in a new city -


  • Loughborough Market

There are a wide variety of stalls selling local vegetables, apparel and household goods. It's a terrific place to get both bargains and high-end items. The market is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursdays and Saturdays.


  • Chocolate Alchemy

If you’re looking for something sweet and decadent, you can make a stop at Chocolate Alchemy. It is a little shop/café that serves delicious pastries, handmade chocolates and rich hot chocolate. Everything is produced on-site in the upstairs kitchen at the shop.


  • Queen's Park


This lovely park in the heart of Loughborough is ideal for walks and picnics with friends. You can visit the various spots within the neighbourhood or explore the beautiful architectural monuments.


  • Pizza At Peter’s

This pizzeria has an odd decor and edgy atmosphere, but apart from that Peter offers the finest pizza in Loughborough! The quirky and hip eatery is well-known for its authentic thin-crust pizza at a low cost. You can try the specials; they are always a winner.


  • Echoes Nightclub 

The finest way to spend a Saturday night is to go to Echoes. Because of its £2 entry tickets, music variety and inexpensive liquor, it is very popular among the students in Loughborough.

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