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    Student Accommodation Kingston upon Thames

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    Student Accommodation In Kingston Upon Thames:

    Founded in the 7th century, Kingston upon Thames (often simply called Kingston) has a great history and became part of Greater London in 1965. Today, it boasts a population of around 180,000, making it a bustling yet charming town ideal for student life. Home to Kingston University, with a student body exceeding 19,000, Kingston offers a supportive and growing academic environment. The proximity to London (just a short train journey away) makes it a highly sought-after location for students seeking a vibrant and interconnected university experience.

    Students in Kingston are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect place to live. From modern en-suite rooms and studios to self-contained flats, there's something to suit every budget and lifestyle. Sharing a house with other students in Greater London remains a popular option. Sharing rent significantly reduces individual living expenses.

    • Location flexibility: Shared accommodations are available in various parts of Kingston, catering to different preferences.
    • Furnishing options: Choose from furnished or unfurnished properties, depending on your needs.
    • Social atmosphere: Enjoy the camaraderie and connections that come with living with fellow students.

    Choosing a property here is a valuable escape from the hustle and bustle of London, providing a space to relax and unwind. This is a particularly attractive feature for students seeking a touch of green space in the city. Kingston upon Thames offers an ideal blend of academic excellence, cultural experiences, and a vibrant student community, making it a fantastic choice for your studies in the UK.


    Best Places To Stay In Kingston Upon Thames:

    Kingston upon Thames presents a varied selection of student housing, perfect for students at its esteemed universities and colleges. With options ranging from modern apartments to comfortable ensuites and studios, Kingston upon Thames offers living spaces that promise a supportive and vibrant atmosphere for both undergraduates and postgraduates. Below are some of the top-rated and most cost-effective student accommodations in Kingston upon Thames.

    Best Properties by Price:

    • One Penrhyn Road - £217/week: Budget-friendly option, is perfect for students on a tighter budget.
    • Malden Hall - £245/week: Reasonable price, offering good value for money.
    • Arbury Court - £249/week: Reasonable price, offers a balance between affordability and amenities.
    • ViBe Student Living - £255/week: Moderate price, likely with more modern facilities or social spaces.
    • Bright House - £295/week: On the higher end, may offer premium amenities or larger apartments.

    Top-Rated Properties by Students:

    • Malden Hall - 5 Rated: Consistently receives excellent reviews from students, highlighting its overall quality.
    • Vibe Student Living - 5 Rated: Another highly-rated property by students, suggesting a positive living experience.
    • Quebec House - 4.3 Rated: Students rank this property favourably, likely offering a good balance of features and price.


    About Kingston Upon Thames:

    Situated on the banks of the River Thames, Kingston upon Thames, often simply called Kingston, is a lively market town brimming with charm. Just 12 miles southwest of London's bustling centre, Kingston offers a perfect blend of historic allure and contemporary vibrancy.

    A Shopping Paradise:

    • Mall Mania: For the brand-conscious shopper, the Bentall Centre boasts a treasure trove of coveted names like Apple, Cos, Zara, and & Other Stories. Neighbouring Bentalls department store further elevates the shopping experience with a curated selection of luxury and high-street brands.
    • Boutique Bliss: Venture towards the Market Place to discover Kingston's unique "boutique" district. Here, high-end high-street brands like Reiss, Whistles, The White Company, Jo Malone, and Space NK line the charming streets.
    • Independent Gems: Step beyond the main drag and delve into the town centre's hidden gems. Independent businesses like Banquet Records and Pullingers Art Shop offer a unique shopping experience, catering to discerning tastes.
    • Quirky Delights: Follow Old London Road, past the iconic "tumbling" telephone booths, and discover a trove of independent shops brimming with personality and character.

    While Kingston's retail scene is undoubtedly impressive, the town offers much more to explore. Immerse yourself in the town's rich history, savour delicious cuisine at waterfront restaurants, or simply relax and enjoy the picturesque riverside setting. Kingston is a captivating destination that caters to diverse interests, making it an ideal place to live, study, or visit.

    Why Is Kingston Upon Thames The Best Place To Study?

    Every year, thousands of students make this place a home. Kingston upon Thames is recognised as a top study destination for several compelling reasons:

    1. Location and Safety:

    Situated just 30 minutes from central London, Kingston upon Thames offers easy access to the dynamic city life while ensuring a secure and content living environment in the UK. It consistently earns high safety ratings as one of the safest London boroughs and holds the distinction of being the second happiest place to reside in London, making it an ideal setting for both studying and living.

    2. Rich History and Heritage:

    With roots dating back to the 800s, Kingston upon Thames is steeped in history, featuring royal connections such as King Henry VIII's royal palace and a market that has endured through time.

    3. Abundance of Amenities:

    The town boasts a diverse shopping experience with over 500 shops, ranging from department stores to boutique establishments. Kingston also offers ample outdoor spaces, including two of London's royal parks and proximity to attractions like Richmond Park and Kew Gardens.

    4. Cultural and Recreational Opportunities:

    Kingston provides an array of entertainment options, encompassing acclaimed theatres, cinemas, bowling alleys, live comedy venues, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to cater to diverse preferences. The riverside hosts annual events like the Dragon Boat Festival and the Regatta, offering picturesque walks, boat trips, and various dining options along the river.

    5. Educational Environment:

    Home to Kingston University, Kingston upon Thames provides a student-friendly riverside town with modern facilities, including the Town House featuring a new library with over 1,000 study spaces and flexible learning areas. The university offers a wide range of activities both inside and outside the classroom, such as clubs, societies, sports, leisure activities, volunteering opportunities, and access to extensive green spaces for students' enjoyment.

    Kingston upon Thames stands out as an exceptional study destination due to its advantageous location near London, commitment to safety, rich historical background, diverse amenities, cultural and recreational offerings, and a supportive educational environment fostered by institutions like Kingston University.


    Where Are Students Coming From To Kingston Upon Thames?

    Based on data from the Complete University Guide for the academic year 2021/22, Kingston University boasts a noteworthy percentage of international students, accounting for 12.8% of its full-time first-degree students. This statistic emphasises the university's attractiveness to students from diverse countries seeking high-quality education in the UK.

    The varied composition of the student body at Kingston University is indicative of its global standing and its appeal to international students. The university's location in Kingston upon Thames, known for its rich history, lively city atmosphere, and proximity to London, further contributes to its desirability as a preferred destination for students worldwide.

    Here’s A Breakdown Of Statistics For International Students In Kingston Upon Thames

    As of December 1, 2023, Kingston University reports a student population breakdown as follows:

    • 14,160 students at the undergraduate/foundation level
    • 6,685 students at the postgraduate level
    • 16,345 home/EU students
    • 4,755 overseas students

    These figures underscore the substantial presence of international students at Kingston University, enhancing the campus environment with diversity and multiculturalism.


    Cost Of Living In Kingston Upon Thames:

    Oftentimes, finances are the only aspect that stops a student from pursuing their dream studies. To counter this, the following table provides an estimated breakdown of monthly living expenses for students in Kingston upon Thames, UK. Students can plan their budget accordingly. Please note that these are averages and individual costs may vary:


    Amount (£)

    Off-campus Accommodation 


    On-campus Accommodation


    Transportation Cost 


    Food Cost


    Entertainment Cost 


    Markets (Groceries)




    Off-campus Accommodation (Per month)


    On-campus Accommodation (Per month)


    Annual Cost Of Living



    Kingston Upon Thames Transportation:

    Kingston upon Thames boasts a well-connected transportation network, making it easy to explore the town, visit nearby destinations, and even access central London. Here's an overview of your options:


    • Kingston Rail Station: This station offers convenient connections to various surrounding locations:
    • Kempton Park: Ideal for horse racing enthusiasts or a day out at the park.
    • Twickenham: Home to the iconic Twickenham Stadium, a haven for rugby fans.
    • Wimbledon: Renowned for its prestigious tennis championships and charming village atmosphere.


    • Surbiton Station: This station provides an even faster commute to central London:
    • Just a 20-minute train ride from London Waterloo, offering easy access to the city's vibrant core.
    • Conveniently accessible from Kingston Town Centre:
      • A leisurely 15-minute walk allows you to enjoy the cityscape.
      • A quick 5-minute bus ride offers a comfortable alternative.


    • Travelcards: Explore these options for cost-effective travel within London's transport zones:
    • Oyster card: A rechargeable travel card allowing you to pay per journey.
    • 1-6 Zone Travelcard: Provides unlimited travel within Zones 1-6, including both Kingston and central London.


    • Extensive Network: Kingston Town Centre is well-served by around 40 bus lines, including dedicated night buses.
    • Connecting You Locally and Beyond: These buses offer regular services to various destinations:
    • All areas within the borough of Kingston upon Thames.
    • Other regions of Greater London, expanding your exploration potential.
    • Surrey, opening doors to nearby towns and attractions.
    • Heathrow Airport ensures a convenient connection for air travel.


    • Multiple Choices: Whether seeking speed or scenic beauty, you have options:
    • The X26 bus offers a swift 30-minute journey to Heathrow Airport.
    • Buses 111 and 285 provide a more picturesque route to the airport, allowing you to enjoy the journey.


    • Heathrow Airport: Accessible within a 30-minute drive from Kingston, ideal for domestic and international flights.
    • Gatwick Airport: Located 45 minutes away by car, offering another travel hub option.

    With its diverse public transportation options, Kingston upon Thames empowers you to explore the town, connect with surrounding areas, and experience all that London has to offer, making it a well-connected and convenient base for your adventures.


    Colleges And Universities In Kingston Upon Thames:

    Kingston upon Thames, a picturesque town in Greater London, boasts a vibrant academic scene with several reputable colleges and universities. Here's a closer look at some of the educational institutions that contribute to the rich learning environment in this historic town:

    1. Kingston University:

    • Location: Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, London KT1 2EE, United Kingdom.
    • Overview: A distinguished public research university, Kingston University accommodates around 17,000 students across four campuses. Specialising in arts, design, fashion, science, engineering, and business, it stands as a prominent institution fostering academic excellence and research endeavours.

    2. Kingston College:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including Richmond Road, Wood Street, 55 Richmond Road, 3 St. James' Road, 1 Penrhyn Road, and Kingston Hall Road.
    • Overview: Kingston College takes pride in its commitment to preparing students for future careers. With a personalised approach and a focus on individual student aptitudes, the college offers a diverse range of courses to cater to various interests and career paths.

    3. St Mary's University:

    • Overview: Positioned near Kingston upon Thames, St Mary's University is a dynamic institution offering a range of academic programmes. While specific details about the campus location are not provided, the university contributes significantly to the educational tapestry of the region.

    4. Richmond Upon Thames College:

    • Overview: Richmond Upon Thames College creates a stimulating environment for students, providing educational courses that cater to diverse interests. As a key player in the educational landscape, the college contributes to the intellectual growth of its students.

    5. Glyndwr University London:

    • Overview: Nestled in Kingston upon Thames, Glyndwr University London offers diverse educational opportunities. With a commitment to academic excellence, the university stands as a valuable institution within the town's educational framework.

    6. WEIS Global:

    • Overview: WEIS Global is a notable educational institution making substantial contributions to the academic landscape of Kingston upon Thames. While specific details about its location are not provided, its presence enriches the town's educational diversity.

    7. Other Educational Institutions:

    • James Hall, Procedo Education, and Churchill College: These institutions, though not specified in terms of location, are integral parts of Kingston upon Thames, offering various programmes and courses. Their presence adds to the comprehensive educational options available to students in the town.

    Kingston upon Thames emerges as a hub of educational excellence, hosting a range of colleges and universities. From the renowned Kingston University to specialised institutions like Kingston College and St Mary's University, each contributes uniquely to the educational tapestry of this historic town, making it an ideal destination for academic pursuits and intellectual growth.

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