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Student Accommodation Sheffield

The city of Sheffield, also known as 'The City of Steel,' is the fifth largest city in the United Kingdom, although it still has relatively low living costs in comparison to other student cities. For students, the cost of living in Sheffield is cheaper than in many other student cities in the UK. According to statistics, living costs in Sheffield for students is 10% cheaper than the UK national average and 25% lower than in London.

Over 10,000 students from about 150 countries book their student accommodation in Sheffield while enrolling for their higher education. The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are the most prominent universities in the city attracting students from all over the globe. It is simple to navigate through the city on foot from your student houses in Sheffield. You can also save money by buying student tickets for trams and buses.

Whether you choose to study on-campus or off-campus, you will have a variety of things to do in Sheffield. Off-campus Sheffield student accommodation are more convenient and affordable for students when compared to the university halls of residence. You can get access to a variety of amenities and facilities which include Free parking spaces, an outdoor space, recreational facilities, an on-site gym, laundry facilities, and more.

If you're searching for the best student accommodations in Sheffield, look no further. We've compiled a list below of exceptional properties that offer both affordability and quality. These carefully selected options provide students with a comfortable and enriching living experience while fitting within a reasonable budget.


Property Name

Cost Per Week

Sheffield 3


iQ Fenton House


Hollis Croft


iQ Steel


Laycock Studios


iQ Brocco


Crown House - Sheffield


Central Place


Truro Sheffield


Central Quay



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Student Accommodation Sheffield

Best Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the most student-friendly cities in the UK, owing to its affordability, culture, and diversity. There are various possibilities for seeking student accommodation in Sheffield, whether you are a student at Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Sheffield. While university halls of residence are always an option for students, private student properties in Sheffield are growing in popularity. Students in Sheffield have a range of accommodation options ranging from best student halls Sheffield and dormitories to flats, studios, ensuites, apartments and private Sheffield student housing.

About Sheffield

The city of Sheffield, located in the heart of the UK gives students the perfect blend of vibrant city life, green spaces, and diversity. The city is highly regarded for both, its sports as well as the culture, while its local scenery speaks for itself - second to none. Sheffield houses around 60,000 students from more than 150 countries all over the world every year. The main attractions of the city are its two universities, namely, the University of Sheffield which is a prestigious member of the Russel Group, and the Sheffield Hallam University which has been highly-ranked.

Sheffield is the safest big city in the United Kingdom. It's also one of the top ten most cheap university cities in the UK, with tuition much below the national average (NatWest student living index 2019). You'll discover savings around every turn thanks to its student community. With its two million trees and 250 parks and green spaces, Sheffield is fondly referred to as the ‘Green City'.


Where are students coming from? 

More than 60,000 students call this city their academic home. The universities of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam are the top ones in which these students are concentrated in. In the year 2022, the city recorded more than 29,000 students coming to study here. 

The top 10 countries of origin for international students in Sheffield in 2022-23 are:

  • China
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Nigeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia


Student Events In Sheffield

Here are some of the different events happening in Sheffield for students in 2023:

  1. Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF): This film festival showcases the best adventure films from around the world. It's a great event for students who love the outdoors and exploring new places. 


  1. Sheffield Beer Week: This week-long event celebrates Sheffield's thriving craft beer scene. There will be special events at breweries, pubs, and bars all over the city.


  1. Craft & Flea: This market is a great place to find unique handmade goods and vintage clothing. It's also a great place to meet other students and make new friends.


  1. Sheffield Varsity 2023: Made of Steel: This annual sporting event sees the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University compete against each other in a variety of sports. It's a great event for students who love sports and want to support their university.


  1. Citi Para Swimming World Series inc. British Para-Swimming Meet 2023: This swimming competition features some of the best para swimmers in the world. It's a great opportunity to see some incredible athletes in action. 


Student Housing in Sheffield

When it comes to finding suitable student accommodation in Sheffield, students are often torn between university-owned on-campus housing vs. off-campus housing. While the university’s halls of residence have the advantage of proximity to the university, the on-campus housing tends to be on the expensive side and they also fill up fast. This is where private student accommodation in Sheffield come into the picture with a lot of options for students ranging from self-contained studios to ensuites and shared apartments. Most of the private housing in Sheffield is located within a short distance from the top universities in Sheffield, with great transport links making it easy for students to save on their travel expenses.

Best Sheffield Student Houses

Student Room to rent in Sheffield

Sheffield is subdivided into several suburbs. Many of them emerged from the city's surrounding areas. These were notably incorporated into the city as it grew as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent rise of the steel industry. Independent enterprises and craft food restaurants with an "urban village ambience" may be found in modern-day Sheffield suburbs. Prominent student-friendly neighbourhoods in Sheffield include Crookesmoor, Crookes, and others. UniAcco features some of the top student accommodation in Sheffield in the aforementioned locations and beyond, with these properties loaded with numerous amenities and services for students.

  • Sheffield 3 - At this Sheffield accommodation, you may select between ensuites and studio rooms. While the University of Sheffield is only a 10-minute walk away, there are a number of eateries and bars on the premises. Sheffield 3 provides its inhabitants with extra facilities such as a mezzanine gaming and TV area, an outdoor courtyard, and a parking space.


  • iQ Fenton House - This residence offers fully furnished ensuite rooms as well as student studios flats in Sheffield. iQ Fenton House is perfect since it is surrounded by the top universities in Sheffield. There are various pubs, restaurants, cafés, and bars within walking distance. Wifi costs, contents insurance, and other utility expenses are all included in the rent, making it more convenient.


  • Hollis Croft - Irrespective of whether you’re staying at an ensuite, studio, or apartment, Hollis Croft creates a warm & welcoming environment for students. The transport services are within walking distance so commuting to the city centre or the university will be a smooth journey. Sheffield University is located near this residence.


Cost of Living in Sheffield

Sheffield is a friendly, vibrant city that is also one of the most affordable in the UK, with living costs that are 10% lower than the national average and 25% lower than London. It is a huge city with a strong feeling of community. The majority of students spend their expenses on their student accommodation in Sheffield along with other expenses. Here's a list of the cost of living in Sheffield from a student's perspective:

  Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
  Off-Campus Accommodation   248
  On-Campus Accommodation   320
  Food (60 meals)     290
  Utilities  73
  Groceries  73
  Transportation  52
  Clothes  24
  Entertainment  22


Sheffield Transportation

Student Travel Sheffield

The majority of student accommodation in Sheffield is well connected to public transportation. Depending on the distance between your home and the institution, you can either walk or take a bike, bus, tram, or train. They are readily available and link you both inside the city and to other major cities in the United Kingdom.

Bus - Stagecoach and First are the two major bus companies in South Yorkshire.  Sheffield has two bus terminals, one on Arundel Gate and the other on Pond Street. Buses take between 10 and 20 minutes to transport for students to get to the University of Sheffield.

Tram & Train -  Supertram, the tram network in Sheffield and Rotherham, is operated by Stagecoach. The University of Sheffield features a tram stop on Upper Hanover Street, which is a short walk from most of the key campus buildings as well as student flats in Sheffield.

Local Train - The Northern operates Sheffield's local rail service. It reaches out beyond the city's outskirts and into the remainder of South Yorkshire. Manchester, Leeds, and Lincoln are among the other cities.

Sheffield Attractions

Sheffield is one of the most affordable cities in the United Kingdom to live in. This makes it easy for students to save enough money from their budget to commute. It also is a huge city with a unique community feeling that offers excellent student accommodation in Sheffield. A cultural centre is located within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park. Its beauty, people, and culture will have considerably more of an impression on you than you realise.

1. Millennium Gallery

Sheffield's Millennium Gallery is a well-known art gallery. It is ideally located in the city centre, making it easy to access, and the entrance is free for visitors. The gallery offers both permanent collections and temporary exhibition rooms, so there is always new culture to discover.

2. Kelham Island Museum

Kelham Island Museum is a historic place in Sheffield, admired by history buffs. The museum is located on a man-made island alongside the Don River, which runs through the city. In 1829, this island had an iron industry, which was later converted into a power plant. The museum presently features exhibitions about Sheffield's industrial legacy.

3. Endcliffe Park

Endcliffe Park, which comprises both woodland and parkland, is one of Sheffield's many green spaces. It initially opened in 1887, and there is a historical pavilion near the entrance. The park has a number of memorials and memorial buildings, as well as a playground for children, an outdoor gym, and a parkour training area, all of which are free to use.

4. Sheffield City Hall

Sheffield City Hall, located in Barker's Pool, is a historical site in the city. The marks of a WWII bomb that exploded in the area may still be seen on the monument. The Hall presently serves as a venue for concerts and performances, as well as housing Sheffield's largest organ.

Best Universities in Sheffield

Sheffield is only about an hour away from larger cities like Manchester and Liverpool, making it easy for international students to travel to and from their home countries. Sheffield has two top-ranked universities, as well as numerous other specialized institutes offering degrees and certificates in various subject areas.

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University, founded in 1843 as the Sheffield School of Design and labelled as a university by the UK government in 1992, is now the UK's sixth largest university, with over 30,000 students enrolled. Over 4,000 of these are international students, indicating the level of comfort you will feel while studying at the university. Founded as a design school, the university now offers world-class courses in architecture, design, and social sciences, in addition to more popular departments such as business and engineering sciences.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 43%
  • Popular Programs: 700+ Undergraduate, Graduate and Masters
  • 2023 Programme Fee (Yearly): £9,900


University Of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield, one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, was established in 1897 as a result of the union of three significant local universities. The University is a part of the esteemed Russell Group, a collection of 24 elite universities in the United Kingdom focusing on research and a history of excellence. 

One of the best-funded research universities in the UK, the University of Sheffield is renowned for its excellence in the field of engineering, life sciences innovation and research. For the past 15 years, the University of Sheffield has been ranked in the top 100 of the QS World Rankings, and it is still setting standards to support international students and their career opportunities.

  • 2023 Acceptance rate: 14%
  • Popular Programs: Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and PhD
  • 2023 Programme Fee (Yearly): £9,250

You can choose any of the universities in Sheffield from the aforementioned list of comprehensive universities. International students seeking a degree in Sheffield can select from a wide range of programmes and diplomas and earn their Master, PhD, or MBA from some of the top-ranked institutions.


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FAQs on Student Accommodation Sheffield

Student housing in Sheffield provides a comfortable experience at a reasonable price. You can choose from a wide range of properties, including flats, student halls, studio apartments, private apartments, and many others.

You can find fully-furnished rooms equipped with facilities such as a furnished kitchen, wardrobe, study desk & chair, sofa, bathroom, and more.

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Yes, you can! There is a wide range of private student accommodation in Sheffield that you choose to live in. Pick the one that's perfect for you.