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Found 6 places to stay

Found 6 places to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ⭐ Are my bills included in the rent from my Luton student accommodation?

    Most of our properties in Luton have bills included, so you're only going to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure that this is the case with the property you have chosen.

  • ⭐ How do I find student accommodation in Luton?

    You will find plenty of student accommodations in Luton that are close to your uni on UniAcco. Options include studios, ensuites, flats and more. Compare options on our platform based on 80+ parameters and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • ⭐ Can I schedule a tour of my student flat in Luton before I book?

    Of course! In order to arrange a viewing, get in touch with one of our property experts and they will arrange the same.

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Student Accommodation Luton

The massive town of Luton is enough to help you experience student life without being overwhelmed by the size of the town. The city is picturesque with people, pubs and positivity. The city is heavily influenced by the London culture but you will find yourself far more at peace in Luton than in any other part of London. 

Located in the north of London, the town is not very far away from Central London and has its own international airport! It will typically take you less than 20 minutes to make it to Luton from Central London. The city is full of open spaces and is not very heavily populated. Luton also offers a wide variety of transport options and is well connected to its neighbouring cities and councils. 

If you are looking to study or work in the UK, Luton is the perfect place for you as there are ample academic as well as professional opportunities in the city. Moreover, the city is well known for its leisure activities such as horse riding, swimming and sports. A balance of work, study and recreation are what keeps Luton in balance and a favourite place of residence for several families. 

Living Experience In Luton 

Luton ranks among the top 100 best places to stay in the United Kingdom because of the modern technological advancements in the city. The whole of Luton is a blend of nature and network. The city is home to some of the most influential businessmen in the country and holds ample opportunity for employment and growth. To help you tap into the city’s core, we’ve listed out our favourite places to visit in Luton- 

Best places to visit while staying in Luton -

  • Aspire Airport Lounge 
  • Woodside Animal Farm & Leisure Farm
  • Grosvenor Casino Club 
  • Wardown Park 
  • The Walled Garden
  • Kenilworth Road Stadium
  • Vauxhall Heritage Centre

Museums And Galleries:

  • Wardown House, Museum and Gallery 
  • Shaws Corner 
  • British Schools Museum
  • Welwyn Roman Baths 
  • Natural History Museum At String 
  • The Shuttleworth Collection


  • Luton Underground 
  • Toby & Carvery
  • Harvey’s Luton
  • Frog & Rhubarb
  • Bricklayers Arms 
  • Off The Wall Luton
  • The Chequers

The Transport Network:

  • Taxi or Cab
  • Bus 
  • Train
  • Metro
  • Bikes

Restaurants and Cafes:

  • Old School Pantry
  • Monna Lisa 
  • La Trattoria 
  • Moziah’s 
  • La Dolce Vita Luton

Reasons To Visit Luton

One of the most developed towns in the UK in Luton, with its urban architecture and modern infrastructure, has developed extensively in the 21st century for a town that survived on agricultural produce in the early years of its existence. The town is filled with parks, gardens and leisure facilities. 

Moreover, the town also gives ample opportunities for employment and is a hub for hatmaking, millinery, automobile production and brickmaking. The people of Luton are highly passionate about football and even have their own local football club. The Luton Town Football Club is nicknamed “the Hatters” because the town’s hatmaking making industry is the biggest in the UK. 

Luton is located in a break in the eastern part of the Chiltern Hills. With are a mixture of chalk from the Cretaceous period (about 66 – 145 million years ago) and deposits laid at the southernmost points of the ice sheet during the last ice age. 

The weather of the city is considered to be a temperate maritime climate with light precipitation throughout the year. The local climate around Luton is slightly different from South East England due to the town’s position in the Chiltern Hills. The temperature tends to be 1–2 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding towns.

The nightlife in Luton is nothing less than extraordinary. The town is filled with historic pubs, late-night bars and cocktail joints. Some of the coolest bars include The Bear Club and Off The Wall Luton. Some bars such as the Great Northern have not changed in infrastructure, menu and location for the last 100 years.

Best Student Accommodation In Luton or Luton Accommodation:

Even Luton is a well-developed town with modern infrastructure, there is plenty of open space in Luton with massive open grounds, play areas and natural walkways. The town has plenty of room for independent houses for families as well as buildings with large flats for students and early work professionals. 

You can also find a variety of student accommodations or student flats lutonwithin walking distance from top universities like the University of Bedfordshire. 

  • Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts 
  • Hatbox 
  • Otto Village 
  • Park House 
  • New Bedford House 
  • Chapel Street 

Universities to study in Luton

University of Bedfordshire

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for student accommodation?

Applying for student accommodation with UniAcco is very easy. Figure out which property you like, after that you can make a request to book the room or flat for the dates you need it. After clicking “Book Now”, we’ll ask you to leave your contact details so that one of our experts can call you and take you through the next steps and eventually sign the contract.

You don’t have to worry about costs as UniAcco does not charge you anything for this service, you’ll only need to pay the rent to your chosen landlord.

Can I get any options for my contract length?

Most property contracts last for one academic year. If you have a plan for a longer or shorter stay, You can contact our team and our property consultants will be surely able to provide information regarding which properties are open for different contract lengths.

Are my bills included in the rent?

This depends on the property you rent, but most of our London properties have bills included, so you're only going to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure that this is the case with the property you have chosen.

What do our different room types mean?

Ensuite: Private room with private bathroom and shared kitchen and living area.

Non Ensuite: Private room with shared bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Studio: Private room with Private bathroom as well as kitchen.

Standard(6 bed & 4 bed sharing): Private room with shared bathroom, kitchen and living area.

Twodio: Private room (in a 2 bedroom flat) with Private bathroom and a kitchen that is shared between 2 people.

Threedio: Private room (in a 3 bedroom flat) with Private bathroom and a kitchen that is shared between 3 people.

Twin Ensuite: Room (shared between 2 people) with attached bathroom where the kitchen and living area shared with more tenants.

Dorms: 4 or more people sharing the same dormitory.

Two Bedroom and 3 bedroom Apartments: Private rooms with Private/Shared bathrooms (varying from property to property) and a communal kitchen and living area

How safe is it to rent student accommodation in the private sector?

We cautiously choose our properties before featuring them on a website. Our student accommodation providers are trustworthy, and they provide housing options that are safe to use.

What is a guarantor? Do I need one?

A guarantor is a person (often a family member) that signs an agreement of being financially responsible for paying the rent in case the tenant is unable to. Many properties require a guarantor if the tenant wishes to pay the rent in instalments.

Can I schedule a tour of a property before I book?

Of course! In order to arrange a viewing of a property, we need you to complete an application form on our website. As soon as we have all your details, you can contact our booking experts, and they will arrange a property viewing for you.

What if my questions are not included here?

In this case, you can directly contact our property consultants. They will be happy to help you out.