Best Breakfasts in Sheffield

Best breakfasts in Sheffield

Whether it’s a deliciously juicy, greasy fry-up or some fresh fruit and fluffy yogurt, it’s undoubtedly the best start to your day! Everybody loves a good breakfast. You do not need to think about breakfast choices while studying in a fun city like Sheffield because there are so many delicious places for you to try to give your taste buds a treat. While living here, the city has a growing cultural scene with award-winning theatre, street art, music, festivals, and many more, offering you plenty of entertainment. There are endless food choices with a varied food and drink scene, from street food to fine dining, to cozy cafes. If you want an excellent, hearty breakfast to soak up your hangover, don’t worry because it’s all in Sheffield. To help you out; we’ve compiled a list of the best breakfasts in Sheffield to catch your brekkie!

Steam Yard

This cozy little spot on Aberdeen Court is great for the best breakfasts in Sheffield and meeting up for a catch up with university mates, with a wide range of different coffees on offer.

The best news is, Steam Yard is just £ 3 for a coffee and a doughnut deal. What more could you want?

Steam Yard is well known for its ‘cronut,’ which is essentially a combination of a croissant and an American doughnut, filled with flavored cream and topped with chocolate, honeycomb, popcorn fruit, and cream! Wow!-Wow!

Why not try their tantalizing applewood smoked cheddar & honey bagel for breakfast if that doesn’t take your fancy?

You are not going to be disappointed when visiting this cozy eatery.

The Hidden Gem

This place is truly a secret gem, and not too far away from your comfortable accommodation. The name speaks for itself.

A peaceful escape with super tasty food to match, The Secret Gem is only a 15-minute drive from Sheffield Hallam University and a 10-minute drive from the University of Sheffield.

All of their items are sourced locally, freshly cooked daily on-site, and combined with ingredients to make the ultimate tasty combos.

They also have a great vegan meal, consisting of scrambled tofu, tomato, wilted spinach chestnut & wild mushrooms, sautéed new potatoes, and tender stem broccoli … delicious!

We will also encourage you to try royal eggs with hot smoked salmon, spinach, poached eggs, and English muffin hollandaise sauce and have the best breakfasts in Sheffield.

Juke and Loe

Will you like a delicious brunch on a Saturday to wash the hangover away? Juke and Loe, the best breakfast places in Sheffield is a fabulous independent restaurant owned by brothers Joseph and Luke Grayson on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield.

Their casual brunch menus have several different choices for contemporary meals, including fixed lunches and evening menus.

We would recommend that you stop by for a sunny mid-morning when the doors are wide open so that you can soak up the positive vibes.

The avocado toast with poached eggs is a must-try, as is the breakfast with vegetables. It is the best breakfast eateries in Sheffield. You’ve got to try out their pancakes for those with a sweet tooth!

That Place

If you need a caffeine boost, located on Chesterfield Road, this cute little coffee shop is excellent. The place has a mouth-watering breakfast menu and is one of the best places for breakfast in Sheffield.

We’d suggest a quick sausage and egg sandwich to tickle your taste buds if you fancy a breakfast sandwich. If you are in the mood for something a little lighter, why not try a smoked salmon & scrambled egg bagel?

However, a must-try is the famous “That Place Breakfast,” consisting of bacon, sausage, egg, beans, mushrooms, potato cakes, tomatoes, and toast.

Tamper Coffee

Looking for places for breakfast in Sheffield? Tamper Coffee is situated in the middle of Sheffield city center; the rustic interior makes this place super unique, not to mention the delicious food.

Tamper Coffee lets you experience Kiwi coffee and food culture at very fair prices, creating the ultimate experience!

Do you need rejuvenation? Cherry tomatoes, pickled cabbage, coriander, and mango quinoa, paprika hummus, charred broccoli, mangetout, and kale are their “Rejuvenator” meal, all topped with toasted almonds!

We would highly recommend the sausage or bacon breakfast burger if that sounds a bit too healthy for you, which speaks for itself.

The avocado and halloumi on toast and the sweetcorn fritters are other breakfasts worth noting if you fancy anything a little different!


This cute little café on Howard Lane is near Sheffield Hallam University to give you the best breakfast brunch in Sheffield.

HowSt café has a delicious range of breakfast and brunch available to fill your belly, offering a quaint, relaxed atmosphere.

If you need a seat downstairs, we’d recommend booking because this place can get incredibly busy because of its serious popularity, but believe us when we say, you’re not going to be disappointed.

The coffee made by the barista is delicious here and wildly popular among visitors.

The hearty veggie breakfast, the scrambled eggs, and the toasties are among the recommendations. Is your stomach already rumbling?

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Best breakfasts in Sheffield

Best Breakfasts in Sheffield

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