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Explore your best University of Derby In less time with UniAcco! Students from around the globe come to the University of Derby due to its top-rated programs. The University of Derby has an amazing campus and different campus clubs, so you’ll have something to do.   The University of Derby Is plentiful and once you know where you want to live, you’ll have no worries finding a shared or private apartment, en-suite room, or student studios and dual occupancy available. If you’re getting ready to have the best University of Derby residences, UniAcco is here for help!

All our University of Derby student accommodation options are situated nearer to public transportation, have awesome facilities and a wide variety of student halls. Each area has unique qualities, but all offer great student accommodation options nearer to The  University of Derby. With UniAcco you can find, compare, and book the ideal spot for your   University of Derby International student apartments.

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Found 4 places to stay

Found 4 places to stay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ⭐ Can I get accommodation close to the University of Derby?

    Yes. On UniAcco, there are plenty student accommodation available near the University of Derby.

  • ⭐ How do I find accommodation near the University of Derby?

    You will find plenty of student accommodations near the University of Derby on UniAcco. Options include studios, ensuites, flats and more. Compare options on our platform based on 80+ parameters and pick the one which suits you the best.

  • ⭐ Is it compulsory to stay in University of Derby hostels?

    No. It is not compulsory to stay in hostel. You can choose off campus accommodation of your choice and convenience. UniAcco covered all student housing places close to the University of Derby

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University of Derby Accommodation

Established as a teacher training college in the year 1851, the University of Derby is a public university in the United Kingdom. Today, it is one of the top 10 research and innovation universities in the UK. The university was formed through the amalgamation of several colleges and universities and gained the status of a university in the year 1992. THe university is located in the heart of England and is built on UK’s heritage of inclusion to provide industry-relevant, expert teaching, from foundation and undergraduate degrees through to postgraduate study and research.

Excellent Teaching - The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), the only UK Government-endorsed measure of teaching excellence in UK higher education and the University of Derby has a Gold TEF rating. This is the highest attainable rating and with this, the teaching and learning at the University of Derby are considered world-class.

Rich Student Experience - The University of Derby focuses on innovation and encourages its students to engage in healthy competition. Moreover, the university is inclusive of students from all backgrounds and gives high priority to constantly improve its student experience. This is why according to the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey of 2020, the University of Derby ranks top 10 in the world for international student learning experience and also for postgraduate learning experiences.

Magnificent Campus -   The university consists of four sites. Each site is established for the purpose of a different subject. For example, the Markeaton Street site is a place where courses relating to engineering, mathematics and computer science are taught. Other such campuses include Kedleston Road, Britianna Mill and One Friar Gate Square. In addition to that, you will find many theatres, lecture and conference halls, concert venues and recording studios on the university grounds.  Moreover, there are 5 libraries located across the university campus. Each library consists of an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, documents and all sorts of documents.

Support For Employment - The University of Derby has its own Careers and Employment Service that caters to students seeking exposure in the industry beyond classrooms. The university organises workshops for students to improve their profile for company interviews and also offers online and offline support to students. You will have opportunities to apply your learning, with work experience that’s directly relevant to your studies, including placements and real projects set by businesses.

Innovation: At the University of Derby, you’ll be at the cutting edge of innovation and research. The University has innovative teaching and learning facilities and is transforming the campus, with a great deal of investment.

Best Student Accommodation Experience Near University of Derby

The University of Derby is a popular choice for tertiary studies among international as well as domestic students of the UK. As a result, there are many options to find student accommodation near the University of Derby.Once you have received an unconditional offer letter and are planning to stay as close to the university grounds as possible, you may come across many on-campus and off-campus accommodation.

It is usually very difficult to find student accommodation on-campus because the rooms fill up very quickly and on a first-come-first-served basis. However, there are plenty of off-campus accommodation for you to choose from near the University of Derby. Moreover, off-campus student rooms near this university are highly recommended because they are super-affordable and spacious.

University Life in the University of Derby

Since the University of Derby is located at the heart of England, the nearby localities are bustling with students and professionals who are celebrating life. The city is known to have a great community spirit and is a blend of rich history and modern facilities like the Intu Centre.

The city is a two-minute drive from the Peak District and Alton Town and has something to offer to every person. If you’re into music, art or if you're just looking for some quiet time.

As compared to Edinburgh, Nottingham, London and Manchester, the cost of living in Derby and particularly around the University of Derby is highly affordable and the student accommodations here have great value for money. The city has the advantage of its location being in the centre of the UK, which means that it’s really convenient to travel to other major cities.

The Union Of Students at the University of Derby offers all students the opportunity to take part in clubs and community activities across the university. They arrange events that range from team sports, impartial advice, social campaigns and more. There are over 150 clubs and societies to choose from and there is no limit to the number of clubs you may want to join. The societies at the University of Derby include the following:

  • A course or subject area, such as the Law Society or Arts Society
  • An interest, such as the Film Society, Spanish Society or Rock Music Society
  • A religion or culture, such as the Christian Union, Islamic Society or Afro Caribbean Society
  • An identity, such as the LGBTQ+ Society, Mature Student or Student Parents and Carers Society
  • A cause or campaign, such as Student Action for Refugees (STAR) or Student Action for Armed Forces Communities (SAAFCO)
  • Something else – you can start one of your own!

This is offered as a part of your university life at the University of Derby for the all-rounded development of students.

Sports Clubs

The University of Derby has 16 sports clubs that are into the British Universities and Colleges Sport league (BUCS League). Think of a sport and it's highly unlikely that there isn’t a club to learn or practice that sport in the University of Derby. The university has a  club that include but are not limited to: archery, boxing, swimming, trampolining and even weightlifting, to team sports like football, rugby (union and league), cricket, netball, table tennis, American football, dodgeball and cheerleading.

Library Services

The university also has a large range of libraries, five, to be precise, the University of Derby. All have 24x7 online support access and support for using resources and research which include:

  • Help and advice in researching information for your studies
  • Books, journals, DVDs, and reference materials to support your course studies
  • Online access to e-books, e-journals and other information
  • Open access computers with Office applications, email, internet and specialist software
  • Photocopiers, scanners, and DVD players
  • Accessibility equipment such as screen readers, text magnifier, specialist software and overlays
  • Study and digital skills support.

Moreover, if you use the BrowZine service to browse thousands of academic journals available to you. You can search by your chosen subject or search for a specific title. Create your own bookshelf and be alerted when a new issue is published.

MultiFaith Centre

This Centre exists to promote mutual understanding between people of different faiths/beliefs and none and to build respect between people as fellow human beings across cultures within the University of Derby.The Centre is a shared space where people are invited to speak freely and fearlessly in the spirit of ‘Listen to others as you want them to listen to you.’The original idea emerged from the grassroots in a group drawn from the local Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities alongside the University of Derby. The Design Brief and fundraising were achievements of inter-faith dialogue.

Nearby Places

The University of Derby is located such that one can enjoy the best of both worlds. If someone wishes to stroll in the city centre and adapt to the modern lifestyle. They can do so easily by choosing city life. However, if you prefer the quiet and do not want to be disturbed by people, traffic and surround yourself with serenity, you can also choose to stay in the countryside.

The University of Derby caters to all types of students and offers them the flexibility to organise entertainment nights for themselves. The university takes pride in offering multifaceted activities such as adventure sports, cultural events, music festivals, sports evenings just to name a few. However, if you wish to step out of the university grounds, you will find many places worthy of spending your free time.

Derby is known to have many parks, art galleries and other entertainment centers such as escape rooms and Quad marketplace. One of the most popular parks near the University of Derby is Markeaton. Located particularly away from the main road in the midst of nature, this park is the perfect place to restore your mental and physical energy. Quad on other hand is an entertainment complex situated 10 mins away from the University of Derby. It is home to a shopping complex, a cinema theatre,  cafe bar and many workshops.

Best Accommodation Near University of Derby

Lonsdale Place

Lonsdale Place is one of the most popular areas of residency among international students near the University of Derby. The cost of finding student accommodation in this area is much cheaper than residing in any other area of Derby, especially if you are planning to visit  the University of Derby regularly. The Joseph Wright Centre is 1.5km, and Derby University is 2.3 km. Coaches- FREE University Bus is 0.1km Train station like Derby Train is 2.4km. Supermarkets like Sainsbury's local and Tesco Metro are also located in close proximity.

Cathedral Road

Cathedral Road is another popular area of residency in Derby and is especially popular among families and mid-career professionals. Cathedral Road is one of the most prime locations in Derby and has all essential services such as shopping complexes, pharmacies, restaurants, schools, surgeries & clinics, schools and parks all located close to the Road. The road is a 5 min drive from the University of Derby and offers students the flexibility to own private rooms or share the apartment with friends.

Cathedral Court

Derby’s Cathedral Court is located in the heart of Derby offering students with fresh, modern and high quality student housing solutions. Flat sizes within Cathedral Court vary between four to eleven students sharing; with larger flats offering additional communal space and storage to accommodate the number of students. The accommodation in Cathedral Court is a 7 min walk from One Friar Gate Square and a 15 minute walk to Britannia Mill.