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Every year, the southern city of Portsmouth welcomes 23,000 university students, making it an ideal destination to study. Student accommodation in Portsmouth is abundant and diverse, so whether you're searching for a studio apartment or ensuites, your stay will be sorted. With prominent student halls in Portsmouth well-connected to transport links, you can book the accommodation that best fits your requirements. 

The city is also home to the University of Portsmouth, which was recently named as one of the top 100 modern institutions in the world. It is home to various theatres that stage amateur dramatics as well as national tours. Portsmouth also has three well-known music venues. Finding student housing in Portsmouth located within the vicinity of these universities as well as the major attractions is a simple and hassle-free process.

Aside from the university’s halls of residence, you can select from a variety of private studios, ensuites, communal apartments, flats, and more. This type of affordable private student housing is very appealing to international students because of its excellent amenities, high-quality rooms, and broad choices of rooms and flats.

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Best Student Accommodation In Portsmouth

The city of Portsmouth offers a variety of student housing options ranging from expensive to affordable. It's not difficult to locate suitable student accommodation in Portsmouth since it is one of the top student cities in the UK. University students on a budget have a lot of alternatives to choose from. All of Portsmouth's accommodation options are curated and located with the tenant's supreme comfort in mind. The University of Portsmouth, City College and Highbury College are all prominent universities that are close to some of the student halls in Portsmouth. Private halls of residence, public halls of residence, and private homes make up the remainder of Portsmouth's student housing divisions.

About Portsmouth

With 205,400 inhabitants overall, Portsmouth is a port city in Hampshire, England. Portsmouth is located on Portsea Island, a short peninsula sandwiched between Langstone Harbour to the east and Portsmouth Harbour to the west in the English Channel. The renowned University of Portsmouth is located in the city. In April 2015, it was listed among the top 100 modern universities worldwide. Highbury College, which focuses on vocational education, is one of the local colleges in Portsmouth that has the authority to grant degrees for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Apart from that, in terms of nearby student housing options to the university, many properties are within a walking distance of 10 to 20 minutes from one another. The assortment of cheap student accommodations in Portsmouth provides secluded areas for students to study and unwind.

Student Housing Portsmouth

Every student housing in Portsmouth provides outstanding amenities that are used by both domestic and foreign students. Portsmouth's universities, with their wide halls, also provide superb accommodation. There is also sufficient provision for students who choose private student accommodation in Portsmouth. Off-campus, there are plenty of activities for students to do, with fantastic nightlife options such as clubs and restaurants, and for those who want to explore a little further. Here you will discover information on UniAcco's private student accommodation in Portsmouth.

Best Places to Stay in Portsmouth

Portsmouth has a diverse variety of neighbourhoods that makes students feel comfortable and at home. Unquestionably, the majority of Portsmouth student lets are all-inclusive and provide luxurious, yet affordable en-suite studios and communal apartments. UniAcco offers many options for private student accommodation in Portsmouth located close to top universities. 

  • Stanhope House - The most popular option for students in Portsmouth is Stanhope House. The well-constructed Stanhope House has a living area and plenty of storage. Due to its location in one of the city's most energetic and happening neighbourhoods, it provides students wishing to relocate or settle in the city with a choice of housing options that are also affordable.


  • Catherine House - The property is one of the brand-new student flats in Portsmouth that is situated in the very centre of the city. Students who want to be close to everything, including pubs, restaurants, and entertainment, will find it to be excellent. Students seeking a coastal getaway after a long day at school should consider Catherine House in Portsmouth.


  • Europa House - It is a great option for student accommodation in Portsmouth. Students have access to all the major areas in Portsmouth from this student house. Students may easily access the city's side, which is flanked by a variety of stores, eateries, cafes, etc.


  • Chaucer House - Some of the best colleges are close by to this student housing. It is a well-liked hub for both domestic and foreign students due to its convenient access to such institutes. Students can take advantage of the lively city's entertainment options and weekend activities while staying at Chaucer House.

Cost of Living in Portsmouth

While staying at their student accommodation in Portsmouth, there are two different types of costs for students to take into account: cost of accommodation and other expenses. The typical Portsmouth student needs to find housing that is inexpensive since rent will take up the majority of their monthly budget. A newcomer won't be able to afford to buy an apartment, therefore they'll have to pay rent instead, which typically costs between GBP 500 to GBP 1,150 (per month). For individuals who want to study abroad in Portsmouth, there are numerous possibilities for student housing. Other expenses like groceries, food, travel, utility bills and entertainment range between GBP 105 to GBP 130.

Portsmouth Transportation

Portsmouth is a well-connected city with great transportation options to London, and the train ride only takes about 90 minutes to get there. The majority of city locations are easily accessible from the student accommodation in Portsmouth. Additionally, Portsmouth and its environs are served by regular transport routes. Students can obtain a travel pass to move around the city at reasonable rates. Here are two of the best travel options in Portsmouth -


A quick and affordable way to get around the city is by bicycle. It's also great for exercising and reducing carbon footprint. The peaceful roadways in Portsmouth are surrounded by a number of paths. On the university campus, staff and students can take advantage of a range of services, including a number of covered cycle cages with swipe card access and bike lockers.


Several universities in Portsmouth allow students to travel for free on university buses. There are specialised pick-up and drop-off locations that are typically found in Portsmouth neighbourhoods with student housing. If students live elsewhere in the city, they can also board a First Bus or Stagecoach bus to get to the city centre. These services are accessible on weekends, federal holidays, and after-university hours too. These services require students to purchase a ticket. Buying monthly or season tickets instead of daily tickets is a useful way to save money if students ride the bus frequently.

Portsmouth Attractions

Everyone can find something to do in the alluring city of Portsmouth. It is a fantastic place for international students to visit and even better during the summer. The city is vibrant and beautiful; overflowing with a bustling nightlife, delectable cuisines and numerous locations that pique the interest of every student who wants to explore Portsmouth. 


Portsmouth is also informally called the "City of Museums". It has a wide variety of museums and galleries on the tiny island, each offering something unique to suit a variety of tastes and interests. There is something for everyone to learn, from the lives of famous authors to uncovering the private narratives of military heroes. Not to mention the fantastic art galleries to visit, which feature modern and contemporary pieces by both up-and-coming and established artists. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Cumberland House Natural History Museum, Charles Dickens Birthplace Museums, Southsea Castle and The D-Day Story are some of the top museums in the city.


Portsmouth is a city on an island, making it the perfect location to try water activities. The Watersports Hub offers instruction in Stand Up Paddleboarding, Open Water Swimming, and Kite Surfing in Portsmouth during the summer. Both indoor and outdoor tennis courts are also available at the Portsmouth Tennis Centre.


The great cuisine at the "Outside-In" in Middle Street (close to LSI/IH Portsmouth) is a beautiful experience for all young people. This hidden warehouse has been converted into an indoor food court where one can find the most delectable selection of street food. Popular Thursday nights include live music frequently. Other restaurants like The Garage Lounge, Pie and Vinyl, Meant and Barrel, Bombay Bay and Staggeringly Good Brew are some of the popular eateries and breweries to visit.


The "We Believe" art trail consists of three walkable art pathways made by 20 local artists. It is a great place to put on your walking shoes and enjoy some local art at the same time. Each artist created a piece that was inspired by the concept of optimism and hope for the global community after COVID-19.