A Complete Student Housing Guide Manchester 2024

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Manchester, in addition to becoming a remarkable metropolis and metropolitan borough in the UK in recent years, has also shown consistent growth since the 19th-century, industrial revolution. This city is well known in the sporting world as the home of not one, but two of the most amazing football clubs in the world, Manchester United and Manchester City. However, apart from its sporting credentials, it is well-known for its eateries, music, and nightlife. In a modern city setting, Manchester offers students the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of cultural activities. It is the epicentre of the thriving arts and culture scene in the country. As a result, it is an excellent place to live for international students. There are several affordable options for student housing in Manchester close to the university and other institutions.

Popular Locations For Student Accommodation In Manchester

Out of all the places to visit and travel to, here are some of the best places to stay in Manchester:

  • City Center
  • Salford
  • Fallowfield
  • Rusholme
  • Hulme
  • Oxford Road
  • West Didsbury

Types Of Accommodation

There are several options for student housing in Manchester (both on-campus and off-campus). Some of the most common housing options for students looking for a place to live are as follows:

Halls Of Residence

Most universities have on-campus hostels or dorms where students can live. They include amenities such as eateries, WiFi, laundry, and other management-provided services. Most student halls are near universities and provide a variety of room types, including en-suite rooms and studios. The majority of Student Halls include bills in the rent and provide the privacy of a private room while also allowing students to meet other students.

Private Housing

Private student housing in Manchester is off-campus accommodation that is often close to the institution. Because it is less expensive, students prefer to reserve accommodations in shared rooms. Gas, water, and electricity bills are typically included in the rent. The cost structure varies according to the type of housing and the location. You can choose between a single room, an en suite room, and a studio unit, depending on your needs.

student housing in Manchester

Cost Of Living

Manchester is a city full of hope and growth. Surviving financially in such a city can be difficult, especially if you are a student. So here’s a rundown of your typical expenses.

  • Rent is the most expensive, but it also depends on the type of accommodation you choose. On average, the best area to stay in Manchester will cost you between £408.
  • Then there’s food, which is a significant portion of your budget; it could range between £348 per month.
  • Travel costs £94 per week, depending on how far you live from your university and the city centre.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Transportation: To save money and time, make sure you have public transportation access and can get to your university easily.
  • Security: Nowadays, most student housing in Manchester has increased security. Outsiders are not allowed to enter gated communities.
  • Cultural barriers: Student organizations and centres allow people from all walks of life to interact.

Lease and T&C

Deposit: It is a one-time monetary payment made to the landlord.  If the agreement requirements are met, the deposit is refundable at the end of your stay. The typical deposit ranges between £150 and £400.

Admin fee: Some landlords charge this fee to their tenants. It is a non-refundable fee of approximately £150.

Lease period: One-year leases are usually preferred by property managers. Landlords may even be willing to consider a six-month lease. Some property managers also offer a three-month short-term lease option. A longer lease term will typically result in a significant decrease in your monthly rate. Abandoning a lease can have serious financial and legal consequences.

Guarantor: For student housing in Manchester, you can only pay in instalments if you have a guarantor. A lease guarantor is a third party who contributes to rental security. If you pay the rent in full at the beginning of the tenancy, you will not be required to provide a guarantor.

Cancellation policy: Most landlords allow you to cancel your booking 3-14 days after you make it. If you cancel your booking after those 3-14 days, you may be required to pay weekly rent until the room can be re-let. 

Pets: Pets are not generally allowed unless they are licenced assistance dogs.

Booking fees: This is typically the amount charged as a deposit by the landlord. If the admin fee is applied, the total cost you may incur at the time of booking student housing in Manchester is as follows: Deposit + Admin Fee.

Documentation Process

In most cases, you will be asked to submit a copy of your University Admit Card. If you are an international student, you will most likely need your passport and visa. Apart from that, no documentation is required.

Alerts Regarding Scam And Fraud

When looking for student housing in Manchester, there are numerous opportunities to come across frauds and scams. To avoid this, you must be cautious about who you trust and how you conduct your business. Before sending any money or any of your documents to anyone, make sure you conduct a thorough background check. 

The Takeaway

Manchester is a wonderful city for tourists, sports fans, and aspiring students. Moving out of your parent’s house is a big step toward adulthood. Here’s a guide to making the transition from one city to another as easy and painless as possible.


1. What are some of Manchester’s most popular student hangouts?

When it comes to recreational activities, the city does not disappoint. In Manchester, popular student hangouts include Escape to Freight Island, Albert Hall, “Ramona and the Firehouse,” and Crazy Pedro’s.

2. How to choose the right locality when choosing student accommodation in Manchester?

When choosing student housing, make sure you live close to your university and/or close to public transportation. This saves you both time and money.

3. What are some of the popular locations for student housing in Manchester?

The most popular location for student accommodation in Manchester is Cambridge House, Manchester House, Manchester student village, Vita student circle square and many more.

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student housing in Liverpool

A Complete Student Housing Guide Manchester 2024

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