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Cost of Living in Luton for Students 2023

Luton is a great place to study if you’re looking to live in the UK. A town with a cultural blend, Luton is a top locale for students to call home. It is well-connected by public transportation, and it’s also close to London. And while Luton isn’t as expensive as other cities in the UK, it is important for students to know what the cost of living in Luton is and what expenses they should take into account. Before we understand about the living costs in the city, let’s see why students are so eager to make the townhome and explore what the quaint yet bustling town of Luton has to offer.

If you’re an international student, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of people who come to Luton every year. The average cost of living in Luton for students ranges between £1,183 to £1,255 per month. This is inclusive of expenses like your student accommodation, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, entertainment, and more. Read this article to further understand the breakdown of your monthly expenses and what factors account for your overall cost of living.

Living In Luton As A Student

Luton is a borough and the most populous town tucked away in Bedfordshire. There is a comfortable range of student accommodation options in Luton due to the high student influx and the cost of living in Luton can go as low as £121. Quality student living is strategically located around Bedfordshire University and Barnfield College, the two most popular and reputed universities in Luton houses. These centres provide a great range of facilities for students to enjoy and focus on prioritising ultimate comfort. Some of the facilities are launderettes, on-site maintenance, bike storage, and amazing communal spaces like a games room, gym area, lounge and cinema area and much more.

Cost Of Living In Luton

In spite of housing dynamic universities and being a very populous town, Luton is very easy-on-the-pocket. The amounts listed below will give you a fair idea of what the cost of living in Luton looks like:

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£548
On-Campus Accommodation£476
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,255
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,183

Student-Friendly Locations – Top student living areas in Luton are Chapel Street, Hatbox and Opto Park House due to their strategic location which is close to the town centre and the universities. Great property with state-of-the-art facilities which promise total comfort is Fitzroy and Wenlock Courts at Vicarage Street in Luton. 

Rent for Students – Rent anywhere in the UK even if affordable, does not come cheap. Keeping in mind the needs and comfort of the students, we have carefully curated a comprehensive list of safe and affordable student accommodation options ranging from £121 – £194/week. 

Student Accommodation In Luton

Student accommodation in Luton strives to maintain the highest of standards at attractive rates. With the rentals ranging from £121/week to £194/week, let us take a look at the different kinds of living spaces available to better understand the cost of living in Luton –

Shared Rooms Offer a shared kitchen, living and washroom space.

Private Rooms – Students looking to enjoy a bit more private space can opt for private rooms where they can have a bathroom and study area all to themselves yet enjoy a shared kitchen and living area.

Studios – Want to cut out shared spaces and opt for complete privacy? Studios are perfect for students looking for a private bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study and storage space.

Apartments – Total comfort – a fully furnished room that comes with an en-suite bathroom, living room, kitchen, study area and wardrobe.

Student Life In Luton

People usually have a misconception that a town has a stifling atmosphere, a barren culture and almost no opportunities. None of the above holds for Luton and its whopping population of 258,000 people. Being the largest town in Bedfordshire, it has a rich history and an interesting culture. Its global people have formed a close-knit and strong community over the years. It has a thriving student population that promises an array of enjoyable and educational experiences. 

Restaurants, Cafes and Shopping – Luton has a wide selection of restaurants serving up cuisines from all over the globe owing to its multicultural people. Some of the choicest restaurants in the town are Monna Lisa and La Trattoria, both serving Italian food and Al Quds which serves delicious Middle Eastern fare. The town boasts some charming cafes like Nearest Cafe and The Hardware Cafe. Like any British town, it has an impressive collection of pubs with Bricklayers Arms and The Brewery Tap being the most popular. Some popular shopping centres in Luton are the Wigmore Park District Centre and Luton Retail Park.

Museums, Landmarks and Parks – A unique tidbit about Luton is that it was famous for many years for its hatmaking prowess. It also hosts The Luton Carnival, the largest one-day carnival in Europe held on the Whitsun May bank holiday. Luton boasts an impressive collection of historical, architectural and natural sites which are peppered throughout the town. Some of the famous sites which are worth a visit are the Stockwood Discovery Centre, Wrest Park, Wardown House, Museum and Gallery, Woodside Animal Farm & Leisure Park, The Barton Hills National Nature Reserve and two serene parks among others – the Wardown Park and the Stockwood Park. 

Nightlife Owing to the student population in Luton, the town has its fair share of pubs and exciting nightlife. Some of the popular nightclubs in Luton are The Bear Club, Off the Wall Luton and Specs Comedy which is a fun bar with a great space for open mic nights.

Student Travel in Luton

Any city in England has an excellent network of public transport. Luton is no less with great transport links with regards to bus, rail, taxis and cycling. It is easy and highly affordable for students to get around town and explore sites outside of town too. It makes the university, social activities and the town centre easily accessible.

Bus Parnell Place near the city centre serves as the main bus terminal of Luton and it is easy to get on highways and around town owing to its comprehensive bus network. Over a hundred buses are operating in the town and operate 24 hours a day.

Cycling – There are well-maintained cycling tracks throughout the town and the People’s Park is an excellent cycling spot for people who enjoy the activity.

Luton Attractions

Luton’s city centre, train and bus station lie close to all the major student accommodation centres in the town. Universities collaborate with local transportation providers to help university personnel and students save money on travel. 

Take a look at the list below if you are looking to explore the beautiful town of Luton and want to get to know its people more. 

  • Kenilworth Road Stadium
  • Stockwood Park
  • Wardown House, Museum & Gallery
  • Stockwood Discovery Centre
  • Woodside Animal Farm & Leisure Park

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Cost of Living in Luton for Students 2023