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Student Accommodation Aberystwyth

You can find any student accommodation on UniAcco, where you can compare student housing options basis price, amenities, distance from universities, features and more. Feel free to consult our super-friendly team of experts over a call, chat or email who can suggest you the top options as per your requirements. Choose from over 5000 student housing options across Aberystwyth. Whether you are looking for private studios, halls or flats to share with other students, we have got it covered.

Student housing experience in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is a minute community town, and for many students coming from a large city, it can be quite a culture crash. There are no shopping plazas, no multiplex theatres; Aberystwyth is a site where you come to acknowledge the natural things in life.
The central street owns the typical high street markets and local stores, and a bus service runs throughout the City which mostly stops at the tip of Penglais Hill at the university, to preserve the march up and down the mountain into town. Taxi assistance is abundant, and the railway station is in the centre of the City, ideally placed next to the Wetherspoons. There is a big local hospital at the bottom of the hill, also several doctors and dentists in the City to cover all of your medical needs. There are several supermarkets situated around town, the most famous being the Co-Op next to the halls of accommodation. However, there is a Somerfield and a 24-hour Spar in City, as well as a Safeways on the local selling estate. Student housing is generally affordable around Aber. Halls vary from the ensuite to the uncarpeted to the battery farm (Penbryn). Rates aren't too reduced either, differing from £50-70 per week. Nevertheless, once you settle in, you notice that it doesn't matter where you reside because everyone has a great time wherever they are.

What makes Aberystwyth unique? 

For many Brits, Aberystwyth in Wales is a usual holiday destination. Also,  thousands of university students visit each year and blow new life into the city every September. If you like stunning views and a warm welcome, you'll love Aber. It should be a contender for your next journey to Wales; there's a whole lot to love about it. Aberystwyth's cliff railway is magnificent. It's one of the greatest funiculars in Britain and was built in 1896.
It'sIt's not for nothin' that Aber was once named the Biarritz of Wales. Its splendid railway meant that that city had a real boom in tourism in the Victorian eras. For a decent castle, and Aberystwyth's is one of the most immeasurable in Britain. It's certainly not the biggest castle in Wales (that honour goes to Caerphilly Castle, the second-biggest in Britain), but it'sits one of the most fascinating.

Universities to study in Aberystwyth

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