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  • 11 mins
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This student accommodation provides a wide range of en-suite rooms and studio rooms. Irrespective of your room choice, expect a Wi-Fi connection, study desk and a bed. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students.

The University of London and University College London are some of the nearest universities to this property. Manor House Station is the nearest train station whereas Portland Rise Estate (Stop J) is the nearest bus stop. There are many nearby restaurants, pubs and clubs like Dobar, The Finsbury, Sublime Pizza & Bar, among others. Whittington Health is the nearest hospital in the area.

Additional amenities provided include all-inclusive utility bills, social events, a garden, CCTV, a communal area and a study area. 


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Deposit: £250 to confirm a booking (refundable at the end of tenancy).
Installment Plan: Full payment or 4 instalments(for booking over £4000)
Guarantor: Not required.
Mode of Payment: Credit/Debit Card.

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£280 - £420 /week

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