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    Vita Student Tinlings

    5-7, Crosshall St, Liverpool L1 6DQ, United Kingdom

    Students seeking top-tier amenities and an excellent location should consider Vita Student Tinlings, also known as Liverpool Tinlings, Liverpool Student Accommodation. With rates starting at just £185 per week, this accommodation offers a variety of options, including Classic private bedrooms, Classic+ rooms, Two-bedroom and Premium Plus rooms. Conveniently located just an 8-minute transit journey from the Liverpool campus of SAE Institute, Liverpool Tinlings provides everything students need for a comfortable and convenient student living.


    This student housing in Liverpool in a prime location is matched by its exceptional amenities. Each apartment has an electric stove, microwave, and refrigerator, ensuring students have everything they need for convenient living. Security is a top priority, providing students with a safe and secure environment. Additionally, there is 24-hour staff support available for students, making Vita Student Tinlings a comfortable choice for student accommodation.


    This Liverpool student accommodation on Crosshall Street is ideally situated near St. John's Gardens, the Shankly Hub, and the vibrant Victoria Street, making it a central hub for activities and socialising. It is conveniently located near the Hotel Municipal and Spa Liverpool, perfect for a relaxing day out. Liverpool Tinlings is just a two-minute walk from Dale Street, which has fantastic dining options like Dale Street Kitchen and Bar by Shino. Students can also explore The View Restaurant on Lime Street, offering even more delicious culinary experiences. Everything is within walking distance in under five minutes, making the location a spot to hang out with new friends.


    Liverpool Tinlings, Liverpool is located just a four-minute walk from the Cumberland Street (Stop DC) bus stop and within cycling distance of the Chapel Street bus stop. The nearest travel terminals are an 11-minute walk away, offering a scenic route with rich architecture and charming shops. The Lime Street bus stop is also under a ten-minute walk or a five-minute bike ride from the accommodation. For those days when students feel like indulging a bit, taxis are readily available on the street, providing a convenient and flexible transportation option.

    Room Types:

    Liverpool Tinlings, Liverpool offers four types of rooms to suit various preferences and budgets: the Classic Private Room, featuring a private bathroom and kitchen, available at just £185 per week; the Classic+ Room, also with a private bathroom and kitchen, similarly priced at £185 per week; the Two-Bedroom Private Room, equipped with all essential amenities and priced between £345 and £379 per week; and the Premium Plus Room, which includes a private bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, ranging from £239 to £262 per week. Each room type ensures a comfortable and convenient living experience for students.

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    electric-stoveElectric Stove
    Bills included
    Dual Occupancy
    Free Breakfast
    Free Bikes

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    Distance from City Centre

    8 mins8 m
    8 mins8 m
    2 mins2 m
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    Room Types
    Room Types
    Room Types
    Room Types
    Room Types

    Room Options

    Room Image
    Private Room • Private Bath • Private Kitchen
    Double-bedDual Occupancy for 20.0% Extra
    study-deskStudy desk and chair
    windowWindows / Curtains
    Stay 52 weekMove in 2023-09-02Deposit £370Rent £185 / week
    Looking for different dates? Contact us
    Room Image
    Classic Plus
    Private Room • Private Bath • Private Kitchen
    Double-bedDual Occupancy for 20.0% Extra
    study-deskStudy desk and chair
    windowWindows / Curtains
    Stay 52 weekMove in 2023-09-02Deposit £370Rent £185 / week
    Looking for different dates? Contact us
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    Facilities in Vita Student Tinlings


    electric-stoveElectric Stove



    Explore Beyond Vita Student Tinlings

    Liverpool Lime Street

    9 mins walk
    James Street

    9 mins walk

    4 mins walk
    Liverpool One Bus Station

    10 mins walk
    Victoria Street (Stop SA)

    2 mins walk
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    Nearby Locations

    • Bar: The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, The Fly in the Loaf
    • Entertainment: Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool Empire Theatre
    • Restaurant: Moose Coffee, The Quarter
    • Shopping Centre: Liverpool ONE, Metquarter
    • Supermarket: Tesco Express, Sainsbury's Local


    5-7, Crosshall St, Liverpool L1 6DQ, United Kingdom

    Our students love us!

    Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 2k+ reviews
    Alice Abraham
    Trustpilot Ratings
    I had a really good experience booking through uniacco, the customer service was very fast and easy. They also gave me instant replies and good advice with queries that I had and helped me book a really good accomodation.
    Blessy Eldho
    Trustpilot Ratings
    The moving in process was extremely easy and all the staff were helpful. I had no problems regarding checking in and if I had any issues it was dealt with immediately.


    Booking Deposit: 2 weeks of rent to confirm your booking (Will be adjusted in rent).
    Guarantor: No Guarantor required.
    Instalment Plan: Annual instalment or 4 instalments
    Mode of Payment: Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer.

    House Policies

    24/25 Academic Year

    Unless you have booked a Clearing Room (see special cancellation terms for Clearing Rooms below) you can cancel free of charge if you are within your cooling off period; your cooling off period is 5 days from the date of booking, for bookings made until 27th May 2024, and 48 hours for bookings made on or after 27th May 2024.

    You can also cancel free of charge under the below additional policies:

    “No Place, No Pay”

    If you are declined a place to study at a university located in the same city as your Vita Student accommodation, you may cancel and obtain a full refund, unless:

    You are declined a place for any reason other than not meeting the academic requirements to obtain a place (including, but not limited to, academic or other misconduct, financial reasons, or withdrawing from your application or course)
    You did not complete all necessary steps required by your university to complete your application in time
    The Occupation Period outlined in your Licence Agreement has begun.
    If you are initially declined a place to study at university, or progress into the next academic year, you must immediately notify us if you intend to appeal the decision. We will confirm to you whether you will continue to benefit from this additional policy during and subsequent to your appeal being made.

    “No Visa, No Pay”

    If you are declined a Visa to study in the UK, by UK Visas and Immigration, you may cancel and obtain a full refund if notice is provided to us before 16th August 2024, unless:

    You did not complete all necessary steps required by UKVI to complete your visa application
    Your university was unable to issue you with a CAS Number to obtain your visa owing to you not completing all necessary steps to complete your application to study.
    Under both additional cancellation policies:

    You must supply suitable proof to us in writing within 48 hours of being made aware of the change in circumstances and we may request additional information to support your cancellation request to satisfy ourselves of the circumstances of your request.
    If at any point you have checked in to your Accommodation, you are unable to cancel your Agreement free of charge and must find a replacement student.
    Should you need to make a request to cancel your accommodation under any of the above policies, you should send your request in writing (with supporting evidence attached) to customerengagement@vitastudent.com.
    Once you have booked and your cooling period has elapsed, you are bound into a legal licence agreement which requires you to pay for the full period of the licence agreement. We suggest if you are unsure about exam results, receiving your visa or other condition on you attending University that you contact us to discuss on +44(0)203 096 1717.
    If your cancellation request is accepted for one of the above reasons, any Advance Licence Fee Payment will be fully refunded to the account from which it was paid.

    Clearing Room Cancellation Policy

    There is no cooling-off period for our Clearing Rooms.
    You can only cancel free of charge in line with the “No Place, No Pay” policy above.
    Outside of these terms, in order to cancel you must organise a replacement student to take over your contract and take over the liability for the License Fee (and you will still be responsible for all payments until a replacement is found). For the avoidance of doubt, if at any point you have checked in to your booking, you are no longer eligible to cancel free of charge and must find a replacement student.
    If your cancellation request is accepted for one of the above reasons, any Advance Licence Fee Payment will be fully refunded to the account from which it was paid.

    Can I leave early and get the remainder of my license fee back?

    Unfortunately, you are committed under the license period to pay the full license fee. We may have a waiting list of people that would like to take over your booking which would then relinquish you from your contract. We cannot refund your license fee until a replacement is found to take over your booking. To learn more, use the Live Chat function within your Online Account and we can explain the process to you.

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    Vita Student Tinlings FAQs

    The Platform Fee is a one-time charge that prioritizes your booking and grants access to exclusive pre and post-landing services, potentially saving up to £1,500. This fee is refundable if UniAcco cannot secure the room category and property you select.
    You can get a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of payment, after which platform fees will not be refunded (To be added on Cancellation Policy also)
    Fee is non-refundable in case the student decides to swap their accommodation from a non-commissionable property to a commissionable property. Platform Fee is refundable to the student if they decide to cancel their booking within the defined “UniAcco Cooling Off Period”. This period will be upto 48 hours from the months April-September and 5 days from the months October-March.
    Platform fee reflects upfront for all non-commissionable properties. For partially commissionable properties, the platform fee should reflect at the time of the student filling the booking form. This is subject to the nationality of the student.
    We will assist the student with the entire booking process. End-to-end handling of the cancellation process for the student. (Platform Fee won’t be refundable to the student in this scenario). Post Move-In Assistance to the student.

    No Guarantor is required to stay at Vita Student.

    When your decision is made to book, we suggest that make payments as early as possible to get first pick. If you want to have a shared room with friends then book early otherwise it will be hard to group you together.

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