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Although Croydon has a well known and vibrant town centre the borough itself stretches far beyond this to the north and south.  In the north our neighbours are the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark – metropolitan, inner city areas and in the south it borders the Surrey County Council districts of Tandridge, Reigate and Banstead.  Any journey through the borough would  take you from urban to suburban to the beginning of what we might call the English countryside. Experience the student housing in Croydon

All our Croydon student properties are situated close to public transport links, have great amenities and a varied range of Croydon student apartments. Each area has distinct qualities, but all provide the best accommodation choices close to various In Croydon. Let UniAcco help you search, compare, and book the best student flat in Croydon for you.

Why Book Croydon Student Accommodation With UniAcco

1. Our services are completely free. We charge absolutely zero fees on your booking. We get a fee from the property owner.

2. We offer Personalized services to every student by assigning student accommodation Croydon, London experts to them and our specialist is available 24/7 for students. We solve every query of the students regarding student housing in Croydon.

3. UniAcco gives a simple and quick online booking process with UniAcco’s prop-tech student accommodation online platform. We provide a simplified booking process from start to end. So why wait?  Get the best student housing in Croydon, compare, book, and then confirm. Our experts are there for you at every step.

4. At UniAcco we know that your student house in Croydon is going to be a memorable place for you where lifetime memories are made. So UniAcco makes every possible effort to give our students the best Croydon properties to Choose from. We guarantee you that each property listed is verified for the purpose of student accommodation in Croydon.


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Student Accommodation In Croydon

Croydon offers a wide range of student accommodation options that students can choose from. Finding the right one may look daunting and tedious but it is not impossible. As an international student, you may come across these considerable choices and get overwhelmed. But Croydon offers you options that are close to your university and easy to pick. These housing options come with added comfort along with reasonable prices.

Student accommodations in Croydon are found near renowned universities. These accommodations are some of the best you will find in the market with fully furnished homes loaded with ample amenities and facilities.

These housing options range from luxurious fully furnished homes to pocket-friendly and affordable housing. All the student houses in Croydon are built with great comfort keeping in mind the needs of university students. These accommodations are further divided into residences, private halls, and private accommodation.

Cost of Student Accommodation in Croydon

Private accommodation in Croydon comprises deluxe yet affordable en-suites, studio apartments as well as shared housing that are all-inclusive of utility bills. The student accommodation rates in Croydon range between £100 to £835 /week. There are also other housing choices available for students who are on the lookout for short term tenancies in Croydon.

How To Find Student Housing Near Croydon

UniAcco is your one-stop solution for finding the best student accommodation in Croydon. Come across the finest student housing near your favourite universities. The options include en-suites, flats, studio apartments, and student apartments in Croydon. You can go ahead and compare a wide range of options on our platform based on 80+ parameters. Feel free to pick the accommodation that suits you and your needs.

Most of the student rentals in Croydon include all utility bills. This removes your burden on budget and rent is the only thing that you have to cater to. Once you choose the accommodation of your choice in Croydon, you can even arrange a viewing of the place by connecting with our property experts in Croydon.

5 Easy Steps To Find Student Accommodation In Croydon


Visit and browse across 1300+ properties offering accommodation near the most renowned universities.

Shortlist Accommodation

Shortlist your favourite accommodation in Croydon based on 80+ parameters

Compare different properties

Compare different properties based on room types, amenities, facilities, and more. You can compare 4 properties at once and get a detailed categorization.

Get Free Consultation

Consult our top industry experts to select the right property based on your preferences & needs.

Choose the property

Choose the property that meets your requirements and proceed with the booking!

Different Types Of Rooms In Croydon

En-Suites: En-suite rooms offer you your personal sleeping space with private bathrooms. You will have a common kitchenette that will be shared with other residents.

Studio Rooms/Apartments: A Studio is a small apartment that consists of several other rooms like a bedroom, living area, and kitchen. This means you have your personal space that includes a kitchen and bathroom.

Twin-Studio Rooms: Just like the studio apartment, twin studios are shared space that is big enough to accommodate and cater to the needs of two people.

Private Rooms: A private room is usually on a shared property, it features a study desk, bed, and storage space. Your bedroom will be your private space and hence lockable. Depending on which property you choose, the bathroom will be either private or you will have to share it with the housemates.

Shared Rooms: A great option for anyone looking for the value of money, this is a space that can be shared with other housemates and it comes with multiple beddings in one room. Residents have to share living space, bathroom, and kitchen.

Flats: Flats are your standard apartments, the entire area is yours and you get multiple individual rooms such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and living area. This is a great option for students who value privacy.

Amongst the various room types mentioned above, some of the most common facilities that you will come across in all the student accommodations are that the utility bills are mostly included, you will have a dining room, refrigerator, free laundry, storage cabins, microwave, electric stove, television, and Wi-fi as apartment facilities. Community facilities in Croydon include contents insurance, theatre, 24X7 staff support, specially-abled access, lounge area, garden/courtyard, on-site gym, CCTV, social events, and communal relaxing with study areas. These are the facilities one can find in most of the student housing in Croydon.