How To Get The Best University Of Manchester Accommodation

Manchester is a beautiful city with convenient yet fantastic student housing options for international students. Enrolling at the University of Manchester leaves students spoilt for choices when it comes to finding the perfect student accommodation for themselves. However, we’re here to help you find the best University of Manchester accommodation so that your transition to the city is simple & smooth.

Reasons To Pick The University Of Manchester

university of manchester accommodation

Apart from promising a high-quality education, the University of Manchester is also a part of the prestigious Russel Group of Universities. If you’re looking forward to experiencing immense growth and gaining good exposure, here are some reasons why the University is the best pick for you –

  1. International Reputation
  2. Diversified Courses
  3. Ranking
  4. Modern Facilities
  5. Employability
  6. Extra-curricular Activities
  7. Great Location

Best Student Areas Around The University Of Manchester

Manchester student accommodation can be found close to both the University and the City Center. There are a number of places where you can find great social events taking place right around the corner. There are many areas in this student-friendly city that cater to students, with discounts available at most places to eat and drink.

The City: The main benefit of residing here is that you are near to the University’s academic campus while also being in the heart of city life. Renting a private University of Manchester accommodation may be more convenient, and you will save money on travel expenses.

Victoria Park: This park offers a pleasant and peaceful environment in which to live. The University’s academic campus is only a 15-minute walk away, and there are frequent bus services, so the city centre is only ten minutes away by bus.

Fallowfield: A thriving suburb with a mix of students and locals located approximately 2.5 kilometres south of the academic campus. Apart from offering the best properties near Manchester University, this area is filled with a great mix of shops, cafes, and bars here. In addition, the Armitage Centre’s sports and fitness facilities are near this area.

Withington: Withington’s main street has everything you need, including shops, public transportation, and a variety of restaurants and bars. In this area, a variety of affordable accommodation in Manchester is available in privately rented houses, and the local community is active with a mix of students and local residents.

The Best University Of Manchester Accommodation Options

Finding the ideal student housing conveniently located within the vicinity of the University of Manchester is the real catch. Students often find themselves torn between on-campus and off-campus accommodation. While the university’s halls of residence may seem like the easier option with the location within the premises of the university, scarcity/availability and affordability are 2 obstacles that leave students with the more convenient option of off-campus housing.

You can choose your off-campus accommodation based on your exact requirements. Ranging from studios, ensuites, single bedroom apartments, shared apartments, and beyond, there are several housing alternatives for students to choose from near the university. Moreover, even if your housing is located a little further away from the university, the public transportation available around the houses makes it easier for students to adapt.

Below are a few of the top University of Manchester accommodation provided by UniAcco for students to fit in their budget –

1. iQ Lambert & Fairfield House

There are Ensuite Rooms, Mini Studio Rooms, Single Bed Apartments, and Three Bed Apartments available at this hotel. This property provides fully equipped rooms as well as Wi-Fi.

2. iQ Kerria Apartments

Rusholme is home to Kerria Apartments. This University of Manchester accommodation has a selection of one and two-bedroom apartments. This hotel provides fully furnished rooms with all-inclusive bills and Wi-Fi.

3. iQ Wilmslow Park

Ideal for students at the University of Manchester, there are a number of housing options available for students. The room types come with several facilities and communal amenities.

Cost Of Living In Manchester

Manchester’s low living costs make it a great place to study and live in if you want to see a big city on a budget. It is consistently regarded as one of the most affordable places to live in the UK with the finest University of Manchester accommodation. On average, you are required to keep a minimum of 255 GBP per week inclusive of your accommodation, transport, bills, and so on. You may benefit from some of the lowest travel fares in the country and with a total student population of over 80,000 to target, local companies, services, and nightlife venues will compete with limitless discounts and promotions.

Thank you for reading this blog on the University of Manchester accommodation. If you’d like to read more, here are some blogs that might be of interest to you –

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How To Get The Best University Of Manchester Accommodation

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