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Leicester City View

Leicester is a city and unitary authority area in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar, close to the eastern end of the National Forest. It is to the northeast of Birmingham and Coventry, south of Nottingham, and west of Peterborough. There are different types of Leicester accommodation ranging from student studios in Leicester, ensuites, student flats, and more. If you’re planning to secure student accommodation in Leicester, here’s the perfect student housing guide Leicester we have for you!

The 2016 mid-year estimate of the population of the City of Leicester unitary authority was 348,300, an increase of approximately 18,500 from the 2011 census figure of 329,839, making it the most populous municipality in the East Midlands region. The associated urban area is also the 11th most populous in England and the 13th most populous in the United Kingdom.


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The University of Leicester – The University of Leicester is a public research university based in Leicester, England. The main campus is south of the city centre, adjacent to Victoria Park. In 1957, the university’s predecessor gained university status. You can even take a look at the University of Leicester halls when you’re looking to secure student housing in Leicester.

De Montfort University – De Montfort University Leicester is a public university in the city of Leicester, England. It was established in accordance with the Further and Higher Education Act in 1992 as a degree-awarding body.

Leicester College – Leicester College is a further education college in Leicester, England. It is one of the largest colleges in the UK, with more than 26,000 students, 1,600 staff, plus an annual budget of £ 51 million. It has three main campuses in the city centre and more than 200 community venues across Leicester.

Judgemeadow Community College – Judgemeadow Community College is a mixed academy secondary school, located in the Evington area of Leicester in the English county of Leicestershire. In 2017/18, the school became an academy. The school is administered as part of an MAT by the Lionheart Academies Trust.


Bradgate Park – Bradgate Park is a public park in Charnwood Forest, in Leicestershire, England, northwest of Leicester. It covers 850 acres. The park lies between the villages of Newtown Linford, Anstey, Cropston, Woodhouse Eaves and Swithland. The River Lin runs through the park, flowing into Cropston Reservoir which was constructed on part of the park. To the northeast lies Swithland Wood. The park’s two well-known landmarks, Old John and the war memorial, both lie just above the 210 m contour. The park is part of the 399.3 hectares, Bradgate Park and Cropston Reservoir Site of Special Scientific Interest, which has been designated under both biological and geological criteria. Following a fire in April 2017, the owners of Bradgate Trust advised that all visitors are expected to be alert to the risk of causing fire, though another fire in June destroyed one of the ancient oaks.

Abbey Park – Abbey Park is a public park in Leicester, England, through which the River Soar flows. It is owned and managed by Leicester City Council. It opened in 1882 on the flood plain of the River Soar and expanded in 1932 to include the area west of the river that had formerly been the medieval St Mary’s Abbey, still bounded by large medieval walls. The park includes the archaeological sites of the Abbey and the ruins of Cavendish House, along with a wide range of decorative and recreational parkland features.

The Watermead Country Park – The Watermead Country Park is a network of artificial lakes in the valley of the River Soar and the old Grand Union Canal, to the north of Leicester, in the Borough of Charnwood in Leicestershire. It runs north to south along the path of the watercourses, with Birstall to the west and Thurmaston to the east. The parks provide bird watching, fishing and watersports facilities, and are managed by a partnership of Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and Charnwood Borough Council. The park includes three Local Nature Reserves, Reedbed – Watermead Country Park, Watermead Country Park – South and Birstall Meadows. The northernmost lake is named John Merricks Lake, after the late John Merricks, a silver Olympic medallist who competed in sailing events on a nearby lake as a schoolboy. He died in a car accident in 1997. Further south is King Lear’s Lake, a popular fishing lake that can be circumnavigated and is popular with people walking dogs and cyclists. A statue on the western side of the lake depicts the final scene of Shakespeare’s play King Lear. 

University of Leicester Botanic Garden – The University of Leicester Harold Martin Botanic Garden is a botanic garden close to the University of Leicester flats in Oadby, Leicestershire, England. Founded in 1921, the garden was established on the present 16-acre site in 1947. The garden is used for research and teaching purposes by the university’s Genetics Department and features events such as sculpture and art exhibitions, music performances and plant sales. It is open to the public. The gardens surround several Edwardian-era houses which are now part of Leicester University’s halls of residence, including Beaumont House, The Knoll, and Southmead. The Attenborough Arboretum is a 5-acre satellite in the old village of Knighton. It is named after Frederick Attenborough and was opened on 23 April 1997 by his son, Sir David Attenborough. It is managed as a wild site with native trees, ponds and a ridge and furrow field.

Tropical Birdland – Tropical Birdland in the north of the village of Desford, Leicestershire, England, is a visitor attraction that has many bird species including parrots, toucans, hornbills and owls on display. Some of the birds are allowed to fly out of doors during visiting hours.


Leicester Cathedral – The Cathedral Church of Saint Martin, Leicester, commonly known as Leicester Cathedral, is a Church of England cathedral in the English city of Leicester and the seat of the Bishop of Leicester. The church was elevated to a collegiate church in 1922 and made a cathedral in 1927 following the establishment of a new Diocese of Leicester in 1926. The remains of King Richard III were reburied in the cathedral in 2015 after being discovered nearby in the foundations of the lost Greyfriars chapel. 

Victoria Park – Victoria Park in Leicester, England is a public park of 69 acres. It is in the southeast, just outside the city centre, backing onto the University of Leicester and close to the Leicester railway station.

Ashby de la Zouch Castle – Ashby de la Zouch Castle is a ruined fortification in the town of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England. The castle was built by William, Lord Hastings, a favourite of Edward IV, after 1473, accompanied by the creation of a 3,000-acre park. Constructed on the site of an older manor house, two large towers and various smaller buildings had been constructed by 1483, when Hastings was executed by Richard, Duke of Gloucester. The Hastings family used the castle as their seat for several generations, improving the gardens and hosting royal visitors. During the English Civil War of the 1640s, Henry, a younger son in the Hastings family, became a Royalist commander in the Midlands. He based himself out of the castle until he was forced to surrender it after a long siege. A fresh rebellion occurred in 1648, leading Parliament to slight the castle in order to prevent it from being used militarily: the two towers were badly damaged with gunpowder and undermining. Parts of the remaining castle were turned into a new house and continued to be used by members of the Hastings family for many years, although they moved their main residence to Donington Hall.

Leicester Castle – Leicester Castle is in the city of the same name in the English county of Leicestershire. The complex is situated in the west of Leicester City Centre, between Saint Nicholas Circle to the north and De Montfort University to the south. A large motte and the Great Hall are the two substantial remains of what was once a large defensive structure. The hall is now encased in a Queen Anne-style frontage. The Castle and the Magazine Gateway is a scheduled monument.

Kirby Muxloe Castle – Kirby Muxloe Castle, also known historically as Kirby Castle, is a ruined, fortified manor house in Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, England. William, Lord Hastings, began work on the castle in 1480, founding it on the site of a pre-existing manor house. William was a favourite of King Edward IV and had prospered considerably during the Wars of the Roses. Work continued quickly until 1483, when William was executed during Richard, Duke of Gloucester’s, seizure of the throne. His widow briefly continued the project after his death but efforts then ceased, with the castle remaining largely incomplete. Parts of the castle were inhabited for a period, before falling into ruin during the course of the 17th century. In 1912, the Commissioners of Work took over management of the site, repairing the brickwork and carrying out an archaeological survey. In the 21st century, the castle is controlled by English Heritage and open to visitors. The castle was rectangular in design, 245 by 175 feet across, and would have comprised four corner towers, three side towers and a large gatehouse, all protected by a water-filled moat; the centre of the castle would have formed a courtyard.

Arts & Culture:

Arts & Culture illustration

The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery – The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery is a museum on New Walk in Leicester, England, not far from the city centre. It opened in 1849 as one of the first public museums in the United Kingdom. New Walk contains displays of science, history and art, both international and local. The original building was designed by Joseph Hansom, the designer of the hansom cab. It has been expanded several times, most recently in 2011.

The Attenborough Arts Centre – The Attenborough Arts Centre is an arts centre on Lancaster Road, Leicester, UK. It is the University of Leicester arts centre but also serves Leicester as a whole. The Centre is inspired by the work of filmmaker, actor and patron of the arts Richard Attenborough. It was opened in 1997 by Her Royal Highness, Diana Princess of Wales after 6 years of funding efforts from Richard Attenborough. It hosts a gallery space, sixty-eight creative learning courses and a programme of in-house performances. With over 23 years of experience, the programme offers performances, courses and workshops, contemporary art exhibitions, activities for children and families, and more. The Centre’s gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary British and international art. Opened in 2015, this extension doubled the size of the existing building as part of a £1.5 million capital project. The Centre’s access and inclusive work have been recognised, through multiple awards and grants from Arts Council England, BBC Children in Need, Leicester Shire Promotions and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The Newarke Houses Museum – The Newarke Houses Museum is a public museum in Leicester, England. It incorporates the museum of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment and has a range of exhibits illustrating post-medieval and contemporary Leicester. The museum is close to the 15th-century Magazine Gateway and within the precincts of the medieval ‘Newarke’, the ‘New Work’ of Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster. The museum stands in the middle of the De Montfort University campus.

Stoneywell – Stoneywell is a National Trust property in Ulverscroft, a dispersed settlement near Coalville in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. Stoneywell is the largest of a small group of cottages designed in the Arts and Crafts style by Ernest Gimson. It was built in collaboration with Detmar Blow in 1899 for Ernest’s brother Sydney Gimson as a summer residence, and along with much original furniture, it remained in the Gimson family for over a century. As part of a highly influential vernacular movement, it has become well-known within Arts and Crafts circles. In spring 2013 the National Trust announced that following a year-long appeal, it had been able to acquire the house with its Arts and Crafts contents, gardens and woodland. It was opened to the public in February 2015.

The National Space Centre – The National Space Centre is a museum and educational resource covering the fields of space science and astronomy, along with a space research programme in partnership with the University of Leicester. It is located on the north side of the city of Leicester, England, next to the River Soar. Many of the exhibits, including upright rockets, are housed in a tower with minimal steel supports and a semi-transparent cladding of ETFE ‘pillows’ which has become one of Leicester’s most recognisable landmarks. 

Fun Things To Do

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Whether you’re looking for fun activities to do in the University halls of Leicester or around, you’ll have a plethora of opportunities. Social Climbing- It’s a 7,500sq ft bouldering-only centre with 700m² of climbing surface. We’ve also got a workout area upstairs, with 2 shower rooms. Kids’ parties are also welcome! Our brand is a homage to the rebellious group of 70s climbers – the Stonemasters. They pioneered the art of social climbing whilst breaking every rule and making new ones. Taking partying as seriously as their sport, the Stonemasters pioneered the art of solo free-climbing without ropes and scaled the toughest faces and boulders of Yosemite.

Paintballing SAS 22 – Paintballing SAS 22 is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Immerse yourself in our exciting detailed, imaginative game scenarios and custom-built Game Zones. Enter our military base, built by ex-special forces and immerse yourself in a fun, exhilarating, adventure where strategy, teamwork and imagination are key. With markers, specially designed protective equipment, and first-class facilities, we’ve set the standard for an amazing paintball experience.

Escapologic Leicester – Welcome to the madness! As you descend you begin to feel the delirium and suspense that surrounds our escape games, notorious for being filled with darkness and mystery, and the best escape rooms around. With over 6000 square feet of intricately designed spaces, each Leicester escape room offers an experience yet to be matched, creating the feeling of being transported into another world. When you enter our world, you’re greeted with a setting like no other, making you feel like you’ve stepped out of this life and into another; filled with apprehension, excitement and dilemma. 

Walshy’s Sportspad – Walshy’s Sportspad is the hottest new entertainment venue in Leicester. A place where sport meets gaming, giving kids and adults of all ages a chance to take penalties at a virtual Wembley Stadium, play golf at one of 50 great courses or kick a conversion at Twickenham. Our state-of-the-art multi-sports simulator provides active fun for kids from 5 upwards. Sports available include football, rugby, golf, hockey, footgolf and crazy golf all played in over 300 virtual venues on our 5-metre screen. The whole venue can be booked by the hour for parties of 2 to 30 people. Parents can sit back and enjoy a coffee (or something stronger from our fully stocked bar), allowing their children to play in a safe and fun environment. Walshy’s Sportspad can also cater to children’s parties including invitations, hot food and drinks and certificates or medals for all guests.

Ape Index – Ape Index is indoor bouldering, ninja warrior and obstacle race gym. We have a large bouldering wall and many ninja warriors and obstacle race obstacles and climbing training aids. We offer a training environment for children, beginners and supermen. There is something to pull every muscle in every direction and under every duress imaginable. You can learn to balance, swing, and jump. You will get stronger, more supple, more agile and more aware. You can build strength, and not just a specific single plane pushing or pulling strength, but overall strength from your toes to your head, pushing, pulling and gripping. You can develop power, not lifting power, but explosive pulling and jumping power. Then you can work your strength endurance on the pegboard or power endurance on the salmon ladder, or overall endurance by running through the obstacle courses.


Restaurant in Leicester

The Bulls Head – Putting the focus on simple yet elegant food, quality ingredients are treated with respect and passion, this is how we deliver great food every day. Our menu is based on what we can produce in-house with our talented team of chefs and great suppliers, all menu changes will be driven by customer feedback and support.

Bill’s Restaurant & Bar – Bill’s Leicester restaurant is located in Highcross, and it’s a great spot to take time out from shopping and refuel. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

1573 Bar & Grill – 1573 Bar & Grill is a local independent restaurant that first opened in August 2009 and is located in Grammar School Court within the external area. Meals are prepared using only the best fresh seasonal produce; with fine wines & champagnes, serving light bites, lunch & dinner. In our unique surroundings, we promise to deliver you a fantastic meal, in a warm friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes Steaks, Seafood, open sandwiches and fresh salad, perfectly char-grilled with a selection of mouth-watering sides and a selection of sauces world so you can choose your flavour of the day. Situated at the front of the building is our benched terraced area where you can enjoy drinks and dining overlooking the external area of Highcross.

Kobe Sizzlers – For over three decades Kobe Sizzlers has dedicated itself to the art of providing an exceptional dining experience using fresh quality meat & produce. The quality of our beef is carefully managed from farm to plate with all our steak cuts matured to perfection in a dry ageing chamber for up to 28 days.

Middleton Steakhouse and Grill – Our stylish, casual, premium steakhouse and grill are perfect for dining or relaxing any time of the day. All our meat is delivered fresh every day from our very own butchery in Middleton, Norfolk, ensuring a delightfully fresh meal each and every time you visit. Why not check out our delicious Sunday Roast along with our Fixed Price menu with 3 courses for only £10.95 available Monday to Friday 12 – 6 pm and Saturday 12 – 5 pm?


Bar in Leicester

Veeno – Rest assured that when it comes to finding a few glasses of wine to drink in Leicester, it’s Veeno that have you covered. Infamous for their wine tastings and international bottles, head on down with all the girls and guys you can muster for the best grapes in the business.

Revolution – Open until 3 am seven nights a week, this thriving hub in New Walk is up there with the best of the cocktail bars in Leicester. Famous for its premium distilled vodkas, which are mixed with anything from apple juice to the chef’s innovative take on barbecue sauce, this place fuses the master of spirits into innovative new forms.

Pho – Offering delicious Vietnamese street food and refreshing cocktails, this great bar in Leicester centre is the perfect pit stop after a day of shopping or a place to line the stomach before a night out.

BrewDog – A quirky bar, and a firm favourite for drinking in the city centre, BrewDog is home to over 22 craft creations on tap as well as plenty more in the fridge. In the mood for a bite to eat? Check out their selection of drool-worthy fresh burgers from Red’s Barbecue before hitting the arcade games. 

The Locker Room – The ultimate destination to get your sporting fix, whether it’s a late-night boxing match or a mid-afternoon premier league game, this place is jam-packed with HD screens so you don’t miss a minute of the action. With great drinks deals and a menu full of sharing platters and half-time snacks, The Locker Room has got your weekends covered.


Club in Leicester

Club Helsinki – One of the most prominent gay clubs in Leicester, and feasting of late-night antics, Club Helsinki doesn’t suffer from the blistering cold of Scandinavia, it’s brimming with party heat. Joined by DJ Rob Lambeth, spinning a sweet selection of contemporary hits and commercial favourites, hunker down for a night of affordable drinking and dancing in Leicester.

The Fan Club – Hailed as one of the most affordable clubs in Leicester, and a must-try for those looking to save a few pennies across their weekend antics, The Fan Club is a roaring night on the Leicester tiles. With 2-4-1 drinks applying all Friday long, and the dance floor turning into a beat-heavy mash of commercial favourites and party hits, this 1000-strong club is brimming with fun.

MOSH – Those of you hankering for Leicester’s alternative nightlife scene should know better than to go anywhere other than MOSH. A veritable wonderland of alternative beats, indie jives and pop-punk playing about, this three-floor haven is a must-try for those that like their pocket-friendly drinks (bottled beer from as little as £1.80) with a hard dose of riffs and booming dance floors.

Ghost – This thriving tequila bar in Leicester is a great place to knock back a few and lose your head (and your shoes, maybe a little bit of dignity too) for a great night of wild antics. A spacious dance floor and swanky red sofa seats mean that once you’ve danced until you’ve dropped, you can sink into some comfort. Open until 5 am every Saturday, this is up there with the best of the late-night bars in Leicester.

Club Republic – Masters in high-tech audio-visual sound systems, this club will have your heart thumping to the banging beats of house, RnB and chart-toppers. Great for cheap drinks in Leicester, with £1 drinks deals to keep you going into the early hours, throw those funky shapes and get down low amidst the swankiest of boudoir decor with no pesky inhibitions to hold you back. Guest DJs and live music, including the likes of Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32, make this venue the go-to club for gigs in Leicester.


  • Leicester Tigers have been the most successful English rugby union football club since the introduction of a league in 1987, winning it a record ten times, four more than either Bath or Wasps. They last won the Premiership title in 2013.
  • Leicester City F.C. is a professional association football club based at the King Power Stadium that plays in the Premier League. They were promoted as champions of the Football League Championship in the 2013–14 season, a return to the top flight of English football after a decade away, and won the Premier League title in 2016, despite the odds of them winning at the start of the season being 5000/1.
  • Leicester Riders are the oldest professional basketball team in the country. In 2016, they moved into the new Charter Street Leicester Community Sports Arena. 
  • Leicestershire County Cricket Club which is a professional cricket club based at Grace Road, Leicester currently play in the second tier of the county championship. They won the County Championship in 1996 and 1998. 
  • Greyhound racing took place at two venues in the city; the main venue was the Leicester Stadium which hosted racing from 1928–1984, it also hosted a speedway. A smaller track existed at Aylestone Road (1927-1929).


While it is important to understand the types of student accommodation available, this Student Housing Guide Leicester will also elaborate on the cost-effective transportation options for students –

  • Air

East Midlands Airport (EMA), at Castle Donington 20 miles (32 km) north northwest of the City is the closest international airport. The airport is a national hub for mail/freight networks.

Leicester Airport (LRC) is a small airport some 6 miles (10 km) east of Leicester City Centre and does not operate scheduled services.

  • Road

Leicester is at the midpoint; of Junctions 21, 21A and 22, of the primary English north/south M1 motorway between London and Leeds/York. This is where the M1 motorway transects with one of the primary northeast-southwest routes; the M69 motorway/A46 corridor linking to the A1 and M6 motorway at Newark-on-Trent and Coventry respectively. The M42 motorway towards Birmingham Airport terminates in North West Leicestershire some 12 miles (19 km) west-northwest of the Leicester urban area. Leicester is at the nexus of the A6/(A14), A50, A47 and A607 trunk roads and A426 and A5199 primary routes.

Leicester has two main bus stations: St Margaret’s Bus Station and the new and recommissioned (May 2016) Haymarket Bus Station. The main bus operators for Leicester and the surrounding area are Arriva Fox County, Centrebus, First Leicester, Hinckley Bus (Part of Arriva Midlands), Kinchbus, Leicester Bus, and Stagecoach Midlands.

There are three permanent Park and Ride sites at Meynell’s Gorse (Leicester Forest East), Birstall and Enderby; buses operate every 15 mins from all sites. The park-and-ride services are branded as quicksilver shuttles and are contracted to Roberts Coaches from the City Council and County Council, buses use a purpose-built terminal near St. Nicholas Circle.

  • National Cycle Network

National Cycle Network Route 6 passes through Leicestershire along with other secondary routes. The Leicester Bike Park is in Town Hall Square. ‘Cycle Works’ Bike Mechanic Training Centre is in Wellington Street Adult Education Centre and former Central Lending Library.

  • Rail
    • Mainline rail – The rail network is of growing importance in Leicester, and with the start of Eurostar international services from London St Pancras International in November 2007 Leicester railway station has gained connections at St Pancras station to Lille, Brussels and Paris onwards. InterCity services are operated by East Midlands Railway providing connectivity on ‘fast’ and ‘semi-fast’ services to London and the south-east and to major cities and towns in the East Midlands and Yorkshire in addition to providing local services within the East Midlands region. Trans-regional services to the West Midlands and East Anglia are provided by CrossCountry, enabling connexions at nearby Nuneaton onto the West Coast mainline and at Peterborough with the East Coast mainline. The 99 miles (159 km) from Leicester Railway Station to London St Pancras International on the Midland Main Line, are covered in an average of 1h 25m during the morning peak, with journey times as low as 1h 06m later in the day. Transfers onto London Underground or Thameslink train services to London City or West End add another 15 to 25 minutes to the journey time and to Canary Wharf, double. The journey time to Sheffield is around one hour, with Leeds and York taking approximately two. Birmingham is 50 minutes away and Cambridge via Peterborough can be reached in around 1 hour 55m with further direct services available onto Stansted Airport in north Essex.
  • Great Central Railway – The decommissioned Leicester Central railway station is on the late Victorian Great Central Railway line that ran from London Marylebone northwards. Beeching cuts closed the route in the late 1960s. A preserved section, however, remains operational in the East Midlands centred on Loughborough Great Central railway station providing touristic services through central Leicestershire, passing Swithland Reservoir onto the Leicester North railway station terminus.

Leicester Cost Of Living

In our student housing guide Leicester, let’s take a look at the breakdown of various expenditures that students will come across –

  • Restaurants
    • Inexpensive Restaurant: £ 10.50
    • Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course: £ 45.0
    • McMeal at McDonald’s (or Equivalent Combo Meal): £ 6.0
    • Cappuccino (regular): £ 2.6
    • Coke/Pepsi (0.33-litre bottle): £ 1.50
    • Water (0.33-litre bottle): £ 1.20
  • Market
    • Milk (regular), (1 litre): £ 1.0
    • Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g): £ 1.0
    • Rice (white), (1kg): £ 0.66
    • Eggs (regular) (12): £ 2.0
    • Local Cheese (1kg): £ 4.46
    • Chicken Fillets (1kg): £ 5.46
    • Beef Round (1kg): £ 7.0
    • Apples (1kg): £ 1.75
    • Banana (1kg): £ 1.25
    • Oranges (1kg): £ 2.17
    • Tomato (1kg): £ 1.75
    • Potato (1kg): £ 1.32
    • Onion (1kg): £ 0.60
    • Lettuce (1 head): £ 0.95
    • Water (1.5-litre bottle): £ 1.0
    • Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range): £ 6.50
  • Transportation
    • One-way Ticket (Local Transport): £ 2.55
    • Monthly Pass (Regular Price): £ 55.0
    • Taxi: £ 3.20 (start) + £ 1.09 (1 km) + £ 15.0 (waiting)
    • Gasoline: £ 1.27
  • Utilities (Monthly)
    • Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment: £ 192.89
    • 1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans): £ 0.16
    • Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL): £ 28.23
  • Sports And Leisure
    • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult: £ 25.61
    • Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend): £ 11.14
    • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat: £ 9.0
  • Clothing And Shoes
    • 1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar): £ 49.38
    • 1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, …): £ 29.92
    • 1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range): £ 63.0
    • 1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes: £ 52.56
  • Rent Per Month
    • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre: £ 576.92
    • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre: £ 488.64
    • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre: £ 930.0
    • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre: £ 727.78

Employment Opportunities

Let us take a look at the plethora of job prospects in store in this student housing guide Leicester –

Mainly known for its exciting student nightlife, there is a wide range of jobs in Leicester up for grabs. From flexible tutoring jobs to 9-to-5 sales jobs, there’s something for everyone. This city has a fantastic number of restaurants, music venues and bars such as Revolution Leicester so you’ll never run out of things to do. If hitting the town isn’t your thing don’t worry! From the award-winning Curve theatre to the fantastic National Space Centre, this is a city with an activity to fit everyone. Don’t hesitate another second. Take a look below at all our available jobs in Leicester.

  • Science Jobs in Leicester

With a science job in Leicester, you’ll have plenty of free time left to enjoy your student life. Most of these jobs allow you to work from home and even let you pick your own working hours. Therefore, you can schedule your work around your studying and if you want to enjoy the weekend then you can decide to work some hours during the week instead. This flexibility is perfect for students. However, it’s important that you have good time-management skills and are disciplined as you’ll have to be your own source of motivation to work.

  • Customer Service Jobs in Leicester

Customer service jobs are an ideal way to build up your skills! Because of the nature of the job, you will improve your communication, problem-solving and people skills, making you the ideal candidate for a future employer. Some of the tasks you could be doing are answering queries customers have, coming up with a solution to problems and analyzing customer data. Each day will be varied because of this and you’ll have the chance to talk to a wide range of people.

Student Accommodation In Leicester

In this student housing guide in Leicester, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Leicester student accommodations –

  • Merlin Heights – Situated in the heart of Leicester with close proximity to the city centre, Merlin Heights student accommodation Leicester offers a wide range of stylish en-suites and student studio apartments in Leicester. This accommodation is just a 10-minute walk away from De Montfort University, and it takes a short bus ride away to reach the University of Leicester and Leicester College. This bespoke and highly-stylish student accommodation Leicester includes en-suite studios with quality fixtures and seriously stylish interiors. Merlin Heights offers so much, including its Sky Lounge complete with roof-top views, a coffee area and a games room. All studio accommodation in Leicester is fully furnished. They feature a comfy double bed, workspace, spacious storage space, mini-kitchen, in-room TV and en-suite shower room. There are plenty of study spaces available, including a study room. Merlin Heights Leicester is surrounded by fantastic spots for a great night out whether you’re in the mood for comedy venues, bars, clubs or pubs. The 02 Academy and De Montfort Hall host a thriving music scene with global superstars appearing regularly.
  • Millstone House – It is a highly secure facility with 24-hour CCTV coverage and a team on-site. This Leicester student letting provides single 2, 3 and 4-bed apartments. A laundry room is on-site for ease of access. A fully kitted kitchen and Wi-Fi are provided. De Montfort University is a 5-minute walk away, and the University of Leicester is a 10-minute walk away. Leicester is the nearest station at a distance of 12 minutes on foot. There are several restaurants and bars/pubs within a 15-minute walking radius. Leicester Royal Infirmary is a 13-minute walk away from the University of Leicester flats.
  • Pennine House – This Leicester accommodation provides 4-bed and 5-bed apartments. Irrespective of the room choice you make, a high-tech kitchen, and a Wi-Fi connection. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students. De Montfort University, the University of Leicester and Leicester Medical School are some of the nearby universities. Leicester is the nearest train station. Pocklington’s Walk (Stand EQ) and Southgates (Stand FE) are some of the nearest bus stops. There are several restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs within walking distance. Leicester Royal Infirmary is the nearest medical centre at a walkable distance. This property offers its residents on-site laundry, cleaning services, and cycle storage.
  • Tudor Studios – This student house in Leicester provides en-suite rooms and studios. Irrespective of the room choice you make, you get a kitted kitchen and a Wi-Fi connection. The University of Leicester and De Montfort University are the nearby universities. Leicester Station is the nearest train station. Tudor Road, Pool Road and Noble Street are the nearest bus stops. There are several restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs within walking distance. Leicester Royal Infirmary is the nearest hospital. Tudor Studios Leicester property offers its residents Cinema Room, Outdoor Area, Common Room, TV (Communal), Washing Machine, Tumbler Dryer, Laundry Room, and Recycling.
  • Regent Road – This student accommodation in Leicester provides studio rooms and apartments. Irrespective of your room choice, expect a Wi-Fi connection, a fully equipped kitchen and spacious beds in every room. There is a 24/7 on-site staff available at the beck and call of students. You can find an array of the University of Leicester apartments within walking distance. Leicester is the nearest train station and Regent Road is the nearest bus stop. Cure your hunger pangs at one of the several restaurants in this area like Herb, Kayal and Casa Romana. The nearest hospital is Leicester Royal Infirmary. For some weekend relaxation, head over to the King Power Stadium to watch the home team, Leicester City Football Club play scintillating football. Some of the additional amenities offered include a gym, bike storage facilities, free washing and drying facilities and even a cinema.

Best Properties | Student Housing Guide Leicester

Property NamePrice (£)
Regents Court£119/week
Upperton Road£149/week
Queens Court£105/week
iQ Grosvenor House£126/week
Merlin Heights£129/week
Newarke Street£135/week
Tudor Studios£120/week
Ben Russell Court£82/week
Reynard House£160/week
The Tannery£136/week

We hoped you enjoyed reading our Student Housing Guide Leicester. Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.


Q1. How much does it cost to rent student housing in Leicester?

Ans: The cost of student housing in Leicester varies depending on the type of housing and its location. University-owned halls of residence tend to be more expensive, while private student apartments and houses can be more affordable. On average, you can expect to pay around £316-£476 per month for student housing in Leicester.

Q2. What amenities are typically included in student housing in Leicester?

Ans: Depending on the type of student accommodation in Leicester and the individual property’s terms & conditions, your amenities may vary. On a general note, you can expect basic amenities with your student housing such as – internet access, on-site laundry facilities, and a common area for socialising. There are some student residences that also come with swimming pools, a gym area, cinema rooms and more.

Q3. Are there any student accommodations in Leicester near the universities?

Ans: Yes, you can find Leicester student accommodation at affordable prices within walking distance of your uni. UniAcco offers premium student housing in Leicester at affordable rates, all within a short distance from the universities in Leicester.

Q4. Is it better to live in a university-owned accommodation or a private student apartment?

Ans: The university-owned halls of residence may seem like an easier bet when it comes to proximity to your uni. However, the catch is that they tend to fill up quickly and can be more expensive when compared to private student housing in Leicester. Off-campus student housing in Leicester is easily available, affordable, and quite many of them are within easy reach of the university.

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