Study In Norway For Indian Students – A Complete Guide

Study in Norway for Indian students

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September 1, 2021

Studying in Norway for Indian students is a delightful experience. This Scandinavian unitary constitutional monarchy has a lot to offer to its international students and citizens. The country holds the fourth-highest per capita income globally on the World Bank and IMF listing. As well as ninth-highest on a broader CIA list. A unique fact that not many people know about Norway is that it is the world’s largest producer of oil & natural gas when we talk about countries outside the Middle East. All these facts make it a pleasure to study in Norway for Indian Students.

Study In Norway For Indian Students

When we tap into the education in Norway for Indian students, we understand that international cooperation and student mobility are the chief objectives of the Norwegian Ministry of Education & Research. Along with Indian students, over 12,000 international students are studying in Norway & the country is looking forward to welcoming more. 

The internationalisation of higher education leads to the development of English language-based programmes in Norway Schools. Today there are more than 200 Masters Programmes taught in English covering various subject areas. Norway has seven accredited universities, 22 accredited university colleges, nine accredited specialized university institutions, and two accredited national colleges of arts and many other private institutes for higher studies. 

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Masters In Norway

The country has a welcoming attitude towards overseas students who come to study for masters in Norway. There is an egalitarian approach towards higher studies. The perk of studying masters in Norway is that all the programmes are tuition-free and many of them deliver courses in the English language. This is the main reason why the country hosts more than 10 thousand international students in various levels of study. 

Here are the Key details of Masters In Norway | Study In Norway For Indian Students

Oldest University & Year Of EstablishmentThe University Of Oslo in 1811
Total Number Of International Students12,215
Course Length2 Years
Fee Structure (Domestic/EU)None
Academic YearAugust To June

Norway Student Visa For Indian Students

If you are an Indian resident who wishes to study in Norway, you will require a Residence Permit for Studies to study in the country. The visa is specifically made for students who are ready to begin their study abroad journey in Norway. 

Let me answer a few FAQs about Norway Student Visa For Indian Students

How much time does it take to get my visa?

Make sure you have extra time for your visa application process. The moment you are accepted and enrolled in a Norwegian university, immediately apply for the Visa and start your application for the Norwegian Residence Permit For studies. Apply at least 2-3 months prior to your starting of the university degree programme.

How much do I pay for the student visa?

You will have to pay the fee of 556 EUR when you apply for the Norwegian Residence Permit for studies. The visa processing fee is 21 EUR.

What documents will I need to get my student visa?

A proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you stay in Norway, either through an external source or your bank account. Indian students do not have to prove their English proficiency. Indian students are required to take a medical test before they arrive in the country. Indian students are not required to set up a restricted bank account. 

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Norway Universities For Indian Students

The Norwegian education system has either public or private institutions but mostly are state-run. The universities in Norway provide you with a comprehensive range of courses and subjects that conduct high-quality research in a variety of fields. The majority of Norwegian students prefer state universities (around 85%).  

Despite the relatively smaller size of the higher education system, the country has a lot to offer. Check out the table below to find the top-ranking universities of Norway.

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Top 5 Norwegian Universities In 2021

UniversityTimes Higher Education 2021QS World University Ranking 2021
University Of Oslo=127113
University If Bergen201-250194
Norwegian University Of Science & Technology401-500=360
UiT The Arctic University Of Norway351-400=416
Norwegian University Of Life Sciences601–800

Norway is a great place to study engineering if you want to do so on the European continent. This nation has a long history of being renowned for its highly developed economy and cutting-edge technology. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is one of the top institutes of engineering In Norway for Indian students.

Cost Of Studying In Norway

Norway is a country that enhances higher education to an unprecedented international level. The majority of Norwegian public universities do not charge tuition fees. This applies to students from all nations, whether or not they are EU/EEA members, and is valid for undergraduate degree programmes, master’s programmes, and doctoral programmes. The cost of studying in Norway for Indian students is usually between 300 and 600 EUR, depending on the universities you decide to study. Norway’s cost of living includes housing, food, utilities, books and other study materials. The cost of living in Norway for Indian students ranges from 800 to 1,400 EUR on average per month. The important factor to consider MBA in Norway for Indian students is that Norwegian universities offer education at very low and reasonable costs is a key reason to pursue an MBA there.

Financial Aid In Norway

For non-European applicants, proving a significant level of subsistence is a requirement in order to be granted a student residence permit. If certain requirements are satisfied, you may also be qualified for the Norway scholarship for Indian students and some financial assistance that will help cover some of your living costs. International students may receive financial aid for their entire degree or just a few semesters through a variety of fellowship programmes, scholarship offerings, or student loans.

No matter which course you choose to study there are perks and top-notch education quality guaranteed in Norwegian Universities. Even in professional courses, for example, there are numerous benefits of studying MBBS in Norway for Indian students. 

Study in Norway for Indian students is supreme as the education is internationally recognised and helps you prepare for a bright career. Apart from the educational benefits, the country offers a splendid landscape and a beautiful culture that you can explore. Your time in Norway is going to be valuable and memorable. Make sure you make the most out of it. Good luck!

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