Liverpool Beaches That You Must Visit!

Beach in Liverpool

Let us virtually travel to the beautiful city of Liverpool, England. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom, Liverpool has an awesome vibe and atmosphere. Liverpool is a maritime city with a rich centuries-old history, nestled at the mouth of the Mersey River, along the Irish Sea. Liverpool is a beautiful modern city with an expansive and traditional culture with some elements of the 18th Century architectural design still visible across Liverpool. Keep reading to make a list of those 5 Liverpool Beaches you must visit while there.

With a great food scene, shopping areas, museums, and so many beaches, Liverpool has it all. Today we are going to talk about the 5 Liverpool beaches that you must visit.

5 Beaches In Liverpool You Need To Visit!

Formby Beach 

Formby Beach 

Surrounded by beautiful sands and pinewoods, Formby remains one of the best natural beaches with barely any man-made structures around!

Formby Beach is ideal for families, with a large car park, picnic areas and waymarked paths to the beach, dunes and woods. A coastal nature haven for wildlife lovers, during holiday periods and one of the best beaches in the North West.  

The high dunes afford excellent views across the Irish Sea and on clear days after rain, even the mountains of Cumbria can be seen.

The coast here is undergoing erosion and the tides often reveal prehistoric mud layers, some of which contain human and animal footprints. Look out for these the length of Formby Beach from Lifeboat Road northwards of the National Trust property.

This beach gets extremely busy with limited parking and long traffic queues. 

Formby Beach is nearby to –

Southport15 min drive
Liverpool 35 min drive
Manchester 60 min drive

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Crosby Beach

Crosby beach is a wonderful family-friendly beach just a few miles north of Liverpool with a unique art display of iron statues that exist nowhere else in the world. 

Stretching two and a half miles, Crosby Beach is a part of the Merseyside coastline; the beach has also been awarded the quality coast award by keeping Britain tidy. The Beach is highly patrolled by Her Majesty’s coastguard. 

Liverpool Beaches That You Must Visit!
Liverpool Beaches That You Must Visit!

There is a very unique thing about Crosby Beach that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, are these metal sculptures. They actually extend up and down the beach and also extend right into the ocean as well. The sculptures are a group of 100 cast iron figures scattered across the beach. They are the main features of the beach. 

Crosby Railway Station5 mins drive 
Hall Road Railway Station5 mins drive

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New Brighton Beach

New Brighton Beach

New Brighton Beach is a public beach where one can spend time with family or friends. There are so many types of activities to keep yourself busy at this beach especially during the Summer season.

Kite festivals are often held here during the summer season. There are many stores nearby the beach for you to take a stroll, there are restaurants you can explore with your friends, cafes along the way and so much more. 

There is also The Brighton Pier where you can chill out and stroll along the 300 metres length of the Pier. You can also The Brighton Foreshore where you will come across, The New Brighton Beachside Playground. This is best on a warm sunny day. 

The nearest train station to New Brighton Beach in Wallasey11 min walk

West Kirby Beach

West Kirby Beach

This busy little beach is only 300 metres long but it lies between kilometres of sand dunes and a further 2 kilometres of vast sand flats. Exposed at low water towards Hoylake and the popular Marine Lake, which is one of the best facilities of its kind in the North West and recently opened after refurbishment. 

There is easy flat access straight from the pavement onto the beach. Uniformed officials patrol the beach and tide lines as far out as the Hilbre Island Local Nature Reserve. This Local Nature Reserve is located a kilometre offshore and accessible on foot at low water. 

Ellesmere Port28 min drive 
Sandlea Park Birkenhead2 mins drive 

Southport Beach

Southport Beach

A fun-filled day in Southport is guaranteed. You are sure to admire this gorgeous town along with the beach. When there, do not forget to venture down Lord Street, full of elements of architecture, this leafy street is popular with the shoppers. 

Also, around nearby you will be coming across a mini Golf area, parks, restaurants, and cafes and of course a massive Maine Lake. You should also know that super loud music can be heard across the mesmerising Marine lake, perfect for a gig. You can also stroll across the Southport Pier which is the older Pier in the country. Southport is the one place that needs to be on your bucket list!

You will be getting amazing shots, sights and especially the views of the pier, beach, the prom and of course Blackpool Tower. Southport beach is only a 10-minute walk from Southport train station with good rail links in from the North West. Both the seafront and beach are easily accessible whether you want to use your car or not.

Southport train station10-minute drive 
Southport Pier Promenade 1 min drive via Marine Dr.


Q1. Does Liverpool have good beaches?

Ans: Liverpool does have several beaches, but due to things like tides and water quality, they are not often thought of as being among the greatest in the UK.

Q2. How many beaches are there in Liverpool?

Ans: In and near Liverpool, there are around 24 beaches. Some famous beaches include Formby Beach and Crosby Beach.

Q3. What is the nearest sea to Liverpool?

Ans: The Irish Sea is the sea that Liverpool is closest to.

Q4. What are the statues on Formby beach?

Ans: The statues on Formby Beach are part of an art installation called “Another Place” by Antony Gormley, featuring 100 life-size iron figures spread along the coastline.

Q5. What are the statues on Crosby Beach for?

Ans: The statues on Crosby Beach, also part of Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation, serve as a thought-provoking display that explores themes of human presence and its relationship with the natural world.

P.S if you know of more places to explore in Liverpool, let me know in the comments below!

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Beach in Liverpool

Liverpool Beaches That You Must Visit!

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