Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada

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The Canadian job market roared back to life post-pandemic faster than expected and is offering highest paying part-time jobs in Canada. It revered the employment loss due to the countrywide lockdown this year. This means there are jobs added to the market and the economy is set to hike like never before. There is a high demand now for some jobs that will pay you a good amount of money for minimal hours. 

Read On To Check Out Some Of The Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada

1. Tutor – $20 Per Hour

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A tutor in Canada can easily make up to $20 per hour. If you are interested in certain subjects and enjoy teaching then this is a great fit for you. You can tutor students in elementary school or the one’s studying at the university/college level. This can be done either individually or by joining a certain school program. It will contribute not only to your savings but also you can build your resume and add these skills. You will end up learning something new and perhaps discover how much you love teaching. 

2. Bartender – $13 Per Hour + Tips

A Bartender

This is probably the most preferred and common job for students studying in university. Largely because of the flexible working hours it offers. However, it also demands you to stay till late and requires working weekends sometimes. 

Bartenders can easily make $13 per hour; which might not look so great but they receive tips. Depending on your service, you can make around $75 to even $200 a night. Quite possible to make even more sometimes. The standard tipping rate is 15% and 20% in Canada, but it entirely depends on the time of the day or day of the week. If you choose to serve in a busy city with a large student population, the weekends will be busy which means more tips!

3. Retail Salesperson – $14 Per Hour

A retail salesperson can easily make $14 by working part-time in a retail store. It can be a great summer internship for students. Your job is to sell products like clothing, cars, home appliances, or anything directly to the customer. The working hours can be flexible, especially for students. Another appealing aspect for working in a retail store is how you are not tied to a desk and can move around working with people if that’s what you like. Here you can not only earn a good amount of money but also learn skills that can be used in your career path

4. Nail Technicians – $15 Per Hour

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An average hourly salary of a Nail Technician is $15 which does not require any kind of bachelor’s or master’s degree for you to become a professional in this job. Nail techs provide services in spas, salons, and barbershops while some operate individually on their own. They file, trim, polish, and repair fingernails & toenails. Gen Z is fully on the trend of getting their nails done regularly so this business is only flourishing and can make you quite a sum if you are good at what you do. Canada offers an array of work opportunities in the beauty industry. If cosmetics and being around other people makes you happy, then a Nail Technician could be the right choice in Canada for you!

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5. Nanny – $11.54 Per Hour

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An average salary of a nanny is $11.54 per hour but depending on the city, you can get up to $15 sometimes. It is especially for people who enjoy being around children and love caring for them. You can be a part-time nanny as many parents seek assistance. Your day-to-day responsibilities may include preparing meals, picking them from school, putting them to bed, or simply playing with them.

Hours are mostly flexible and in many cases, you can even work on your homework while the child rests. Depending on your responsibilities, the wage will increase. 

6. Translator – $27.25 Per Hour

A high-paying job for those who happen to know a second or third language. As a translator, your job is to speak, read and write that language fluently. You may be required to do some additional tasks that involve communicating with different people, work on documents, create written white papers, and more. These kinds of jobs are offered in organizations but you can even freelance and work as an independent translator on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. This will 

These were just a few of the many part-time jobs that will pay you well and also add to the fun and experience. You can make a good amount of money and even make a living if you work dedicatedly and become good at it. 

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a person sitting on a stack of money

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada

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