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How To Party On A Budget As A Student?

Party On A Budget

It’s time to show everyone on the campus your dazzling side by throwing a party that won’t break the bank. Enjoy the extravagance of a party on a budget and make memories without actually emptying your wallet. Let us see some of the clever tactics you can use to save quite a sum when throwing an entertaining party.

Cheap Invitations

Unless it’s a wedding (which is super unlikely to do in Uni) your party does not require paper invitations. Instead, make funky and colourful digital invites and broadcast them in all the uni groups and ask your friends to spread them around on campus. You can even promote it on social media or plan a Facebook event and send people invites from there. To spice it up, ask people for playlist requests and dole out food duties if needed. This is the easiest and most effective way to tally guests.

Homemade Chefs And Cheap Eats

Do you have a friend that can whip up some yummy dishes? Or a brilliant baker in your dorm? Get them involved if they are happy to spend their time doing something they love! Homemade dishes are always tastier and cheaper. If not then; Filet mignon? Yes, please! No one wants you to serve pricy meat to impress people. Instead have a smattering of appetizers with nuts, crisps, and dips that will fill up your guests without compromising on the taste. This can save you massive cash on the food budget because that is where people end up spending a lot.

The Decor On A Budget

Yes, it is possible to decorate your house on a budget. It only requires some time and effort; oh and creativity from your side! If you are running low on time then get your friends to help you and you all can enjoy while planning this chic party on a budget. Pinterest DIY’s are always there to save your day. There are countless ways to decorate your house; start with painting your signs. You can have boards and signs with neon paints to give it a bit of zing. Cheap fairy lights all around the house will brighten up your party. Look out for party DIYs and you will be flooded with exciting things you can make and decor on a budget.

Playlist It Up! | Party On A Budget

There is no need for you to set up a stage and bring in a DJ. With Spotify and Apple music working hard for you, you can have a friend borrow a speaker and boom! Play your best party playlist. This way you can even entertain your crowd’s demands and play what everyone enjoys. This will save you a lot of money on DJ and the entire setup.

Dress Code | Party On A Budget

You don’t want people showing up in jeans and a tee. A dress code will spice up your party and give you amazing Instagram pictures for that matter. When sending invites, tell everyone of a specific dress code and watch people razzle-dazzle all around the house! For instance, a 90s themed party, if you need any reference then go watch the Vampire Diaries and see how it is done (a personal favourite). You will get amazing outfit ideas that can be made at home and an old gown of your grandmother can definitely be made into a chic vintage party gown.

Student Discounts To The Rescue

One of the many benefits of being a university student is the discounts that come with it. Businesses want your money but they know how limited is your spending power and therefore your student card will help you with several discounts. Some businesses even offer discounts of up to 40%; so keep a lookout for those. You can save a lot of money by using these discounts and later spend that extra cash on throwing a lovely party. 

On top of this, there are several concessions on public transport, gaming zones, bookstores, retail stores, and more where you get a chance to save! 

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Some of the bonus tips that will indirectly help you throw an entertaining party on a budget:
  • Sell your unwanted stuff on eBay and get a considerable amount of money. You can even thrift the good quality clothes that you don’t wear anymore. That will save you money that can be used later for party expenses
  • Buy second-hand books. Yes, this will not only save you money but also help other students make some. Buy from your seniors who are willing to sell their course books at discounted prices. Saving money is the catch here!
  • Earn extra bucks. You can always work in a retail store and earn extra cash for your fun little rendezvous’. Being in university, extra cash hurts nobody! It will only help you enjoy your years more without stressing about budgeting. 
Final Thoughts

Hosting a night with your favourite people can help you de-stress and loosen up. By avoiding pricey food and decor, and taking things into your hand by creating and making food; you can throw cheaper parties with the same effect as the lavish ones. All you need is a good time with your friends, great food, a party ambience, some music, and voila you are telling epic stories the next morning over breakfast.

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Party On A Budget

How To Party On A Budget As A Student?