Part-Time Job Ideas For College Students

Part-time Job ideas for Students

A part-time job is a great way to ensure financial independence as well as gaining some job experience. They are an excellent way to ensure you are repaying your loans faster as well as having some cash handy. It would be advisable to carefully consider all the aspects before taking up a job because of the time constraint it will cause you. Australia is one of the prime destinations for international working students. For the people determined enough to do this, here’s a list of the commonly chosen part-time jobs in Melbourne for international students such as online tutoring jobs, food services, daily care and a lot more.

Food Services

Food service jobs are accessible to most motivated candidates who enjoy very fast-paced and busy environments. They are one of the best part-time jobs for international students in Melbourne. A successful professional in food services jobs will need to be energetic, social, punctual and reactive.


part-time job

Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £6.7

Skills: punctual, dynamic, reactive, energetic, friendly

If you are looking for part-time job ideas, bartending is an excellent option for night owls and extroverts. From cocktail bars to Irish pubs in the United Kingdom, bartenders have several choices of atmospheres and styles. You will get to learn the art of flair bartending and mixology. Check for job ads, or you can even go ask in bars directly if they need your skills.


Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £6.9

Skills: punctual, reactive, social, customer-oriented, agile

Freshly roasted coffee and warm pastries are simply heavens in the morning. If you agree, the barista may be the ideal part-time student job for you. You also get to make somebody’s day by handing them their awakening beverage. If you prefer working afternoons, the barrister is also a great fit as most coffee shops stay open all day.

Host Or Waiter At A Restaurant

part-time job

Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £6.3

Skills: reactive, agile, attentive, customer-oriented, friendly

If you enjoy visiting restaurants in the United Kingdom, the waiter can be a good fit for a part-time student job. Restaurants often need extra help so keep an eye out on the openings around your local dining spots. 

Care Jobs

Care jobs, which are one of the best jobs in Melbourne for international students, require many social skills as well as health and psychology knowledge for some of the following part-time care jobs. However, they are highly educating and can open doors for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the health and care industry

Childcare/ Babysitting

part-time job

Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £7.3

Skills: good with children, patient, friendly, mature, responsible

If you love spending time with children, playing games, reading stories… childcare and babysitting might just be the best student job for you. Busy parents are always looking for responsible adults to take care of their offspring, whether after school, in the evening or on weekends. It is a great one of the best jobs for international students.



Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £16.7

Skills: pedagogical, patient, empathetic, understanding, motivating

If you enjoy teaching, tutoring might be an excellent match for you. It is up to you what age and level of advancement you want to teach. Therefore, you can decide to help out students a grade under you and deal with topics you enjoy or have learned about recently, or choose to go for younger students or children with any subject you enjoy most. It is one of the most profitable part-time jobs for international students in Melbourne, Australia.

University And On-Campus Jobs

 If your campus is farther away from a big town or city, there are chances that your university offers options for students willing to work. This can go from being a dorm receptionist, research assistant or even to library work. 

Library Work

Library work

Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £8.5

Skills: cooperative, organised and structured, cultured

Love books? Why not work with them? Your university may be searching for students to help with the general good keeping of the library as well as making sure students are informed and are finding whatever they need. If you love quiet environments, check your local library for any offers of part-time student work.

Teaching Assistant

Flexibility: Low

Average hourly rate: £8.3

Skills: organised, responsible, committed, mature

As a teaching assistant, your job will be to assist your teacher in many different ways, mostly in organising classes, paper grading and exams. This is hard work requiring commitment, but the benefit of assisting your professor can be huge and open a lot of doors.

Research Assistant

Flexibility: Average

Average hourly rate: £10.3

Skills: methodical, serious, reliable, analytical

Research assistant positions are available to postgraduate students in their specific field of research. This is an excellent part-time student job for scholars willing to further their knowledge of a topic, and even better if they are ready to pursue teaching or research. If you don’t find any postings, your professors should be able to inform you of positions.

Dorm Receptionist

part-time job

Flexibility: Low

Average hourly rate: £7.8

Skills: trustworthy, ethical, responsible, reliable

If your university offers on-campus housing, there are chances that they are searching for dorm receptionists for surveillance and general maintenance. Some university dormitories also offer student accommodation at a low cost for anyone working for the dorm, it also helps save money on renting. It is one of the easiest part-time jobs for students in Melbourne.


Have an artistic talent? Why not monetise this and turn expertise into money? Somewhere definitely on campus or in your area are people looking for music or drawing teachers, photographers or even film extras. Look around for job offers or also put an advertisement out yourself to offer your services.

Music Teacher (Or Anything Artistic)


Flexibility: High

Average hourly rate: £25.0

Skills: pedagogical, good listener, patient, understanding

Are you a musician, a singer, an illustrator? Do you love your art so much you wish to not only share it but teach it too? Good news, people want to learn or perfect their singing, drawing or piano techniques. You might even help others discover new passions.


part-time job

Flexibility: High

Average hourly rate: £10.4

Skills: creative, good listener, observant, empathetic

Weddings, christenings, sports events, official company pictures… photographers are hired for many types of events. If you are good with a camera, be on the lookout for various photographer jobs. One of the perks being, you can choose your activities according to your busy student schedule.

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  1. A job that can fit my Busy schedule so I can get on with my football/gym training but also where I can earn some money so I could pay the rent and have extra cash in hand.

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Part-time Job ideas for Students

Part-Time Job Ideas For College Students

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