11 Best Life Hacks For Students

Off to the university are you. Set foot in the halls only after you have armed yourselves with this awesome ammunition aka life hacks for students and tips to survive and enjoy your campus experience. 

Best Life Hacks For Students

Use Different Coloured Pens In Lectures.

Stop scoffing! This is not a whimsical suggestion. Colour has a positive impact on memory, stimulating the brain and making it easier to learn and retain data, bet you didn’t know that. Dividing up notes in various colours can give you the edge and also let you know when you are in trouble (for example if your book is more red than green). This is one of the easiest and smartest life hacks for students. 

Get Relevant Lecture Slides On Demand.

Ever sat through a lecture in your dream world fighting monsters, or wondering what the heck the professor was blabbing about or the best fallen asleep. Just use Google. Search for the relevant subject matter followed by filetype: ppt, this should lead you to suitable PowerPoint slides from all over the world. 

Use Post-It Notes To Clean Your Keyboard.

Using post-it notes adds to your student life hacks list. Glued to your laptop, aren’t we all. Stuck doing assignments and eating while you are at it or just binge-watching, you are bound to get the keyboard dirty, and if you are not an annoyingly dirty person you are thinking of ways to clean it well, aren’t you? Ever thought of using your post-it notes, no, well try it. It glides stickily between keys, it’s convenient and oddly satisfying.

Stack Your Tees Vertically | Life Hacks For Students

Stop right there, that’s just not the way to do it. With a space crunch and number of tees to keep neatly, you have to stack them in the drawers “vertically”. By doing so you won’t pull everything while getting to your favourite tee and crease everything while simultaneously creating a mess of things. 

Unlock Netflix’s Secret Codes

Imagine watching an episode instead of searching for what to watch. There is a faster way to directly into the genre you want to watch on Netflix. Enter www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX (replaces the X’s with the code given here), and you will directly go into that particular genre you feel like watching and delve into the world of binge-watching. 

Study Smarter With A Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Technique is one of the best student life hacks for time management techniques that breaks down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. It is a great way to set an accomplishable task for oneself. Things like a kitchen timer or timer in your cell phones could be used, or websites like Tomato-timer.com can be used. 

Make A Tennis Ball Hanger To Avoid Misplacing Your Cards And Keys.

Keep losing things, it’s bound to happen with all the rushing around you getting to and from college. Being a student doesn’t allow one to have a lot of time for cleaning. An alternative for your keys and cards is to take a tennis ball, split it open in the middle and screw it on a wall. It comes in handy, especially when it comes to keys and cards. This is one of the life hacks for students that can be done with a quick DIY.

Get A Pre-Vetted Question List In Class

A class presentation is always tricky. Preparing a presentation, remembering all the points and information and the anxiety of what questions may be asked. Want to know a cheat! Have an inside man when you give the presentation. Give a list of pre-vetted questions to your friends to ask, then lo and behold the teacher is impressed. Mark it to your students hacks list now!

Here’s How To Rid Yourself Of The Following Stains

If your stain isn’t one of the mentioned, you’re on your own: 

  • Lipstick stain: Dish Soap
  • Sweat stain: Lemon
  • Red Wine stain: White Wine
  • Chocolate stain: Dish Soap
  • Ink stain: Hairspray
  • Coffee stain: Vinegar
  • Oil stain: White Chalk
  • Bloodstain: Vinegar

Save Wardrobe Space With A Drink Can Tab.

An old age trick and one of the best life hacks for students. For the overflowing wardrobe. Use old tabs from soft drink cans to act as double (or maybe even triple) hangers, giving you at least twice the space at no extra cost. 

Wear Your To-Do List | Students Hacks

As a student, your rooms tend to be messy and strewn with papers all over. Having traditional to-do lists is great but how are you supposed to keep track of these to-do lists? You can use apps to handle these for your Workflow, nTask, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do, Todoist, TeuxDeux, Any.do and many more. 

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11 Best Life Hacks For Students

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