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Cost of Living in Newcastle for Students [Updated Prices 2023-24]

Cost of Living in Newcastle for Students

Newcastle is a booming city with lots of international students. It has the second-highest rate of international student enrolment in the UK, after London. Located in the heart of England, the city is home to a thriving student population. Studies show that the average cost of living in Newcastle for students is almost 50% more low-priced than in other neighbouring cities such as London or Birmingham. Despite having heavy exposure to the upper class, Newcastle is one of the most affordable cities in the UK. It is recommended that you maintain a monthly budget of £1,024 to £1,328 on average, in order to live comfortably in Newcastle.

If you’re excited to move to Newcastle to further your higher education, this article elaborates on the different living expenses that you may across when in the city and also suggests cost-effective alternatives for a pleasant stay!

Cost Of Living In Newcastle For Students

Newcastle is home to many students from other countries, including China, India, and Africa. A breakdown of the average monthly costs linked with students living in Newcastle: 

ParticularsExpenses (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£276
On-Campus Accommodation£580
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,024
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,328

Many local producers live in various parts of the city. Newcastle always had an advantage of a considerable number of essential goods and utilities such as food supplements, furniture, and rental homes. This affordable cost of living in Newcastle for students, lets them leave all their worries in a cupboard and explore the city’s greatest parts.

Cost of Living in Newcastle for Students

Before you get into calculating a budget for your cost of living in Newcastle upon Tyne, take a look at the types of accommodation, transport, and eateries available.

Accommodation Options As A Student In Newcastle

Considering the living costs in Newcastle, it comes with a variety of rental options which makes it confusing to pick. Such places will differ in prices or sizes as you move away from the City Centre. That’s why students are advised to choose the best student accommodation in Newcastle that fits their budget and is overflowing with daily activities. 

Types Of Student Accommodation In Newcastle

If you’re reading about Newcastle for the first time, it is essential to know all types of student accommodation in Newcastle. Also, each of the housing options comes with pros and unseen cons. To understand the cost of living in Newcastle for students better. Here are the different types of student accommodation in Newcastle. 

University Rooms

University-managed rooms should be your topmost priority if you want substantial living conditions at low prices. Rooms managed by the university are structured as dorms that offer single-room plans. These rooms are mostly preferred by sophomores and second-year students because they are present inside the campus and save time for travelling to and from the university. 


It is second on most lists of student accommodation in Newcastle; it includes studio housing options. Studio rooms are a perfect option to live in and are really good if you are looking towards budget-friendly student accommodation outside the university. These are usually 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom rental homes that offer unique accommodation and have a higher grade quality than university dorms.

En Suite

If you want some privacy, the option of an en suite is the one for you. This student accommodation offers huge spaces for students and also includes separate bathrooms and a kitchen so that you don’t have to waste unnecessary time standing in queues.

Sharing Accommodation

Taking the cost of living in Newcastle for students into consideration, most students opted for this type of accommodation. Sharing accommodation is considered the rising star of student accommodation in Newcastle. This housing option is shared between a group of students and is held with an agreement of a landlord or an estate agent. A major benefit of living in shared accommodation is the sharing of expenses between the students and the opportunity to get along with other students. 

Ways To Travel In Newcastle

While studying at a university, if you plan to live off-campus and own a car consider petrol costs. There are four ways of local transport in Newcastle:

  • Metro
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Water Travel System

Best And Affordable Cuisines

Whether you want to grab a quick breakfast or celebrate a special occasion, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to eateries in Newcastle. The major problem you may face is that so many could take a week to choose the perfect one. As all international and local food joints are present in the city, we have collected a few notable mentions of student favourites. 


Want to crash somewhere before your next lecture? Try going someplace quite like Quilliam Brothers’ Teahouse or Tyneside Bar Café at the Tyneside Cinema, where you can taste more than 60 types of loose-leaf tea along with tasty finger-licking brunches with friends. 

Street Food 

Everyone loves street food, right? Well, when you are in Newcastle, you will find street food vendors on every corner of the city. For starters, try visiting some of them at the Grainger Market in the City Centre, where you will find yourself tempered by the devious food from chicken katsu curry to churros.

On The Go

When it comes to delis, look no further than Frankie and Tony’s Sandwich Bar. The joint holds a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s best delis in Newcastle. Students can also head to Zapatista Burrito Bar Delis or Greg’s whose products could bring tears of joy to you in no time.  

Dine Out

Student accommodation delivers good dining-out options. But since you are new in the city, it is allowed to explore the better parts of the city at night. Some of the famous diners amongst students include Fat Hippo, the city’s go-to burger joint, Lane 7, and Francesca’s in the Jesmond area.


Don’t worry if you haven’t found a restaurant that serves your local food. You can always visit the international buffet centre in Chinatown, which is near Newcastle University. Other notable mentions cover Turkish’s Red Mezze, Hana Hana, and Indian restaurants like Dabbawal and Ury. 


Is Newcastle a good place to live for students?

Newcastle was repeatedly voted one of the UK’s favourite student cities. It is a great place to begin your studies, and you’ll be in good company, with a multicultural society of university students from all over the world.

Is Newcastle expensive for students?

According to studies, the average cost of living in Newcastle for students is nearly 50% lower than in neighbouring cities such as London or Birmingham. Despite its proximity to the upper crust, Newcastle is one of the most affordably priced cities in the United Kingdom.

How much does it cost to study in Newcastle?

The cost of studying in Newcastle for a Bachelor’s programme will cost you about £20.4k – £23.4k and a Master’s programme will cost between £12.4k – £25.2k based on the type of course you wish to study.

How much does it cost to rent a house in Newcastle?

Renting a private student accommodation is less expensive than on-campus accommodation. Therefore, most students choose to live in a private student apartment. Living in a private student flat can cost you anything between £76 to £249 based on the type of room you choose to stay in.

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Cost of Living in Newcastle for Students

Cost of Living in Newcastle for Students [Updated Prices 2023-24]