6 Most Affordable Cities To Study On A Budget

cities to study on a budget

Written by Muskan Behune

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Last updated Oct 29, 2020

 A lot of us harbor ambitions of studying abroad, but the huge financial costs required to study abroad are sometimes a damper. However, contrary to the most popular belief, studying abroad is not reserved for the rich. With proper in-depth research and accurate financial planning, no one can stop you from making your dream a reality. Except for planning and research, you also need to be aware of the cities to study on a budget that offers low tuition fees, accommodation and living costs as well.

Are you confused about where to start? We are listing down some of the most affordable cities to study on a budget without breaking your bank

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is one of the best cities to study on a budget. As an international student studying in Kuala Lumpur, you just need RM 12,000 to RM 18,000 to live in Malaysia. You pay approximately RM 17,000 per academic year as tuition fee and talking about meal expenses, you may end up paying RM 2,000 to RM 2,500. Do not let the affordability of this nation make you think of the country otherwise in terms of education. It is home to some of the most outstanding universities such as the UK’s University of Nottingham, Australia’s Monash University, etc. While you are studying in Kuala Lumpur, you need to make sure that you visit the Batu Caves, Genting Highlands, Bird Park, and more such popular hotspots.

Mexico City

From enjoying the lip-smacking tacos to marveling at the performances at the National Museum of Anthropology, everything turns into warmth and energy in this magnificent city. The revolutionary charm provides the students with a profusion of opportunities to explore modern Mexico. If you are studying in any of the public universities, the tuition fee in the city ranges from MXN$ 7000 to 15,350. The cost of accommodation in Mexico City is somewhere from MXN$ 1500 to 1900. Considering all the aspects, on the whole, it is quite affordable and Mexico is one of the most suitable cities to study on a budget and to pursue an academic career.

cities to study on a budget


Budapest is home to several notable universities such as Budapest University of technology or Corvinus University of Budapest. All of the universities in Budapest provide oodles of programs and courses that are the gateway to plentiful career opportunities. While most of these programs are in English, there are certain programs in German as well. Apart from the best universities and programs, the low cost of living makes Budapest one of the most preferred cities to study on a budget for students. With 600 euros in your pocket, you can enjoy a great student lifestyle here in Budapest. The tuition fee in the city is somewhere between €4,500 to €20,000 per year that also depends on the course, university, and specialization you’ve chosen.


Warsaw, the capital city of Poland also comes under affordable cities to study on a budget. In terms of tuition fees, you need to spend somewhere between €2,000-3000 per year. Expenses for the cost of living is somewhere between €2,000-3000 per month. Even the cost of accommodation in Warsaw falls on the lower side. Students who live on their own need to pay around €370 and those who are enrolled in the residential program of their university, need to pay somewhere around €269. However, Warsaw is not just limited to affordable education, students can also enjoy exploring the fantastic history & culture of the country while pursuing their academic career.


Austria’s main city, Vienna is considered quite high-priced for tourism. However, when it is about education, the city offers free education to the students of the European Union and the European Economic Area. These students just need to pay an insurance fee of EUR 18 per semester to public universities. For non-EU students, this fee is somewhere around EUR 1,450. For private universities, the tuition fee ranges from EUR 1000 to EUR 40,000. Unlike tourists, students can live easily in Vienna at an affordable price. A monthly budget of around EUR 850 to 950 per month is adequate to take care of your accommodation, meals, transportation, and social activities.


Studying in the biggest city of South Africa is a wonderful experience on its own. From the lounging Herman Eckstein Park in the northeast to the Johannesburg Zoo spread over a large area, everything here inspires you with positive energy. In fact, as a student, you should not miss exploring the Gold Reef City theme park that possesses thrill rides and an underground tour imparting knowledge on the mining history of the town. The city is well-known for its affordable education system and a comfortable living that doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. The average tuition fee is around R14,634 to R171,150 per year depending on the course and the university you’ve opted for. Even the cost of living is not very expensive in the city. The average cost of a meal in Johannesburg will cost you somewhere around R14,000 to R20,000 per year.

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