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Things to do in Newcastle

The unofficial capital of northeast England, Newcastle upon Tyne is a city filled with culture and heritage. Standing at the River Tyne, this city is home to many Victorian buildings and alleys, as well as massive shopping centres. These are some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Newcastle upon tyne which includes some of the best museums, theatres, city halls, concert stadiums and more. An important coal port decades ago is now a busy passenger terminus for cruise ships to Europe. 

Once upon a time, during the Roman era, this beautiful city called Pons Aelius then was a fort on Hadrian’s wall. It wad called as the “Monk Chester” during the Saxon period. Reason being the religious houses all around the city.  

To learn about the heritage, culture, music and life of this city, let us see some of the best places to visit in Newcastle upon tyne below!

1. The Millennium Bridge Stroll | Things To Do In Newcastle

The spectacular Gateshead Millennium Bridge stands tall over the River Tyne which you can either cross on foot or the bike. It falls under one of the top free things to do in Newcastle. Established in 2001, this unique looking curving footbridge is 126 meters long across the river. It connects the trendy arts quarter on the southern Gateshead bank to the Newcastle reinvigorated Quayside area. 

The bridge is often called the “Winking Eye bridge” due to its design and how it is tilted. If you are someone who enjoys exploring the city through walks, this bridge is quite the sight and you will come across it quite regularly. Make sure you add this to your checklist as one of the reasons to visit Newcastle. 

Address: S Shore Road, Gateshead.

2. The Baltic Centre For Contemporary Arts

One of the must-visit attractions in Newcastle upon Tyne is the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts right across the Gateshead Millennium Bridge to the quays. This beautiful gallery can become one of the reasons to visit Newcastle for art lovers. It was established in the year 1950 and was actually built as the Baltic mill until the mid-1990s when it was turned into a building for arts and finally in 2002, the gorgeous Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts opened its doors to everyone. 

There are countless free things to do in Newcastle. Here, most museums and art galleries are free and you don’t have to pay. You can just pop in and enjoy the art during your visit to the city. If you are not into contemporary art and just want to have a good time, then this place will not disappoint you. The Baltic Centre has a rooftop restaurant called Six that will give you a spectacular view while you enjoy the meal. The other restaurant where you can savour modern British-inspired cooking is The Baltic Restaurant. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Address: South Shore Road, Gateshead

3. The Newcastle Castle | Things To Do In Newcastle

Situated on the northern street of Newcastle’s high-level bridge is the well-preserved Norman armoured tower that bears evidence to the “New Castle” establishment in 1080 and completion in 1172. The castle is a magnificent place where you can explore the various medieval chambers as well as archaic passages. It holds a captivating display of archaeological artefacts. When you get to the tower, you get an outstanding view of the city. A great place to visit during the weekends!

First time visitors can avail guided tours. This can be enjoyed along with the gatehouse (The Black Gate) which was built in 1247. If you plan to visit the city, add this to your fun things to do in the Newcastle checklist now!

4. The Newcastle Cathedral | Things To Do In Newcastle

The St. Nicholas Cathedral was built in the 14th century. The parish church was elevated to the status of a cathedral in 1882. What makes it stand out is its lantern tower. It stands almost 197 feet tall and was built in 1435. 

The interiors are an architectural marvel, it includes a canopied font lectern that dates back to the 15th century, the organ from 1676 and other stark statues from the 15th to 20th centuries. You will also find a pleasant cafe on site. Admission to the cathedral is free, making it one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Newcastle upon Tyne.

5. Grainger Town And Grey’s Monument

The 135 foot high Grey’s Monument stands tall at the north end of Grey Street. Built in the year 1835, this is created in the memory of the second Earl Grey, commemorating his role as an Architect of the 1832 Reform Bill as well as the Prime Minister. The tower boasts a superb view of the city. 

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On the other hand, from various fun things to do in Newcastle, strolling in Grainger Street is a delight. Filled with attractive shopping stores and fare all around that area. There are more than 100 vendors selling food and other goods in the Grainger Market, making it one of the best things to do in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Amongst the various Newcastle Activities, you can add these top 5 best places to your list and make this trip a memorable one. You must visit the countless scenic beauty-filled places in Newcastle. Jesmond Dene is a lovely dell for nature lovers and a must-visit attraction in Newcastle upon Tyne. 


Q1. Is Newcastle good for tourists?

Ans: Yes, Newcastle is a popular tourist destination offering a mix of historic landmarks, modern attractions, lively nightlife, and scenic beauty along the River Tyne.

Q2. Is Newcastle good for shopping?

Ans: Yes, Newcastle is good for shopping as it offers diverse shopping experiences, from high-street brands in Eldon Square to unique boutiques in Grainger Town and bustling markets like Grainger Market.

Q3. What is the historical significance of Newcastle Castle?

Ans: Newcastle Castle, dating back to 1080, features well-preserved Norman architecture, medieval chambers, and archaeological artefacts, providing a glimpse into the city’s rich heritage.

Q4. What stands out about the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle?

Ans: The St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in the 14th century, is renowned for its impressive lantern tower, intricate interiors, and a range of historical elements, including a canopied font lectern.

Q5. What are Grainger Town and Grey’s Monument known for in Newcastle?

Ans: Grainger Town features Grey’s Monument, a tribute to the second Earl Grey, and is a hub of attractive shopping, including the Grainger Market, bustling with diverse vendors.

If you are ready to jump on these Newcastle activities and liked our blog on “5 Top-Rated Attractions &  Best Things To Do In Newcastle Upon Tyne” then check out our other tourism-related blogs below!

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Things to do in Newcastle

List of Best Things to do in Newcastle 2024 – UniAcco

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