5 Easy Ways On How To Fill Your House With Plants

how to fill your room with plants

With new trends of flat lays and aesthetics growing on social media, many students have begun to invest in home decor. When you go abroad for your higher studies and find yourself a suitable student accommodation to stay in, you’re going to get a room to yourself, or maybe share it with someone. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself giving detailed attention to the looks and feel of your room because you’d want to come back after a tiring day to a pleasant vibe. ‘It’s all about the vibe’ after all. Well, there are many ways of working on this ‘feel-good’ vibe and what’s been trending of late is the concept of indoor gardening. Studies have shown that indoor plants don’t just look good – they can make us feel good, too. If you’ve ever wished to have a green thumb, this article on how to fill your house with plants will ensure your house plants grow and thrive to keep your home green.

Easy Ways To Fill Your Room With Plants

There are many reasons to include a healthy dose of plant life in any and every room of your home – including your actual health. Beyond their aesthetic value, having plants in your home reduces toxins in the air, improves air quality, and has varied aromatherapy benefits. So if you’re wondering about how to fill your house with plants, you can read along to find out everything you need to know in this regard. 

Plants To Fill Space In Your House

Space management is an art that not many people are familiar with. The next time you walk into your room and notice an empty corner that doesn’t really feel complete, instead of your regular furniture, try out indoor plants. But how to arrange indoor plants? One of the most budget-friendly ways to decorate your home with plants is through floor plants. They could be the missing ingredient that completes the room while bringing a new sense of freshness to the house. Floor plants require proper lighting, so make sure you find the proper size and scale of the plant that actually fits well enough in your empty space. Sizes of floor plants vary from 2 feet to 7 feet, so based on your room size and the space available, you can make a call accordingly.

Adding Colour Through Orchids 

When you’re looking for plants to fill space in your room, don’t limit your options to only green plants. Blooming plants like orchids not only make your room look good, but they also have similar health and aromatherapy benefits as green plants. Orchids are a long-standing go-to flower among stylists and interior designers because of their sculptural silhouettes and bright, engaging colours. Since orchids require a good amount of sunlight, you’ll also notice how you start giving importance to sustainability with the increased use of sunlight over electrical appliances. Filling your room with plants such as this will brighten up your study spaces.

how to fill your room with plants

Cut-Blooms Are Budget-Friendly

If you’re looking for short-term solutions that require less maintenance, cut-blooms are the easiest options. Not only do they make great friends with your wallet, but they add life to the empty spaces around. Wondering how to arrange indoor plants within your budget?  You can buy a bunch of cut flowers for as little as a couple of dollars, but keep in mind that they do not last long and are your short-term solutions for how to fill your room with plants. However, if you choose to continually replace the flowers as they whither the cost can add up. Replacing your flowers, however, can be a great way to change up the look of your room without too much expense or effort.

Succulents & Cacti Add To Your Aesthetics

Caring for plants can be tricky, depending on the type of plant you choose and the requirements for it. But if you’re really keen on finding great ways to decorate your house with plants, you can always find easy options like succulents and cacti. Since they are desert plants, they need only a little water and sunlight, and are otherwise very low maintenance, which makes them easy to care for. In addition to their strength and longevity, these plants also have an interesting look that works very well aesthetically in interiors with a more modern design approach.

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Creating Hanging Herb Gardens

Have you ever fancied having lavender herb plants hanging on your walls, adding an exceptionally creative look and feel? If you have brick walls and you’re wondering how to fill your room with plants by utilizing the space on your walls, then small planters, hanging plants, or herbs would be the right choice. Using small planters it’s possible to keep a variety of wonderful, fresh herbs in your kitchen that will not only beautify the space, but they’ll also add a new dash of freshness to your cooking as well. 

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how to fill your room with plants

5 Easy Ways On How To Fill Your House With Plants

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