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Discover the finest and most affordable student accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne with UniAcco. With our guidance, you will find secure student housing options with ample amenities and facilities to keep you satisfied. Choose from a wide range of properties in Newcastle upon Tyne including flats, student halls, studio apartments, private apartments, and many more. Student accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne comes with maximum comfort at affordable prices. The Newcastle upon Tyne has something for everybody and therefore your time here will be comfortable and pleasant with the right accommodation.

With UniAcco serving 10,000+ students across the globe, become a part of our ecosystem and get the best guidance to flourish your study abroad dream in Newcastle upon Tyne. With ample options to check out and exploit, your stay could not get any better than this! Get the help of experts at UniAcco and choose the best student housing in Newcastle upon Tyne that will make your study abroad journey worthwhile!

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Student Accommodation In Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne offers a wide range of student accommodation options that students can choose from. Finding the right one may look daunting and tedious but it is not impossible. As an international student, you may come across these considerable choices and get overwhelmed. But Newcastle upon Tyne offers you options that are close to your university and easy to pick. These housing options come with added comfort along with reasonable prices.

Student accommodations in Newcastle upon Tyne are found near renowned universities.These accommodations are some of the best you will find in the market with fully furnished homes loaded with ample amenities and facilities.

These housing options range from luxurious fully furnished homes to pocket-friendly and affordable housing. All the student houses in Newcastle upon Tyne are built with great comfort keeping in mind the needs of university students. These accommodations are further divided into residences, private halls, and private accommodation.

Cost of Student Accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne

Private accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne comprises deluxe yet affordable en-suites, studio apartments as well as shared housing that are all-inclusive of utility bills. The student accommodation rates in Newcastle upon Tyne range between £100 to £250 /week. There are also other housing choices available for students who are on the lookout for short term tenancies in Newcastle upon Tyne

Expense  Monthly Cost (GBP) 
On-Campus Accommodation  940
Food (60 meals)  343
Off-Campus Student Accommodation     276
Utilities  167
Groceries  167
Transportation  65
Clothes  38
Entertainment  28


How To Find Student Housing Near Newcastle upon Tyne

UniAcco is your one-stop solution for finding the best student accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne. Come across the finest student housing near your favourite universities. The options include en-suites, flats, studio apartments, and student apartments in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can go ahead and compare a wide range of options on our platform based on 80+ parameters. Feel free to pick the accommodation that suits you and your needs.

Most of the student rentals in Newcastle upon Tyne include all utility bills. This removes your burden on budget and rent is the only thing that you have to cater to. Once you choose the accommodation of your choice in Newcastle upon Tyne, you can even arrange a viewing of the place by connecting with our property experts in Newcastle upon Tyne.

5 Easy Steps To Find Student Accommodation In Newcastle upon Tyne

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Pick the housing that meet your requirements and proceed with the booking!

UniAcco provides variant types of rooms in Newcastle upon Tyne that are filled with the most common facilities along with luxury amenities as per your choices. Most of the accommodation options in Newcastle upon Tyne have utility bills included in the rent with free Wi-fi facilities and 24/7 staff support. Your stay in Newcastle upon Tyne will be nothing short of comfort and satisfaction.