Student Guide to University Of Edinburgh Scotland 2024

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland is changing the world since 1583 and had been consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world. The Edinburgh university of Scotland is globally recognized for its rich history of noted alumni and distinguished scholars. The university continues to inspire us with its influencing history of exploring space, revolutionizing surgery, winning Nobel prizes, publishing era-defining books, generating world leaders, winning Olympic medals, achieving ground-breaking advances in science and contributing to solving mysteries of the universe. Edinburgh University offers a wide range of programmes in many disciplines like Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Science and Engineering.

Situated in the beautiful City of literature, Edinburgh University Scotland is one of the most ancient universities. You will get the opportunity to learn from world-leading researchers & experienced teachers and be surrounded by talented and forward-thinking students. The prestigious University of Edinburgh has adorned significant figures of modern history, Nobel laureates, Prime Ministers of the UK and Olympic gold medalists. Some of the Edinburgh notable alumni are Bill gates, APJ Abdul Kalam, Neil Armstrong. All of the University of Edinburgh notable alumni have gone on to change the world.

Why Choose The University Of Edinburgh, Scotland?

Studying at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The university holds worldwide recognition for excellence with over 500-degree courses attracting students from around the globe. Located in the heart of Scotland’s capital, the university offers the best experience that stretches beyond studies. Look at the fantastic offerings of the university.

1. University Facilities


The University of Edinburgh, Scotland hosts a vast number of festivals every year. They also play a massive role in collaboration with Edinburgh’s city festival. The festivals cover every forte like Science, Books, Art, Storytelling, Jazz, Film and comedy. These festivals play an enormous contribution to the City’s culture. The University’s festival office coordinates with Edinburgh’s city celebration for all the festivals. The university also has a wide range of venues that are used for festivals, filming and events throughout the year. Look at some of the festivals to get a more in-depth insight into the City’s lovely heritage.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The University hosts many fringe festivals every year. The programme sees many students, researchers, and staff participating in numerous performances. The University’s main highlight is the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

Edinburgh Science Festival

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland has been hosting events with the study at Edinburgh uni Science Festival for 20 years. All the University’s students and staff participate in the programme, including a specific collaboration on robotics. The two-week event offers a lot of family programmes in partnership with the National Museum of Scotland.

Sports & Fitness

The University is Scotland’s one of the leading sporting universities. They offer several elite sporting scholarships for student-athletes. The university seeks to support and motivate all the athletes with different programmes like Individual Performance Programme (IPP) & Team Performance Programme (TPP).

The Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym offers some of the best sports and fitness facilities in Scotland. They have a diverse range of indoor sports facilities, from badminton to basketball including dance studios, squash courts, boxing, martial arts, climbing walls, archery and rifle ranges.


The university societies offer students a platform to develop new skills and interact with like-minded people. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to take a break from studies and do something they love. The University of Edinburgh has over 280 student societies ranging from Academic, Art, Dance, Music, Sports, Spirituality, Media to Social work and Volunteering.

2. Amazing Academic Opportunities

  1. Learn from the institution’s expert faculty that includes leading researchers and experienced teachers. The University of Edinburgh provides high-class and innovative teaching to help students unleash their true potential.
  2. The Scottish four-year undergraduate courses are flexible that provides students with a comprehensive education. You can enhance your career prospects and tailor your programmes along with developing new skills. This will help you build your CV and also get the opportunity to travel overseas.
  3. The higher-education experience let the students be equipped with skills and knowledge, further giving them a chance to grow in career and employment prospects.

3. The Gorgeous Edinburgh

The UNESCO city of literature boasts a beautiful vintage backdrop. It is home to several top attractions, festivals, new clubs & bars, art exhibitions and offers various things to explore. The Scottish capital is a gifted World Heritage Site making it one of the most beautiful cities to live in. You will be so grateful if you get a chance to experience Edinburgh with its absolute best offerings. Your experience in Edinburgh will be the best time of your life, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


Places To See In Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle near university of Edinburgh, Scotland

Built on the site of an extinct volcano, Edinburgh’s Castle is the most iconic attraction in Scotland. The Castle and its Esplanade offers breathtaking views of Edinburgh. It is known that Edinburgh has most listed buildings than any city in the world including some of the oldest buildings inside the Castle like St. Margaret’s Chapel, The National War Memorial, Crown Square and many other essential sites.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat

Arthur’s Seat serves as a beautiful backdrop of the City and is a must-visit tourist attraction. Make sure to trek up and enjoy the unparalleled views of the City.


Edinburgh is surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland. Located around three miles from the City’s centre, Portobello is a stunning beach resort. The place offers numerous fairs and fun activities like kayaking and sailing club.

The Meadows

The Meadows near university of Edinburgh, Scotland

Just a walk away from the campus is the beautiful meadows. This huge park oozes greenery, making it a perfect spot for chilling out with friends.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Edinburgh boasts a wealth of clubs, pubs and bars. The City offers a fantastic nightlife experience with live music, comedy, theatre or just hanging out with friends.

Bars & Pubs

The bars and pubs at Edinburgh have something for every taste ranging from traditional pubs to modern upscale bars. The City’s liberal licensing policy has the bars and clubs open up way past midnight. Don’t forget to Put on your dancing shoes at these fantastic places like Cabaret Voltaire, Shanghai Club, Lulu and Edinburgh Folk Club.

Theatre & Cinema

Have an astounding theatrical experience at City’s top-class venues like The King’s, The Festival Theatre, Edinburgh Playhouse and many more. If you are a movie buff, head on to Edinburgh’s big multiplexes or arthouse cinema.

Live Music & Nightclubs

Edinburgh offers one of the most vibrant night scenes with venues playing one-nighters by international DJs. The City hosts regular gigs with several artists participating and having a lively musical night like Edinburgh’s Festivals.

 Edinburgh's Festivals while studying at university of Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh boasts 12 major annual festivals and is home to hosting various international events and festivals including:

  1. International Film Festival
  2. Jazz and Blues Festival
  3. International Festival and many more

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Student Guide to University Of Edinburgh Scotland 2024

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