Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems

Edinburgh's hidden gems

Written by Shreya Berry

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Last updated Oct 16, 2020

Edinburgh has more than a handful to share when it comes to exclusive attractions and imagining ideal beauty spots. Enjoy walking around the area, and you’re going to be rewarded with a lot more than you’ve negotiated for. Edinburgh seems to have an awful number of incredible attractions tucked away from tourists every day. Edinburgh’s hidden gems are crying out to be turned into the next big thing; one just needs to know where to look! 

Here Are Top 5 Edinburgh’s hidden gems.

#1. Stockbridge

Spending an afternoon in the coldest part of town, Stockbridge is one of the remarkable things to do in Edinburgh. Compared to the rest of Edinburgh, this place looks like it’s in a little world of its own, and it’s the perfect first stop after you’ve ticked off the town centre. Even if it’s just small, there’s no shortage of cool things to see and do. There’s the Stockbridge Sunday Market, a spot where all sorts of different local producers sell traditional Scottish food, as well as a lot of delicious foreign goods, can be found.

#2. The Surgeon’s Hall

The Hall of Surgeons has to be one of Edinburgh’s most unique things to do. With records that date back well over four hundred years to when it was known as the Royal College of Surgeons, this place has the most extensive collection of medical artefacts in the world. And oh yeah, when we say ‘medical objects,’ that also means parts of the body! It’s a museum that’s full of strange and beautiful stuff, some of which are not for the squeamish, so stay away if you’re not good at that kind of thing. However, if you are interested in the oddities of the past, this is the location for you. Seeing all the museums in Edinburgh, particularly this one, is significant. It’s just fascinating to see how the medical landscape has evolved over the years.

#3. S. Luca’s Ice-Cream Parlour

For the people of Edinburgh, this place is the stuff of legend. Even though we’re not known for our good weather, we’re known for making some excellent ice cream, and there’s no better spot than S.Lucas. For those looking to indulge in either a wee sweet treat or a full-on chocolate sundae, this is one of the best-hidden places in Edinburgh. The list of flavours is undoubtedly also a matter of beauty; not only can you find all the basics like chocolate and vanilla, but to name a few, you will also get the option of Scottish tablet or Turkish delight. One of the fantastic things to do at night in Edinburgh is to go for a dessert at the end of the day since it’s open until ten in the evening. 

#4. Carlton Hill

Everyone is aware that Edinburgh is a city with many hills. Still, while people concentrate on either Arthur’s Seat or Edinburgh Castle for their views of the city, Carlton Hill is often overlooked! It should be part of every regular local itinerary to take a walk to this beautiful place, and it is one of the unique things to do in Edinburgh.

If you’ve seen some pictures of the skyline of Edinburgh, then the odds are they’ve been taken from up here. Not only that, but there are a plethora of historical sights to visit as well, such as Scotland‘s National Monument and the famous Nelson Monument. The City Observatory, an iconic Edinburgh landmark that has recently been fully restored with an art gallery and even a restaurant with picturesque views, is another small gem that you can visit. Even with all this, it remains one of Edinburgh’s best secret spots to catch a few minutes of silence.

#5. Lebowski’s Bar

Look no further than Lebowski’s Bar. If you’re searching for some hidden gems in Edinburgh that are just totally out of the ordinary. This is a location-based on the iconic classic cult film, The Big Lebowski. Here one can find some of the best burgers in the whole world. A lot of terrific cocktails to try, including the option of Dude’s drink, the Russian White. It’s a beautiful, easily one of the best places to go for anyone looking for some cool hidden bars in Edinburgh. It’s located on the extremely lively Lothian Road, just off Princess Street’s western side. This is easily one of the most vibrant parts of the city. Especially when it is full of locals, visitors, and students all enjoying a wee drink at night time.

edinburgh's hidden gems

And the list of Edinburgh’s hidden gems is never-ending. So you’ll see, in Edinburgh, one of the world’s great cities offering a fine blend of ancient and modern. It’s impossible to find yourself short of something interesting to do. Plan your visit or play it by ear through these attractions and find all-new experiences that will make memories that last a lifetime.

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