UniAcco’s Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

UniAcco's Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

UniAcco is proud to announce that we are the highest rated student accommodation platform on Trustpilot! Our monumental 4.9/5 star rating is a first for any student accommodation provider ever! We’re ecstatic that our hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and it’s all thanks to you that the world can see UniAcco’s best in class rating on Trustpilot. Here are some reasons why UniAcco is the number one cross border student accommodation platform.

Quality Service 

The hallmark feature of UniAcco, and the chief reason for UniAcco’s resounding success among students is the quality of service we provide. Our 24/7 bilingual property consultants are always available for a free consultation. They boast years of experience in the student housing sector and are equipped with in-depth knowledge about the UK.

Our commitment to students runs deep. We promise to be by your side right from the start and stay by your side much after you’ve moved into your ideal student accommodation. Check out what some of our students have said about us – 

UniAcco's Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

99% Student Accommodation Supply 

You cannot be the leading student accommodation provider without having a commanding presence somewhere. 99% of the student accommodation supply in the UK & Ireland is listed on UniAcco. Our strategic partnership with the best in the biz assures students 100% authentic and safe accommodations. What’s more? We offer some of the most sought after student accommodations that are incredibly affordable. 

Tech-Based Approach

UniAcco believes in harnessing the power of technology to serve students in a better way. Here are some proprietary tools created by UniAcco that have helped assist over 20,000 students in finding their ideal student accommodations. 

  1. Compare 

Compare is a revolutionary product that is available exclusively on UniAcco. This technology allows you to compare 350,000+ rooms on our website based on 80+ parameters. Through Compare, students now have the power to compare properties based on “room types“, “amenities”, “locality”, “distance from university”, “benefits”, “perks”, and much more. 

So, let us do the mundane task of sorting information and presenting it to you. All you have to do is simply choose your ideal student accommodation.

  1. Rent Calculator 

Check out our Rent Calculator to find out just how much rent you can afford in the UK. This tool can tell you the exact amount you can spend per month (and per week) on your student accommodation. All you need to do is type in your incomes and expenses, and let the Rent Calculator work its magic. 

You can find a detailed map of the average cost of accommodation in the UK on our Rent Calculator. 

UniAcco's Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

  1. Virtual Assistant

UniAcco’s virtual assistant is here to answer your questions at any time during the day. The virtual assistant will be located on the right-hand side of the UniAcco homepage. Just fill in your basic information and ask away! Get all your student accommodation related doubts cleared within seconds! 

However, if your query proves to be too complex for our nifty virtual assistant, one of UniAcco’s professional property consultants, will call you right away. We’re available 24/7 to take care of all your accommodation needs! 

Informative Daily Blogs

UniAcco's Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

Students are constantly in need of authentic information to make major decisions related to studying abroad. Here’s where we come in. UniAcco runs a series of daily blogs that are built around the various facets of overseas education. 

Find comprehensive blogs on which student accommodations best suit your needs, Cost Of Living in a particular city, University guides, City guides and other transactional topics like Best Brain Foods You Must Have Before Exams and Best Music To Get You In The Mood To Study.

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UniAcco's Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

UniAcco’s Best In Class Rating On Trustpilot

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