Case Study – How UniAcco Turned The Tables For An International Student

case study

UniAcco, one of the leading student accommodation providers, has assisted more than 1,00,000+ students in finding their ideal accommodation in the UK. Our revolutionary tools have made it simple for students to find and secure accommodation. Our achievements were rewarded when we were named “Best Cross-Border Student Housing Provider 2020” at the 4th annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, presented by SME News. 

We take pleasure in offering premium support to students, and going beyond and above to support them. Via our Case Study blog series, we delve deeply into situations in which our creative property experts devised novel solutions to challenging problems. In today’s case study, we’re going to talk about an international student from Nigeria who was facing a conflict between a limited budget and decent accommodation and how UniAcco helped him out. 


This case was managed by Hally Gala, an expert property consultant at UniAcco. Ever since she started working with UniAcco, she has assisted numerous students with their accommodation needs and has resolved different sorts of issues. In this case study, you’ll see how Hally has implemented the hardcore values of UniAcco in assisting an international student to find a budget-friendly ensuite room.

Case Scenario

A Nigerian student who was studying in the UK was looking for decent accommodation that could fit within his budget. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the student had his eyes on an ensuite accommodation but wasn’t too sure of affording the same. The student was in a great dilemma about how to proceed. Approaching UniAcco, gave him a smart solution that resolved his budget issues, and at the same time, secured him his dream accommodation. 


There were a few obstacles that came in the way of the student and his accommodation. The student was looking for cheap accommodation, but at the same time, did not wish to compromise on the quality. Due to a certain delay in his loan processing, he also did not have sufficient money to pay the required deposit amount. To add to that, the student preferred moving into his accommodation latest by July, in order to settle and adapt to the new environment before his university opened. However, most accommodation contracts opened only in September and he was skeptical about securing one within the given time frame.


The Nigerian student was flying to the UK for the first time and wished to settle well and comfortably in a budget-friendly accommodation. Approaching UniAcco checked all the boxes of his requirements and made things convenient for him. Hally, our property consultant, made sure that the necessary measures were taken to provide the student with his dream accommodation. 

Hally helped the student book an ensuite accommodation in Sheffield 3. Her quick response to the situation saved the student from having to pay the deposit money and also gave him an additional discount of £350. Due to her sheer determination to support the international student, Hally got in touch with the property and sorted the student’s placement in an ensuite room for the same price at which he was getting a non-ensuite room. Not just that, the student also had the option of paying in monthly installments which gave him the upper hand. Even though the housing property contracts were open only after September, Hally ensured that the student secured his accommodation by July before his university opened so that he could find it easier to settle in the UK.


For an international student with a low budget, securing an ensuite room especially during the times of COVID without having to pay the deposit money is a challenging task. Hally made sure that she put UniAcco’s values into practice and tackled the situation, one problem at a time. The student now, not only gets to stay in his dream accommodation within a budget, but he also gets to settle well before the commencement of his university and adjust to the environment. The student was extremely happy that he could avoid paying the deposit money and recommended UniAcco to his friends as a one-stop solution for all their accommodation needs.

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case study

Case Study – How UniAcco Turned The Tables For An International Student

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